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human rights violation

    human rights violation. Human rights violations: UP
  • Human rights violations: UP

  • palemguy
    08-21 11:01 AM
    PD : April 2004
    RD : July 3, 2007
    140 was approved

    human rights violation. HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION IN

  • mirage
    07-11 03:54 PM
    I'm not sure if most of the people here knows the reason behind EB-3 Disaster. Clinton gave amnesty to thousands of illegal workers and ask them to file Labor Certs. They were all taken as EB-3 with PD Apr'01-2001. I think they are called 245 I cases. Google it and find out.
    That is the reason EB3-I is not moving and will not go anywhere as other people may file in EB-2 and move on, but 1000s of illegal workes are stuck ahead of us...

    human rights violation. A claimant for human rights
  • A claimant for human rights

  • pa_arora
    09-21 12:49 PM
    .. by trying to get our provisions included in this bill .. Duh..

    I may not know the process completely, but how does it work as the Bill has already been passed. Can somebody amend the Bill after it passed? If yes, dosen't it needs to go thru the the voting again?


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  • rights violations in Burma

  • srinivas_o
    08-22 02:54 PM


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  • human rights violations.

  • new_horizon
    09-15 09:53 PM
    Chandu keeps opening the threads and keeps talking to himself....he is so lonely.

    get the heck out of here andy. nobody wants a looser like you. Go out & spend some time with someone you know if you are not a loner, and quit bothering others here.

    human rights violation. human rights violation
  • human rights violation

  • rocky123
    05-01 09:31 PM
    I complete 6 yrs on H1-B in August, 2007

    Have PERM/I-140 approved with 3 yr H1B extension from August 2007 to Feb 2010.

    Have a good job offer from company B, but seek your clarifications before I move further.

    a. If I move now, can I take my 3 yr extension filed by company A with me or

    b. should I join company B in September 2007( when I complete 6 yrs) during the 3 yr H1B extension period ?

    Kindly help me out.

    I am not worried abt porting the PD as I don't mind waiting on H1 forever as the wait for GC
    is making my life miserable.



    human rights violation. RIGHTS PROTEST: Iranian women
  • RIGHTS PROTEST: Iranian women

  • nixstor
    12-09 11:57 PM
    Now where are the members in IL? Repeated requests passed to members returns no response!

    They are all in Valley lake dr in schaumburg... Devon Ave in downtown.. just kidding. 50% of people who live in valley lake dr (apt community) is H1b folks working for SBC/Motorola.

    human rights violation. Human Rights Violation…
  • Human Rights Violation…

  • gbof
    02-16 08:48 PM
    Guys, Any idea how much time NSC is taking for EAD approval? This is for a fresh application not renewal.


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  • human rights violations in

  • royjonny
    06-19 12:35 PM
    I am on my 7th year H1B. I got a 3yr extension from my current employer based on approved I140. I have the I140 receipt number but do not have a copy of 140 (my employer refuses to give it).
    I also do not have the LCA for Perm filing.
    My 485 has been filed more than 6 months ago.

    I do have the new I797 (till 2010) for my H1B extension from my current company.

    1. Is it possible for a new company to do my H1B transfer without a copy of I140 ?

    2. Is I140 required to do EAD extension ?

    3. What are the consequences of not having an actual I140 copy with new employer in future.?

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  • No human rights violations in

  • GCAmigo
    04-30 01:44 PM
    I was shocked as well, when I read about that in the other thread. Thanks for clarifying this Pappu!

    shocked to learn that the wait is getting longer! now I am truly SHOCKED!
    "Jo poora doob gava, usko thandee nahin laagva re!"
    poorly translates to english "Does it get any colder, for one who is already drowned?"


    human rights violation. of human rights violations
  • of human rights violations

  • GreenLantern
    04-13 05:55 PM
    I forgot to mention that I am also proficient in Photoshop 7.

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  • of human rights abuses

  • flyfishertoo
    June 24th, 2006, 05:02 PM
    Sounds to me like it might be dust on the sensor. Look at your manual to see if it describes how to clean the sensor.

    I have had my D50 for 4 weeks now. I've just been on holiday and discovered that I'm getting a black circular spot near the top left of my pictures. The spot IS NOT visible through the viewfinder, only after I have taken the picture. With the aperture wide open, the spot is less defined, but if I close down to around F22 or similar, it becomes sharper & more pronounced. Also, it's not a lens problem, as I have tried both my lenses at ALL zoom focal lengths and it's still there. I have used a blower on the mirror but not sure what or where the problem is. Any ideas ?
    Thanks !


    human rights violation. Human rights violations in
  • Human rights violations in

  • reachinus
    08-07 10:03 AM
    Really a very good one. I may be one of the infected person as well. Thanks for the post.

    human rights violation. Human Rights Violations Cases
  • Human Rights Violations Cases

  • madhusrini
    05-31 04:58 PM

    I-140 Approved : OCT 2004
    I140/I485 concurrently filled : APR 2004

    Currently have EAD and AP

    Status : Married : Adjustment of Status Pending for Both

    Did any body get their green cards because of the recent movement of eb3 dates.



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  • Brazil slams rights abuses by

  • CADude
    02-21 03:12 AM
    As per immigration-law.com..Senate may work on CIR in March 07 and hand it over to House by APril 07....House may however sit on it for years on end...

    02/18/2007: Need for Immigration Reform and Concerns with Growing Gridlock in Legislations in the Congress

    The Democrats launched a new Congress with aggressive platforms and legislative agenda on January 4, 2007. Madame Pelosi of the House set the first 100-hour legislative agenda and the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid presented on the Senate floor ten legislative bills as top priority for the first few months of the Senate.
    However, immersed in the party politics, the Congress left the Hill yesterday, Saturday, for a week long break without achieving a lot because of the gridlock it had faced in the Congress. Samo, Samo Washington politics involving the Republicans and Democrats. It practically means that the Congress wll not resume the active legislative activities until March 2007.
    S. 9, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, adopted by the Senate floor, is in the Judiciary Committee of the Senate. The newly elected Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Leahy, reportedly set the CIR as one of the top agenda of the Judiciary Committee for March 2007 and the Democratic leaders reportedly determined to pass the CIR by April 2007 and quickly send it over to the House for its prompt action. How beautiful the agenda of the new Congress.
    We want to watch carefully how closely the leaders of the House and Senate will follow through the agenda. In a way, from the perspectives of this immigration legislation agenda, we are relieved that the Congress was over with the most serious road block to the Congress, to wit, rebuke of Bush's resurge in Iraq.

    human rights violation. human rights violations.
  • human rights violations.

  • ivgclive
    05-10 01:15 PM
    We are expecting some surprises in the July Bulletin. Remember July 2007 fiasco. This year also there are some situations like CIR as before. What about the expected spillover? However, can we expect positive surprises?

    Let us start the prediction, analysis, etc, game for the July Bulletin.

    June Bulletin will be history in few days! However, people are paying lawyers even for knowing why the visa bulletin hasn't come on the day they wished, in the first week of the month, even though it is supposed to be on 15th of every month.

    May be they are going to audit your case along with 10 FBI agents.


    human rights violation. human-rights violations by
  • human-rights violations by

  • bongopondit
    08-11 10:13 PM

    I got my approval today after the CP appointment. I am still waiting for my passports though. I will update you guys with details once I receive my passports.

    Congrats !! Do post your experiences. Mine is next week at Mumbai - but still waiting for a PCC from the RPO !!

    human rights violation. Human Rights Violations in
  • Human Rights Violations in

  • riva2005
    05-21 06:01 PM
    But what if some amendment convert 90K to 190K ? Will IV support the bill then? I think the entire bill is not that bad we can swing it into our favor by changing few details :)

    Yes, I guess they have to then. If your problems are taken care of, then you would support the bill. Wouldnt you?

    If you remember last year...Sen. Cornyn was opposed to S 2611 before it was dabated. And he was opposed to it even after amendments and debate were over. He voted against S. 2611. However, he still put SKIL amendments even though he was against the bill before he inserted his amendment and after.

    Like I said, if you cannot take a position, how can you even justify reason for amendments? The very reason to offer amendments is disagreement with the current form. If you support this bill, you might as well say "Thanks for sticking it to us and giving away GCs to Y visa holders and untested merits system at our expense. We love to get screwed and we support this bill".

    Its not like that the powers to be would take it as an offence and block our amendments. This is the US senate. Not a bunch of prickly teenagers. You can work together with people even if you fundamentally disagree with them.

    human rights violation. human rights violations
  • human rights violations

  • indyanguy
    10-31 04:21 PM
    I have filed for 140/485 EB3 on July 2nd. I am planning to start a EB2 process and carry over the EB3 Priority date to the new application. I have a few questions

    1. My thinking is the process works something like this. I start a new PERM for EB2 while my EB3 140 is pending. After both the EB3 I140 and EB2 PERM are approved, I file for EB2 140 putting in a request to carry my old PD over. Is this correct?
    2. Do I need to be with my GC sponsoring company until both EB3 140 and EB2 PERM are approved? If I use AC21 (after EB3 140 approval), will I still be able to interfile?

    Thanks in advance

    04-22 11:39 AM
    You raise a number of issues for which there are no clear or certain answers. My advice would be to request the extension of H-1 status without submitting pay stubs, and in the event of an RFE, respond with evidence of your complaint about your previous employer. If your new employer needs you to start work within three weeks, premium processing would be required, and even then, if there is an RFE, the timing will be tight.

    I thank you for your time in understanding this complex scenario.

    The new employer is a large company with strong financials in this market, so we expect the H-1 to be approved and we expect denial of extension of stay. If both are approved, the attorney who takes up this case will get a bonus from me.

    If the H-1 porting to new employer is approved, but the extension of stay is denied, can I use the unexpired H-1 visa in my passport at the POE to enter the country and obtain a new I-94 based on the new H-1 approval notice? Is this permissible under immigration law?

    09-15 12:52 PM
    so a person whose EAD expires but is waiting renewed EAD card has to resign and then be rehired??? Isn't there some clarity regarding this?
    exactly what i was wondering...coz HR will ask for some legal documentation to back up the story of being able to go on unpaid leave, but having to be off payroll and then the I9...what happens to insurance then?

    her company is a US based company not desi consultant

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