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  • Munna Bhai
    12-03 03:41 PM

    Here is my situation:
    I-140 approved - PD: May '06
    I-485 filed - July 30 '07 (India)
    EAD cards - Received
    APs - Received

    Due to a slowdown in their business, my employer is laying me off in Dec '07. I'm still short of 1 month to complete my 180 days of I-485 filling. However, they said they will not withdraw my I-140 and, to help me, will in fact keep me on their payroll until Jan '08, with my Jan '08 salary as my severance and my official status as on "paid leave". So far, so good.

    I also have a job offer, and my new employer wants me to join them in Dec '07, on EAD. My question is: Can I be on officially on the payroll of two companies simultaneously on H-1B and/or EAD? If yes, do I need to inform the USCIS of my status (new employer; AC21)? My other option is to say No to the new (attractive) job offer (or to try to convince them to wait until Feb '08, which they'll likely not agree to), and and take up another job in Feb '08, on EAD / H-1B transfer, using AC21. Please advise whether I'm fine with using the first option!!

    Use EAD and you can be on both company's payroll and safe..relax, don't worry much..I-485 is filed and company is willing to help for 180 days.

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  • skdskd
    08-27 10:19 AM
    I must agree - both are is just each one of us have different cases and circumstances
    that It might be important for OP but you should considerate about others you should not say that every body elses problem is nothing in-front of OP's problem ."Injustice" word sound like that.

    as somebody said earlier abount OP tha it sounds selfish and mean.

    When NSC people were getting Receipt and TSC were waiting , no body said ."Injustice" word .
    So when it is not affecting you it 's fair.....But somebody else gets that you cry foul play ....Be considerate about others

    Personally I wish all (NSC ,TSC , Carlifornia , Vermont ) filers should get there receipt , EAD and AP as well as Final GC as soon as possible

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  • tabletpc
    09-17 09:41 AM

    The H4 was automatically cancelled when you got your H1. This is 100% confirmed data..

    You are wrong here. Unless the H1b is used and the applicant gets a paycheck on h1 ststus you cant conclude the COS from H4.

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  • Pallavi79
    01-27 07:34 PM
    <Quote>ashishgour: Must have a Master Degree in IT and no more than 6 years of professional experience!</Quote>
    Why do people does not want more than 6 years?? Highly curious about this.


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  • satishku_2000
    08-31 02:17 PM looks like I have been given membership to this exclusive club, by USCIS...:)

    My status on USCIS Online case tracker shows,

    "Current Status: Fingerprint fee rejected and notice mailed; case in suspense."

    When I spoke with my attorney, he says, There are two options.

    1. I can dispute and in turn get my processing delayed
    2. Repay the fingerprint fees ($70) and forget about my first payment

    Naturally, anyone would prefer option - 2.

    Just wanted to share with you all...

    Before I read the whole thing I thought why this guy is even thinking about it ... Know what I mean ...:) I read the whole thing and thought this guy is as smart as me ... hehe ...Good luck with everything

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  • jamesbond007
    11-13 01:59 PM

    I am assuming that you are looking for someone who was "layed" off; not necessarily just the end of their contract??

    May be you ought to expand the criteria to also include anyone who has changed their full time job will-fully?


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  • Libra
    08-14 10:08 AM
    Good job, now why dont you take your credit card contribute to IV whom you complained on me:D


    I dont know what to say about you. I have complained to admin about your derogatory posts. Admins will be taking appropriate action on your account soon.

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  • franklin
    06-18 06:49 PM
    Franklin, sroym
    IV is not an Indian organization. If this is one of the reasons why few non-indian members are not making donations then please re-consider your decision and start donating.

    Also let us not dillute our fight by expanding the fight to include other problems. Once we achieve desired results, we can continue to pick up other problems and lead the fight.

    What part of my post indicated that I had not donated?! I was responding to claims that other nationalities affected have not stepped up and offered their time to help, in response to some one else's claim in this thread. I also suggested that the media tends to report what it wants to and this is not necessarily the full truth.

    As a side note, you try pursuading people to join up here that don't fit into the demographic most vocal on this forum (i.e. anyone that is not Indian)... Which, incidently, is the group that I know and interact with (i.e. greencard applicants that are not Indian), and try and pursuade them that this group represents them too, when half of the posts say (paraphrasing) "well, its only the indian and chinese group that faces problems". I can guarantee you that this is extremely tricky when you ask people to see beyond the bias on a forum and pony up their cash.

    It is this very reason, that when I see a thread that could be read negatively by this demographic, I do my best to remind people to be sensitive of this fact. How would you feel if you were being begged to contribute money, and then told that this issue doesn't affect you (which has happened to me)? Every single person on this forum needs to realize that, and I'm NOT talking about the core team, they do a fantastic job and acknowledge every single person's issues regardless of nationality, but does every single poster here?

    srikondoji, you will also notice that the FBI name check is part of the IV agenda. There have been multiple posts regarding this. There is even a headline currently posted on the front page about this very issue.


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  • americandesi
    11-13 03:12 PM
    Canada is a great country, I am sure there are plenty of good trash cans all around the country, surely they can hold a small litte I94.

    Or how about getting your I 94 framed and selling it on ebay?

    Relax..............have a great future in Canada...

    Dude, You can use I-94 card as a toilet paper when you take the very first exit in Canada. You are leaving for good! Do not worry about it. Meanwhile, congratulations for taking this bold step and moving to Canada after 6 years of H1-B. I wish you well.

    It's ridiculous how people start to bad mouth everything related to US once they get a PR from another country, especially Canada. It�s like kicking off the same ladder that you used for climbing.

    1. You gained entry into US with the �toilet paper�.

    2. The �toilet paper� allowed you stay legally in this country.

    3. The legal stay enabled you to apply for Canadian PR from Canadian Consulate General in Buffalo where the processing time is less than 2 years.

    4. The legal stay enabled you to earn sufficient funds which you showed as proof of funds in your application papers.

    5. The legal stay enabled you to get police clearance certificates from FBI and also from your country�s consulate in US.

    Now let�s say you didn�t have this �toilet paper� and applied for Canadian PR for India.

    1) You would only be eligible to apply from Canadian Consulate General in NewDelhi where the processing time is more than 5 years.

    2) If you are from a middle class background, then you would have a hard time in providing the proof of funds for a family of 4, with your earnings from India.

    3) You would have to grease the palms of police to get police clearance certificates and they are gonna take their own sweet time to provide you these documents.

    Now be thankful that you got away from all these with the �toilet paper�. And remember that you are leaving to Canada not because of your love for the country, but because you didn�t get your US GC on time. Sour grapes, huh?

    I know that i will be getting red dots for this post from hypocrites and I don't give a damn about it. All I can say to them is "Instead of pressing your finger against the mouse, press it against your forehead and think about the benifits that you milked from this country".

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  • rb_248
    01-08 07:59 AM


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  • prinive
    02-12 01:59 PM
    Hiking yes this saturday. Unless it is snowing heavily.. Went on hiking on LMK day. It was bit cold but as soon as we started, it was very nice....

    U Sure, with the kind of weather? Currently it is pounding snow at my workplace in New Jersey - unless you want to do a "threadmill" marathon :)

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  • ingegarcia
    05-06 09:01 AM
    When my wife registered to the University here in New Hampshire they did not ask her for status.... and she did not bother to ask. She showed driver license and proof that she had been living in the state for more than one year. University registered her as a resident.


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  • bangalored2007
    10-06 11:19 AM
    lets meet obama..

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  • WeldonSprings
    06-13 02:00 PM
    If one changes from EB3 to EB2, then priority date is lost!

    (I am not expert) but I believe , you have to refile (New application) under EB2 catagory and port the EB3 date to EB2.



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  • rjgleason
    June 10th, 2004, 02:24 PM
    Ok, in defense of Nikon, how are Canon's lenses "far superior"? Yes, they have IS (VR) in long teles, and their wide T/S lens has a bit more flexibility. But say Janey wants to do some extreme macro photography? Yeah, Canon has the MP-E 65mm that goes from 1x to 5x, but it's expensive, and for the same cost (or less) one might be able to get a PB-6, enlarger lens, movie camera lens, 50mm lens, and various accessories to link them all together, and in the end have a much more flexible macro system.

    Please read......."IMHO" opinion, not anyone's else's and are not we all entitled to opinions? Certain I am sure there are several scenarios that might favor one mfgr over the other........."what if" situations abound.

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  • hari_babu22
    11-12 12:56 PM
    This is absurd, IV only helps when you pay, is it a law firm or what?
    Like if you are are a donor then you can see certain posts other wise you can not see them, it is like luring peopled and earn money?

    Don't take my criticism in a wrong manner, donations should be volunteer can not be forced. Blocking posts for certain people is logical, but if a particular the post is not met for non donors then please do not show the link for them at all, showing the link and when you click them to see the responses then you are not allowed as you are not a donor, is not a proper way, which gives a wrong impression to IV.

    I hope IV will take this in a positive way..


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  • waitingnwaiting
    05-09 08:11 AM
    All your friends who got 221G are not telling you the truth. Was all their paperwork complete and ok? Probably not. No friend will admit their mistake and fraud. So they are telling you half story and blaming it on others. 221G is a good thing. It shows government is looking at possibe fraud and security risk seriously. National security is very important and highest priority for us living in US. H1B visa as a whole got a bad name due to fraud. It is not just employers but employees are also responsible for it. Employees are not illiterate or dumb to not understand any fraud. I wish more serious work is done by the government on every greencard application. If the system has clean cases, no anti-immigrant will point any finger and say the whole H1B system is bad.

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  • stucklabor
    06-19 08:00 AM
    The FBI name check is not a side problem that once we finish fighting other problems, let's come back and pick up another problem. This is one of the major obstacles in the GC and Citizenship process which unfortunately is not transparent and there is no data available to tell you when you will pass this obstacle. If the attitude of some of the members in this organization is the delay in FBI name check is not going to happen to them and it is only random and a side problem, think again and watch out for what will be coming your way. By no means, this is not a side problem, this is one of those hidden obstacles that you don't know it is in your way once you hit it...and once you hit it, you are stuck. There is no congressman, senator or individual to help you. If we are going to be united and make the GC process transparent, we should not hand pick some of the problems that we want to fight today and come back to other problems later. You are going to soon realize how gigantic the delay with FBI name check is.

    Franklin: Just to clarify, the name check effort is a private effort of Logiclife, who is one of the moderators.

    Sroym: Name check not being on IV's official agenda has nothing to do with member nationalities. It is a case of greatest good for the greatest number. 200,000 people - 20% of all the green cards issued last year - are in name check. Since EB immigrants are about 20% of the total green cards, only about 40K EB immigrants are in name check. Compare that with the 250K people stuck in retrogression and 200K people in the Labor cert backlog centers.

    Sroym, I understand you posted in good faith, but PM a moderator first, please, to get the facts.

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  • gibun
    November 13th, 2004, 01:36 PM
    in korea great unhappines and people flocking back to stores due to another d70 problem...blooming. maybe a storm in a teacup, but some reviews also mention it. blooming has nothing to do with lenses or the operator.. it's a hardware problem.

    03-24 09:23 AM
    Here is one in our company.

    Senior Oracle Database Administrator

    or look in

    01-08 11:35 AM
    Horrible part is these criminals get away with all the money! those nasty politicians also get a portion of it. the only way is just to exterminate such people when the 'law' can not/won't do anything!

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