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  • AtulKRaizada
    07-18 06:01 PM
    I wonder when illegal can demonstrate, why can't we unite and organize some demonstartions to explain our frustrations and demands.

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  • Libra
    07-10 09:52 PM
    I think he is just kidding, he might want to see how people will react:D

    great...if thats true.. mine goes to one service center and my wife's goes to another

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  • superdude
    07-21 11:08 PM

    I have a couple of questions here:

    1) The last digit of the I-94# number is not very clear(Not sure if it is a 3 or 8). What do I write in the 485? Is there any way to find the correct one?

    2) I filed the I140 without providing the A#. I understand that when I dont provide one, a new one is generated. And the A# is usually used to link the 485 with the 140. Now when I apply for 485, if I give the A# from my OPT EAD, will it be a problem because a new number will be already generated for I140? Should I write the A# in 485 or just leave it??

    Thanks in advance for all the replies.
    I did not enter the A# on 485 as it is diff on 140 and OPT card. My lawyer suggested not to enter the A#. Pls cofirm the same with your lawyer

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  • mgarvey
    08-06 08:00 AM
    Hello everyone,new to the forum
    Anyway,filed i-485 in 1997 and was interview 1999 and stamp in passport adjustment status pending,b;cos of past immigration issues.Then i did recieve letter that my family petition was accepted then two weeks recieved another letter stated my application was denial due to my past issues so i had to leave the country and reapply. My lawyer said she had to file a motion,did charge alot of money.Did not hear anything till i went there to check my status and the officer told me i was in the process of deportation,so she gave me the date.So i went to my lawyer to check if she knew anything and she said your case is pending,so i ask her if she can call and check whereby she did and find out i was in the processes of deportation,now she told she need more money and if i do not pay that amount she can not go the court with me,so i did offer some amount and she refuse.
    So i went to the immigration court and i did win the case,and now she find out that i did win the case so trying to be my attorney.
    I do need to file for Ead because my old one was revorke,do i have to file for another i-485 or not?Another thing my lawyer had my file how do i track my old receipt number.Can someone please help me, i do have the original judgement from the immigration court


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  • forgerator
    02-24 12:35 PM
    Truly amazing performance! For 13 yrs us Pakistanis were proud of Saeed Anwar's 194 record, but I have to say I don't mind at all that its finally broken by a class act that is Tendulkar. Definitely the best batsman of all time!

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  • desighee
    02-25 12:43 PM
    Hi Friends..I am staying in MD and i am H4 visa holder..and i have international driving license with me.. Let me know how can i get the driving license in MD and what is the processes..

    I don't know where u stay in MD but if u are near Baltimore don't got to Baltimore MVA.
    Go to the one in ESSEX.My wife had too many issues at Baltimore MVA but essex people were very nice and had a seperate person dealing with licensing issues for visa people.


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  • isha
    02-24 12:58 AM
    you may want to try contacting Qtech technologies..
    It's based in New Jersey and they are into clinical trials and they apply for H1 in Biotech/Biology.
    the url

    hope this helps

    Can any one please reply... 70 views and no replies

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  • Kbuzzer
    02-04 05:16 PM
    I want a part of this to! :-/ I'm a teen too! I'm good at flash, dreamweaver, photoshop, and designing. Plz let me be in the "group" as that other person said it waz, plz.:D


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  • sin94
    06-04 02:04 PM
    Isn't this disputable by the Lawyers?

    I mean fine ask questions for the company who has filed for the Visa but now going to doubt if their clients are legit 2, much.

    Following the link is even more disturbing about the guest comment preparing to answer the RFE where CIS is asking for floor plan OF THE CLIENT.

    disturbing trend if true.

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  • anu_t
    05-09 05:29 PM
    coolgc thanks and appericiate your responce.and Thansks for not misunderstanding. My spouce has just completed masters. and may probably do Phd in near future . :)
    mpillai ,Got it now. I couldn't think of that point before. I myself 'm eligible for Eb2 but had to file my GC in Eb3 due to rules/regulations and very conservative giant company.


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  • pappu
    06-19 09:13 AM

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  • liberty
    05-07 10:28 AM
    Currently I am in EAD, i-485 filed in July 2007 (EB3 ) and Pending. I have changed job. I would like to know the latest rules. Is it necessary to file AC21 in my case? If yes, please let me know which form I should use.


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  • hoggus
    11-30 01:14 AM
    Thank you very much for the replies.

    Right now I am leaning towards cancelling my trip, even though it is going to cost me the entire price of the ticket, besides of course the immeasurable cost of not visiting home.

    About the suggestion of hiring a lawyer, can an immigration lawyer here in the US help me in any way with a situation (the renewal interview) and an all-powerful person (the interviewer) half-way across the world? I can see how a lawyer may help smooth this problem if I were changing status while in the country (say from F1 to H1), but I don't see how a lawyer would help with my visa renewal...perhaps I just don't understand the extent to which a lawyer may be able to help. Is my question clear?

    Again, thank you for the advice.

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  • topgun_gc
    07-10 09:41 PM
    This is not true..

    I have friends who have same "Patel" surname, but their cases have gone to different depts.


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  • gcformeornot
    05-04 11:03 AM

    I hope this works out and they implement for every service center....

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  • Sakthisagar
    06-07 08:44 AM

    If you are entering Unites States now on H1B then, you should get 3 Years, I think as per law you do not have to extend your visa after 2.5 months. Please discuss this with your company Attorney (Lawyer) regarding this. because if one takes vacation days on H1B that is not counted on 3 years of H1B so I think you can demand 3 years in stead of extending. because of the administrative mess USCIS does why one suffer?

    All the very best to you.

    Welcome to the USA

    may GOD Bless


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  • sapota
    07-16 04:43 PM
    That could explain why NSC never got the memo. Remember only EB I-485 is in question.

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  • thomachan72
    07-14 06:29 AM
    Was there any reason why company A would not take on your GC case?

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  • mbawa2574
    06-30 10:44 AM
    How can some one with a damn 2 years experience get ahead of someone who is waiting for a while. I am going to report all the desi 2 people :mad: employers to USCIS trying to sell LC. Shut their shops and everything would be normal after that.:mad:

    02-01 01:14 AM
    On reading a bit about PIMS, it seems that if your information is not in the KCC, then the US consulate sends a request to Kentucky for information. It turns out KCC has access to the CLAIMS3 system used by the USCIS, and they generally respond in 48 hrs. Here is the link:

    Scroll down to Dec 12.

    They claim 48 hrs but on an average it is taking about 2 weeks to hear back from KCC. There are couple of parallel threads going on reg that.

    07-05 03:21 PM
    There is a clause saying that you need to be in status for last 180 days since your last entry to US. And since u are in good status for past 180 days u r good. Consult a lawyer on this as well, but I think u may eb fine

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