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  • jliechty
    June 8th, 2004, 11:00 AM
    The D70 is said to be of better build quality than the digital Rebel. The image quality, for all practical intents and purposes, should be considered so close that it's not a concern in choosing one vs. the other. Of course, you pay $200 - $300 more for the D70, and you buy into the Nikon system (which some people have already written off as dead and jumped over to Canon), so that might be a disadvantage, depending on how you view the current camera market. Note that I own neither yet, shoot with a film SLR, but would buy a D70 if I could afford one... so take these statements with a few grains of salt. ;)

    Also, consider that you'll be wanting large memory cards very quickly, if you don't have some already; if that must be factored into the budget, then the DRebel is the only one that fits within the limit you stated.

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  • ss1026
    02-04 08:31 PM
    I hope people dont have the issues that happened to two ppl I know. One is my bro-in-law, a first time applicant whose H-1B issuance fee was accepted but his visa has not been stamped. It has been pending March, 2006. Another good friend of mine went to chennai for restamping (He had lived in SFO for about 4 years) for his 2nd 3-year H-1B and he too has been stuck with some name check process since april of 2006. The chennai embassy maintains some website with the list of names of ppl with pending issues and his name has been there for 10 months now. I am not trying to open a can of worms here but both of these ppl are muslims with common muslim names. I am sitting here in US hoping to figure out some way to not getting in the same thing. I have been here for 10 years and this is a lousy feeling. But I hope the nightmare these two ppl are going thru does not happen to anyone else.

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  • santb1975
    02-11 11:13 PM
    I do not know of the SanDiego breakers 10k. I will look it up in runners world. 10K's should be lot of fun. I will support you if you take the lead with this. I can get my workout buddies and my family to participate in these events with me. I was thinking of signing up for the SanDiego rock and roll half marathon in summer but it would be brutal to run 13.1 miles in SanDiego in May. I am going to be signing up for the Nike Women Half Marathon in SanFrancisco this year as well. Count me in to support with this event, getting people to participate, fundraising etc. Some of my friends are certified fitness trainers and they teach in fitness clubs around OC. We could use their help for sure.

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  • gcnirvana
    05-17 06:43 PM
    Thanks fromnaija!
    I just wanted to confirm this is possible and if somebody has any experience in doing this.

    In the thread you should find the process of contacing your local USCIS office to have your I-94 updated.


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  • qplearn
    10-25 07:56 PM
    The bulletin is 2 years old (if that is considered old, given the GC standards). However, no new bulletins have followed to void it. Unless I have been advising with the wrong lawyer and wrong GC applicants (many), there is no such thing as I-485 Approval before the name check is completed. Any third party would like to comment?

    Of course, they will not "approve" your 485 before your name check is cleared. You misunderstood me or I was not clear. What I meant is this: if your name check is not cleared but all other work on 485 is finished (which I think I equated to clearing the 485 in my previous post; sorry), they will tell you on phone (if you inquire) that your 485-related stuff is complete, but we are waiting for the name check. (Also, they will wait for your PD to become current).

    My main point in the original post was that if it takes them 2 yrs to check your name --- the name-checking process runs concurrently with the 485 process --- then the 485 is bound to be complete by the time your name check is cleared. The processing times of 485 can be gauged from the VSC (or relevant center's) bulletins. Those proc. times do NOT indicate the processing times for the name check. If the name check happens before the 485 process is cleared, great! If not, you wait for the name check; lots (and believe me tens of thousands) of people belong to the second group. Since this forum mostly has people stuck in the process at earlier stages, you are not going to find too many people with that kind of experience here.

    So your respected lawyer is technically correct, but what he/she is saying can be very badly misleading!! One gets the impression that clearing the name check happens automatically with completing work on the 485 by USCIS.

    Wait a minute; I thought the name check is part of the I485 approval (and for those who file I-140 and I-485 concurrently, part of the I-140 approval).

    And the name check is certainly not a part of the 140 approval even if the 140 and 485 are submitted concurrently. If any lawyer is telling you this, please change him/her.

    I hope what I said above makes sense :) Took me a long time to compose that ...:)

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  • wellwishergc
    12-11 12:46 PM
    The way I see it, this is a step towards getting more revenues for USCIS. With the elimination of concurrent filing, USCIS is expecting more applications for I-140 premium processing, which will lead to additional revenues.

    They are going in the opposite direction, looks like our efforts have angered them more than anything else.


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  • garybanz
    11-12 02:17 PM
    Did you have to get it in advance or did you get it on arrival?

    No visa required with GC. But, since I only had my AP, they asked me to get a Mexican visa ($36). The above rule must be new (no visas needed with non-immigrant US visas).

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  • 485Mbe4001
    04-06 03:59 PM
    i have gotten everything from multiple !@#'s to great but that is not the point. Your profile is empty, there is very little information about you and the first thing you post is something about how H1's getting scammed. To me it would look like a post from an anti immigrant basher trying to muddy the waters. How does this post help any one? could have just added it in the news section. Was this article so important that you had to create a dummy profile and post something. You were in such a hurry that you could not be bothered with entering some information about you...isnt it strange...maybe you are normal guy who just read something during your lunch break and wanted to share it with everybody...who knows... A first post could be something like...'i just joined, i have a PD of xxx and i would like to help' would'nt you agree that this is much better than posting something that doesnt help the immigrant community.

    Did you get the same response when you post your first message.

    I dd'nt know a way to post with out registering ..


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  • meridiani.planum
    04-17 01:21 AM
    Is your i140 approved please?

    yes. see post #5 I alreayd mentioned it.

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  • gc_on_demand
    07-20 10:43 AM
    My college got his I140 approved just in 2 months with normal processing. He filed in EB2-I. Mine was also approved last year in 2 months in EB2-I. Does the location from where are you applying affect processing time?

    Not necessarily , But it does depends on what is load of work at a given time at given location. TCS was ahead of NSC last year but they shifted workload from NSC to TCS so now TCS is little behind. But once TCS cleans up all files it can go ahead. Processing dates are nothing but indication for when to open a Service Request at local office. If your case is behind that date you can open SR.For straight forward cases approvals comes fast. For those who are stuck they should monitor Processing time and see if their app is lagging behind proc time. They should contact USCIS.


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  • hsingh82
    04-21 12:11 PM
    I would support this bill since it makes a lot of sense. I am not going to benefit from this since I have masters and not PhD but people who have sacrificed the lure of big money to live on campus with 2-3 roomies for almost 5 years in which time their friends who graduated are driving lexus and staying in 5 Br homes need some consolation prize. This is a great move for these students as well as the country.

    While I definitely support this bill, I fail to understand your logic here. They definitely are bright candidates but they did everything by choice for the personal and professional gain. They should be given GC because they are asset to this country not because they don't own lexus or 5 Br house which by the way tells a lot about other hardworking people who own them.

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  • kshitijnt
    06-10 11:23 PM
    Press coverage in India is an excellent idea. I think this bloody american press is biased. We should all write to Indian press and highlight our issues in strong words. If we can get 100+ letters to TimesofIndia, HT, IE , NDTV, Deccan, Hindu, etc, we can highlight the discrimination and indentured servitude to the young Indian generation who has high hopes for USA. If 100+ H2B workers can stage dharna in front of an embassy/white house why cant issues of Indian people get highlighted? Lets us show the job here in the same light as slavery in middle east. I am sure David Mulford will be ringing a few phones after that.


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  • srikondoji
    07-11 10:10 PM
    I have a valid point to akhilmahajan.
    I work for security industry (database auditing) and i do know the concerns and security related issues.

    Here USCIS may be sending the information of one applicant to the other applicant. This may happen with a probability of 1 in 100.
    Now tell me, what will you or i be doing with someone else's data?
    Atleast skilled immigrants like us will not harm and or destroy knowingly someone else's credit history. This will not only destroy your future citizenship options but will also lead to deportation in case you are caught.
    Also, there will no credit card numbers and or bank account details to be lost.
    One more thing is, you can always fight back and reverse the screw up that may happen in case your social security number is misused and you have a proof of it.

    By saying this, what iam saying is, the threat is not as serious as the thread author seems to indicate. There are bigger concerns on our plate who needs our attention.

    Unless the USCIS mistakenly publishes your data on website and or looses hard disk with all the data in it at walmart, you shouldn't be worried.


    Cant you think and understand what the post meant?
    He is mentioning a very valid point. 485 has all the information which one needs to screw up some one's credit history which takes years and years to build up.

    I hope now u will get the point.

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  • virens
    05-24 12:55 PM


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  • map_boiler
    07-05 05:19 PM
    Thanks chanduv23! I used the template he provided this morning (with some editing) to email senators from my state of residence.

    Guys, please use this template to email senators from your state.

    Also, please contribute to IV. I just did today, and believe me, you will feel better for doing so...

    This is not just for you and me, but also for those who will come after us. Also, this is not a battle just to sue USCIS/DOS, but a war we need to fight on multiple fronts:
    1) First and foremost, we the immigrant community need to join hands and fight as one cohesive group.
    2) Sue the government agencies for damages/violation of law/precedents due to the revised visa bulletin
    3) Get this matter the attention it deserves in the media
    4) Try and get congress to intervene in this matter, and also introduce and pass legislation that will fix the broken employment based immigration system
    5) Request corporate sponsorship. Since employers spent money on this fiasco as well, they will have a vested interest in pursuing this as well.

    The main thing, however, is funds. IV needs funds to fight for us. Each of us has already spent 100's (many even 1000's) of $ trying to get ready to file our I-485's. So even if 10,000 members contribute just $100 each, it will be $1 mil. I am sure each of us can at least spare that much. It is a small price to pay for liberation from this GC mess for all of us....

    With ~15,000 members already, and hopefully some serious $$$$$$ raised, IV will be a force to be reckoned with. No one will be able to treat us with such utter disdain ever again...

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  • immiusa
    06-22 06:47 AM

    My application also returned for the same reason (no I485 receipt notice attached) from Phoenix. Not sure what to do at this time. I never received I485 receipt notices. Hence, I have attached biometric notices in place I485 receipt notices. I have added a cover letter requesting to expedite the process. I am not sure if this request caused some mental disturbance on the person who is supposed to work on my application and may have sent me rejected notice.


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    02-07 11:23 AM
    My 8th year H1/H4 extension applied @VSC on 10/22/2007. My employer received approval letters on 01/31/2008. As of today my online status still shows as "Case received and pending" (now that's why I call USCIS is a useless system):D

    Note: on 01/24 & 01/25 there were LUD's on both H1/H4 cases and nothing changed with online case status

    EB2-140 @ TSC still pending.

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  • gc_chahiye
    12-27 01:57 AM
    Is it mandatory to file AC21 with USCIS after moving to a new company?

    most lawyer recommend filing it. If your previous employer revokes your I-140, then filing it can potentially save you an RFE and related delays.

    If I move out to a new company before 180 days with the employer's co operation now and
    If that employer cancel the I-140 in future (i.e after 180 days), will that have any impact on I-485?

    No, you are safe in this case. There is the little gray area of you leaving the petitioning employer early, but since they did not revoke teh I-140, you can say that (if it came up in the interview) you intended to go back to them and they had all intentions of hiring you again. As long as I-140 is revoked past 180 days there are no issues. File for AC-21 sometime past the 180 days mark.

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  • Tito_ortiz
    03-07 01:03 PM
    Hi there,

    What a rationale you are using. So then "kids should not suffer" and then the answer is yes, go ahead and reward those who broke laws with an amnesty. That would make their 19 old kids very soon able to apply for I-485 to bring in their parents as well. The USCIS does not have enough cases left from the 245(i) amnesty to be processed ahead of the legal folks, right? Pump up few more MILLION Dream Act amnesty cases there and let us know how you do. What a slap on the face of those who played by the rules? Moreover, are you going to apply your kindness to the 1 billion of people who want to come here? I agree children should not suffer. How about a feasible solution? Here it is :So why don't you write to the Congress of respective countries these kids came from and make them repatriate their folks and provide government employment and a reintegration program back home for those kids? Yes, that is technically doable. That would solve the situation of their children and more importantly, it would be a clear message that parents should not expose their children to this situation.

    Think about the absurdity of this Dream Act and your line of thought;it just encourages more parents to come here illegally and bring their children here "to suffer", making us, the legal folks and citizens of this country pay for it unfairly. No, thank you! I came here on H1B and my children is not eligible for in-state tuition. If we start playing this game that people who jumped the fence and now can take advantage of it because they were "smart, so it would be time to rename this country name from USA to Mexico. Believe me, I don't think that is going to happen without a good fight though. Trust me.

    Bill Gates did a good job today in his speech. What is fair is fair. Now trying to come up with this Dream Act thing and again we the legal folks would be pushed to the back of the line. You guys don't get it. Every time something goes around, it comes to hurt whoever plays by the rules. Coming from India and other *#&#$ places and being educated and after observing what that freaking 245(i) and other amnesties have done to us, I am surprised you still do not get it. Yes, count on me to write to the US Congress. I will write to denounce this absurd Dream Act and ask them to adopt a fair immigration system to the legal employment base greencard applicants. For the children, I will urge them to adopt the proposed and feasible solution of charging the government of the respective countries to reintegrate and support their own children. Win-Win situation for everyone.

    If you have a perception that I am pissed off, you are a winner.


    Let us get opinion of others on this. Should we write to law-makers to address this issue. Atleast these kids should not suffer. If they have got their most of the education here in US, they should be be given permnent residence before they go to college.

    08-29 04:09 PM
    I am living in IL Suburb of Chicago also

    09-01 12:08 PM
    Thanks KevinKris for sharing the info.

    Your documents represents the I-140 info.
    I was trying to check what is the priority date attached to I485 application. Seems there is no such info. attached to pending I-485 application.

    Also, just now I checked my 485 receipt. The PD column in my I-484 receipt is blank. Is this common for every one? Just curious?

    Yes, That is very common. You just need to verify the priority date is correct in your 140 approval notice.

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