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  • rick_rajvanshi
    03-19 08:12 PM
    USCIS keeps on changing definition of Backlog as per their convenience.
    They should clearly tell how many cases in which category and which county are pending.

    We don't need complicated Backlog definitions such as below. Just be transparent and give us Black and White figures as to ascertain where some one stands in line. They may have their internal targets but we need to know BACKLOG from our point of view not USCIS production point of view

    The new definition in quantifies the backlog by basing the figure on the number of receipts during the previous number of months that corresponds with target cycle time (usually six) and the current pending count for a given application type. This calculated amount can then be used to assess and determine concrete production targets for backlogged application types and the resources necessary to meet those targets. Therefore, backlog is defined as the difference between pending and receipts for the number of months of target cycle time. (Backlog = Pending – Last Six Months’ receipts). This new definition of backlog better reflects the idea that as long as USCIS is processing its receipts within the designated target cycle time, there is no backlog for those applications as the pending count only reflects cases within [USCIS] target cycle time.

    [U]Another issue is out of turn issue of GC . Last year hundreds of visas were given away to people from 2005 AND 2006 PD even though people from 2003 and 2004 were left waiting. Just because DOS and USCIS have to clear the 144k visas before 30 Sept does not mean that they 'll issue Green cards to people who entered line much later.

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  • chintu25
    01-16 09:34 PM
    There is no Voice chat we will have to type in

    If there is interest then we can arrange telecons

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  • sanju
    03-19 10:37 PM
    Eliminate EAD renewals every year. This will reduce the paper work and hence improve performance. Unless people change their jobs, there should be no need to renew.


    Consider that I am your angel and I just heard your voice. As of this moment, I grant you your wish. You no longer have to renew your EAD every year. From now on you could just renew your EAD every 2 years. Hope this makes you happy.

    If you ask me something with your heart, I will listen and may grant your wish. Be nice.

    Truly yours,

    Angel # 4567


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  • spicy_guy
    07-14 11:24 AM
    At least EB3 I should get its share of Visas, which is not happening. A lot of the visas are being wasted or spilled over to other categories.

    Actually, this is really insane logic. If there is any spill over from EB1, it should go to most affected categories like EB3I. But its going to EB2. This is a BS.

    At least the following should happen:

    1. EB3I should get its share of allocated visas every month / year.
    2. Spillover should happen to EB3I (as a most trafficked category)
    3. Consider the EB2 porting while setting cut off dates.


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  • Honda
    10-11 09:03 PM
    There is no way to get spill over visas to EB3 from other categories. Look at the November visa bulletin. We are hoping only CIR bill.

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  • susie
    10-10 11:32 PM
    ok, so lets work together in all contacting our senators and congressmen

    what do you think of sending this

    Dear Rep./Sen./Readers

    Expat�s Voice: Representing the Expat Community

    We at Expat�s Voice ask for your support in achieving genuinely comprehensive and fair immigration reform.

    Our organization represents thousands of members who have legally immigrated to the United States, including immigrant and nonimmigrant visa holders, and those that are awaiting immigration. The diversity of our membership means we truly understand first hand the problems with the current immigration system.

    We commend the work of the Government in attempting to bring in much needed reform. However, the rights of many, specifically of children and of legal immigrants are being overlooked, and we want to bring the pertinent issues to your attention.

    First, we ask for a much needed compassionate visa. Many of our members, due to immigration related reasons cannot leave the country without repercussions for their visa status. They have elderly Parents and other relatives in seriously ill condition. Similarly, our own families have not been allowed to enter the USA on a compassionate basis. My own husband passed away last year, but my son was refused a temporary visa to pay his last respects because of problems with �immigrant intent.� The US Embassy showed no compassion or common sense. Yet due to the unfairness of the system, many families have to suffer this type of humiliation on a regular basis as a result of the system, largely because of reasons of mere technicalities. This has to change.

    Second, we support all measures that protect children. They are innocent in the whole immigration process whether brought to this country legally or illegally. The US Government has failed repeatedly to bring the Dream Act to fruition. We ask that ALL children, whether having entered the USA illegally or under legal nonimmigrant status, who can bring so much benefit to this country�s future be recognized and protected as soon as possible. There is ambiguity as to whether the Dream Act protects all children the meet the criteria or only illegal children; if it is the latter it needs to expanded to cover legal migrant children, whose Parents have respected and abided with US immigration laws. In addition, the legislation would not prevent certain nonimmigrant dependent (such as E dependents) from aging out at 21 unless they meet certain criteria. Therefore, we also ask for an amendment to the Child Protection Status Act of 2002 (CSPA), if not in the Dream Bill, to prevent these families from being separated when the child reaches 21.

    Third, many children �age out� due to the long waiting periods involved with family-based petitions. The Child Protection Status Act of 2002 (CSPA) was intended to address many of these issues, but the legislation has simply failed in this aim. Many of our members are now stuck in their country of residence, despite their Parents and younger siblings having already immigrated to the USA. The CSPA was designed to ensure children who aged out were awarded earlier priority dates associated with their previous petition to prevent being forced to the back of the line with a new petition and new priority date (and, when taking into account the waits associated with both the original petition and the subsequent petition after aging out, this can cause waits in excess of 30 years). However, the failure of the USCIS to apply this law correctly, because of an ambiguity in the way section 3 (INS, section 203(h)) is drafted, and the fact no visa advisory opinion nor any rules have been issued after four and half years since the CSPA was enacted, means many families remain separated.

    Fourth, many of our members are E2 and L1 visa holders. They contribute millions of dollars to the US economy and provide employment to many American citizens. However, despite being in this country legally and providing many benefits, they are treated like second class members in the USA. Our E2 members have to return to their country every two years to renew their visa, with no guarantee of visa renewal putting their investment and the American employees at serious risk. This is compounded with severe delays in visa processing times, particularly in London. Despite providing these benefits, often for more than a decade, it is very disappointing that our members do not have a direct path to citizenship. What is even more surprising is that despite having abided by and respected US laws, it is the illegal immigrants who stand to directly benefit from the Strive Bill with a direct path to permanent residency and citizenship.

    Our members, many of who are British citizens, feel cheated by the US Government. Much is spoken of our �special relationship,� but in practice it seems the rights of illegal immigrants take priority. Further, many have suffered from poor treatment by immigration and enforcement officials, but we remain patient and respectful. As an organization we are neither for nor against the rights of illegal immigrants. We simply ask that our commitment and duty to this country be recognized with at least equal reward and that you support Rep. Heather Wilson�s proposed E2 Nonimmigrant Investor Adjustment Act of 2007. We do, however, believe the 3,000 proposed figure will create a backlog of investor immigrants and so urge you to remove the proposed cap, or support a larger number and/or also introduce an annual increase to meet market demand.

    In sum we ask you for fair reforms: to recognize the principle of family reunification through amendments to the CSPA; to reward those who abide by and respect US laws to at least the same level as those that don�t; to treat the children with compassion and open arms by giving them an opportunity to remain in and benefit this great country; and to show compassion and prevent humiliation to many thousands of families, by allowing family members to be with their loved one on a temporary basis in their time of need and often in their last moments, both in the USA and outside the USA.

    For more information please also visit us at We have also included an appendix discussing the issues more fully with draft amendments and explanations to provide solutions to the above issues.



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  • snathan
    05-01 06:15 PM
    Hi IV senior members/Admin,

    How many people do we need to support this. Please guide what needs to be done once we have enough support.


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  • eb3_2004
    05-14 06:18 AM
    Can some pls help me by answering this??

    Sorry to hijack the thread..

    I went over the instructions for EAD filing and wanted to confirm the following before I went ahead with the filing.

    1. The fee is $340

    2. I need to send it to Phoenix lockbox as I reside in Illinois.

    Please someone confirm this for me.



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  • trsspk
    05-15 12:13 PM
    I have applied for birth certificate at Indian Consulate, SFO and received from them. They simply attested the information on my Passport on their letter head..will that be sufficient or I should get it from MRO/etc from India?

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  • amitjoey
    01-08 01:09 PM
    you may now want to ask those 10+ members to spread the word to their contacts... it will be a big viral campaign. also ask them to use invite the friends tool

    Yes that is in action right now.


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  • Prashant
    01-17 02:35 PM
    Total Contribution so far: $225
    I will sign up for $50/month today by 9PM central..

    I have pursuaded people ("friends") to join and contribute but all they say is I will .. never seen one do it .. ashamed of 'em ...I dont really understand why people are so hesitant to contribute. We need a group effort my 50 dollars a month will achieve nothing unless lot of people do the same.

    I contribute for my benifit you do it for yours.

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  • GC_sufferer
    07-11 07:59 PM D&vgnextchannel=1958b0aaa86fa010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    No isn't...


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  • jsb
    09-01 11:10 AM
    Well, if there were preadjudicated cases, which is very very likely, getting ready for September approvals, with VB published weeks ago, should be very routine and simple task. It is quite possible that a lot of approvals should be coming out withint the first few days in September. Best wishes to all waiting, particularly to those wth senior PD's left out last year.

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  • Kushal
    05-23 07:13 PM
    Will repeat the whole list.. if it reaches voice mail I will call back again on next week


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  • barsha
    06-29 03:08 PM
    My logic is, they know LOT(thousands) of PPL will be filing. I think they must have a plan. Cause I don't think they opened the gate to reject the applications. There must be a plan.

    noone can predist USCIS.....on ly pray that they do not retrogress on they did for EB3_OTHER category on June 5th.

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  • neelu
    03-14 09:02 AM
    Current Member count = 9406

    Common IV'ers!!!
    10000 is so close.

    Please help add ONE member (just one) this week. Please dont postpone this duty. We will need all the strength we can muster this month and the coming few.


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  • veda
    08-06 07:26 AM
    Or post it here.

    Apllied on : June 9( Spouse and Me)
    Notice Date : June 10
    FP : 2 July
    Soft Luds on I140 on 7/13
    Soft luds on I140/Old H1's/I 485 on 7/30
    AP approved on 7/31( still no card production ordered status)

    Eagerly waiting for EAD.

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  • jaocanada
    09-20 12:49 AM
    I arrived at the Situation Room at about 1 pm on Monday.. didn't know anybody and nobody knew me so I was searching for a Core IV type look on anybody's face... Poor 'beenwaiting' was eating her late lunch at what seemed like a registration table and she noticed my dillema.. she promptly put her lunch aside and briefed me on the agenda and my meetings.. Thanks 'beenwainting'...

    Next I remember was helping Sanjeev (can u PM me your handle?) with his tie and hurrying with Shivkanth and Sumita (can you PM me your handle too?) to a Senator's meeting. That Senator's staff knew the issues pretty well and it was fun to watch Shivkanth debate with her.

    SriKondoji - it was nice meeting you. The reception and the rally next day were a great experiences. Finally I had some great Indian food at the Union Station with Indio0617, Pappu and Dr. Gupta (can u PM me your handle?)

    All PA (Philly) members - let's plan on meeting over coffee sometime in the next couple of weeks.

    Here are the photos that I tool to 'live blog' the rally:

    The experience of attending the rally was therapeutic in a way... Day in and day out one is sucked in to the bubble of daily life, work, kids, family..... and on top of it, the thought of interminable wait for GC really burns you from inside. You know you have to go through it and you know there are thousands like you who are stuck too. And then one fine day, these thousand faceless online handles come to life together and in the nation's capital and actually march and meet the lawmakers. This has truly been a great experience.

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  • bugsbunny
    03-26 08:04 PM
    Its plain and simple.
    You have described yourself already in your post and you said the word Moron.
    Why it is so hard for you to understand Northern California and Southern California?

    lol well maybe i am a moron
    but i expected California to be listed Alphabetically between Alabama and Colorado
    since it wasn't there i just assumed there is no state chapter.
    i doubt i would be the only one making this assumption.
    Sure its trivial...but how many people made this assumption and just gave up looking for the state chapter?

    Maybe its obvious to you but its not obvious to me that i should be searching for Northern and Southern California

    Why dont you do customer service for IV as a volunteer if you think IV is not responding right? How about that?.
    i am contributing..and i have offered to handle some PR on here.. I don't live in DC so cannot do PR for the organisation there.

    08-03 04:36 PM
    My receipt date is July 2, 2007
    My notice date is August 10, 2007
    Good luck to all!

    09-03 01:51 PM
    PD : 30 Apr 2004 .........
    Created SR yesterday ...

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