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jennette mccurdy and nathan kress 2011

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  • bbct
    02-15 11:59 AM
    Any advise/comments?

    My wife worked as a full time employee and resigned after the delivery from Oct'08. She was paid the sick pay through a third party insurance and these wages are missing in the W-2. I tried contacting her employer and also wrote emails saying I would complain to IRS if they fail to provide a corrected W2. Today is 02/14 and we still didn't receive a new W2 for the sick pay or a corrected W2.

    1) What consequences the employer would have to face if they fail to report correct wages on W2?
    2) Does IRS is concerned about missing wages that are 1-2K?
    3) Do you think I should complain to IRS?

    I am planning to lodge an official complaint on Monday 02/16. I suppose it was a deadline date for all employers to provide W2 or a corrected one.

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  • wandmaker
    10-01 01:11 PM
    Please don't travel thru countries that impose this ridiculous transit Visa requirement on individuals, especially from India.

    I stopped traveling through countries that impose transit visa; Eventually, transit visa requirement will be lifted, if no one flies.

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  • IfYouSeekAmy
    08-20 09:34 AM
    Break a coconut?? Is that slang for opening a bottle?????

    Mil gaya to nariyal phodunga... bas aur kya bolu?
    (If I get it, I will break a coconut, what else can I say?)

    2011 nathan kress and jennette jennette mccurdy and nathan kress 2011. nathan kress and jennette
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  • muffins
    05-31 09:02 PM
    Might wanna ask Telekinesis about that. I actually have no 3D knowledge what so ever. I just know how to make it look "flashy".;)

    If you odont know how to make those liquidy lookin things than how did you make it?


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  • kufloyd
    06-13 08:22 PM
    Kufloyd: Did you also see a change in LUD on your spouse's (assuming you filed for dependent) I-485?

    The reason i ask that question is that i am exactly in same boat as you are. Case was transferred back and forth between NSC and CSC and it's finally pending at NSC and i saw a soft LUD on my I-485 today, but no change on my wife's I-485. Do don't know, if there's a pattern to it?

    I didn't file a dependent 485...

    By the way, how do you tell a soft LUD from a "hard" LUD?

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  • kopra
    09-19 03:59 PM
    I Agree...

    belive it or not, I knew that. I mean the part about the US, not the part about India as I don't hail from there.

    The point that I was trying to make but did not state clearly enough was that I feel that when one has a political agenda whether it is pro or anti immigration, children should be kept out of it. Labeling children like anchor babies is dehumanizing. I believe that when kids are involved, as human beings, everyone should always be concerned about their best interest rather than what our political view.

    This is why I hate the term anchor babies. The antis are willing to even dehumanize kids if it fits with their political view.


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  • June05
    10-19 11:07 AM
    The memo says it has to be current.

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  • gc_maine2
    05-12 01:20 PM

    From your post it looks like you have recently appiled for renewal of EAD.
    Do you know what should we write (for #15 Immigration status ) if the spouse has used EAD??


    I applied myself - so why do I need a G-28 from my lawyer?


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  • singhsa3
    10-05 04:02 PM
    So what you are saying is that INS and IRS systems are connected?

    I can back that one up. We received audit August 13 for 2005. Had to prove we are married & kids live with us. When called and spoke to officer she said it was an "INS flag"! Honest to God that is what she said. She then asked if we had applied in the last couple of months for 485's??? She knew all about the USCIS system and said one way of telling is if you file jointly at the same address each year then why would IRS be asking for proof of marriage and kids living there etc. She was great and confirmed they had received all paperwork. Had to resend due to liquid being spilled on copies.... Even H&R Block said it was INS based.

    Then we get 4 out of 5 EAD's approved, but spouse gets RFE and it is proof of name change please resubmit marriage certificate!



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  • hopein07
    02-08 11:13 AM
    With regard to HSMP issues in UK some Indian Minister (I think PC Chidambram...) made a public comment a few days back and the political establishment in UK took notice.

    For US, people need to write to India's PM Manmohan Singh. If 50,000 letters go to him then he will talk to Bush and something can work out. NRIs anyway have a lot of say now in Delhi unlike 10 years back when they were totally disliked. Just wasting time on chat boards will lead to nothing. Even Microsoft and Intel are unable to convince politicians here. It has to come from a higher authority with whom there are mutual stakes involved. Manmohan Singh is the only guy who can help here because today there are several mutually important and high stake issues between India and US.


    jennette mccurdy and nathan kress 2011. nathan kress and jennette
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  • rajabeta
    09-26 12:23 PM
    saw my bank a/c online and saw the checks being cashed. also got LUD on 485. when do you guys think I can expect AP?
    I have updated my signature as well

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  • SK2007
    10-10 04:27 PM
    Thanks Waiting_toolong!
    Canadian Border is like an hour nad half drive for me. I can drive up to border but i don't have a canadian visa. So i will be denied an entry and if i return back will i get a new I-94?

    Generally when you are travelling by road to canada they do not issue new I-94s. You have to be in Canada for atlease a week or so to ask for a new I-94. I travelled on business few times. They never gave me new I-94s saying I have been there only for a night. I think, the I-94 attached to your H1 extension should be valid till that H1 expires.

    Years ago(1999), my wife's I-94 expired, because at the airport the immigration office entered wrong date. We never verified. We were going by the H4 validity. After the expire date, I spoke my lawyer he was prepared to file for new I-94 but asked for 750USD. I went to the local immigration office in Boston and they corrected it without any issue.

    Very recently as last week, we were coming from Canda after spending a week. We crossed the border by ferry, my wife's passport is due to expire in couple of months, her current I-94 is valid for 2 years. We told the office that we do not need a new I-94 and he was OK with that.

    So check with the local immigration office, but only after getting a new passport.


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  • abh
    08-11 02:17 PM
    Thanks all for the replies.

    Here are more details.

    My receipt no. is starting with WAC. I had already got transfer notice in September 2007 about getting transferred to NSC as they have juridiction over my case.


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  • cps060
    03-16 12:24 PM
    How about the reverse change of status ? A person currently on H1 visa decides to resign from company & wishes to go on H4 (spouse has H1B extension applied for). What is the time frame in which the H4 has to be filed for .... with respect to resignation .... before resigning or after resigning .... is so within how many days of resigning. How does this person know if he/she is in status as H4 approval might take months .... Will the spouse's H1B extension receipt notice be enough as the approval might take a while.


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  • she81
    06-10 11:21 PM
    If you know about the Pilot Plus Program which is in effect in TSC I believe, you'll know what I mean. It just states that USCIS will process concurrently filed cases together to minimize time to process and achieve efficiency (non-concurrent filings not affected). Hence, only those 485s that fall in the current category get their 140 and 485s processed. Now that EB3 is U - there's no way they'll touch those concurrent cases.

    In addition, I've also heard people talk about Ohata Memo - which says the same thing as Pilot Plus Program.

    My point is not TSC or NSC - my point is we all sufferers should now unite and create pressure. I cant do alone , you cant do alone.
    How do you want to contact AILA - why they should suddenly listen to a bunch of 10 stray immigrants like you , me ??

    One thing i dont follow in your post how EB3 becoming U affect Processing times of I-140 ? I-140 doesn't depend on "Country of Origin" or "Retrogression".

    Let me know !

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  • LostInGCProcess
    05-05 02:44 AM
    The Doctor admitted his mistake.
    He completely forgot to mark the TB test earlier.
    He was ready to back date to avoid more inconveniance to me.
    But I told him to be sincere in all aspects.
    I basically forced him to give my wife a TB test again and also the x-ray.
    Now the plan is to submit all this information with a nice letter which states that the doctor had forgotten things last time etc etc.
    Hopefully they will mark the case as - resume processing.

    If I were you, I would not have gone with the repeat of X-ray test unless it was absolutely necessary. X-ray are very harmful to the human cells and tissues. It was a ( Probably honest) mistake by the doctor who was going to give the correct report...and you forced him to take the x-ray again!! hmmmmm....I have nothing more to say.


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  • dvb
    10-12 12:51 PM
    Here is a link to a USCIS memo regarding errors on I-94 :

    Note that this does not cover errors made by CBP (Customs and Border Patrol).

    Here is what CBP has to say @ this link ->

    Q: How do I correct an Arrival-Departure Record reflecting an incorrect admission classification, biographical information or period of admission?
    A: U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will review and issue the necessary documents to remedy errors recorded on the Arrival-Departure Record at the time of entry to the United States relating to improper non-immigrant classification, inaccurate biographical information or incorrect period of admission, if appropriate.

    Any designated deferred inspection location or CBP office located within an international airport should be able to assist you, regardless of where the actual document was issued. In many instances, the location of your final destination where the discrepancy will be resolved may not be the port of your first arrival into the United States. Travelers are encouraged to contact sites not located within an international airport to establish an appointment, if necessary. Mail-in procedures are not available.

    Currently, there is not an approved form to request the correction of inaccurate information recorded on the I-94 or I-95 Form at the time of entry into the United States. You will need to bring the questionable I-94 or I-95 Form and documentation to support the claim that the form was not properly annotated. For example, present a passport and visa to justify an incorrect visa classification or an approved petition to support an incorrect admission period. A fee will not be assessed.

    The CBP offices within the international airports and deferred inspection locations are only authorized to correct errors that occurred at the time of arrival. Requests to replace the I-94 or I-95 Form that has been lost, stolen or mutilated must be filed with USCIS.

    Authorized stays that were limited at the port of first arrival by supervisory authorization as noted on the reverse side of the I-94 Form will not be corrected. Under these circumstances, you will be required to file an I-539 Form with USCIS. .


    One finger pointing to the other ... :rolleyes:

    Anyway, I am trying to contact my local airport CBP to see if anything can be done.


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  • unitednations
    04-23 04:42 PM
    United Nations is right. Let�s say that there�s an employee with an approved I-140 + pending I-485 who switches his job using AC21 after 180 days. Now there are 2 possibilities here

    1) Employer revokes I-140 (AC21 applicable here)
    2) USCIS revokes I-140 (AC21 not applicable here)

    Employer revokes I-140: In this case unless the employee had filed AC21 papers, I-485 is most likely to be denied as USCIS doesn�t have any record that the beneficiary still has similar or same job offer. Hence its advisable to file AC21 well in advance in such situations.

    USCIS revokes I-140: At times USCIS might revoke a previously approved I-140 if the employer fails the �Ability to pay� test for all pending GC applications. This is more dangerous as the bonafide nature of the previous I-140 approval is in question now. Refer one of my old threads below on this topic.

    Such a situation can be avoided if the employer himself withdraws the I-140�s of ex-employees so that he�s no longer burdened to prove ATP for all pending GC applications.

    correct and right on mark.

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  • krishnam70
    07-12 02:27 PM
    I agree with you map_boiler. I have also seen from some other thread that some one with EB3/India/Apr 2004 PD got approval in July. If the July bulletin is void , How can they approve that ?

    You are right , It looks like they approved cased with NO PD but with ready FBI check and also requested numbers for the current PD but sec check pending.

    If a APR2004/EB3/India can get approval after Jul 2 , How can they reject EB3/INDIA/DEC2003 but filed on Jul2 ?

    Returning numbers raise whole lot of questions. It remains to be seen how they try to untangle this mess.

    I guess i dont have a PD as old as some of the other folks , but Its been 3 yrs since we applied to 485 and still waiting on some news. 3 FP's. 4 EADs and not a single update online. Am i STUCKKKKK..


    06-23 09:40 AM
    Kudos to this approach


    What are we getting by getting this update on sate chapter vs. here. If someone wants the link they can get from our signature. Have the state chapter gatekeepers declined anyone? If not then we are really not protecting any information and spliting our audience.

    Any comments?

    05-22 01:47 PM

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