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  • eb3retro
    07-14 11:49 AM
    might be a good question for USCIS through ombudsman as to how exactly the spill over happens, especially for eb3?

    EB3 ROW is at Jun 2004. But as per latest USCIS inventory, EB3 ROW pending 485's are around 48,000. Visa numbers available every year for EB3 is approximately 42k. If you deduct the backlogged EB3 countries (4x3000) visa numbers, the total comes down to 30k for EB3 ROW. So EB3 ROW should become current or atleast Jul 07 in another 1.5 years. If this is not going to happen, it means they are diverting the EB3 numbers to some other categories.

    my 2 cents

    Note : If EB3 ROW has 30k visas per year and pending EB3 ROW 485's are only 50k.. why it is still hanging in 2004. God only knows !!

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  • Macaca
    01-18 11:47 AM
    A very sensible message from sw33T.

    I have to agree with him about the look and feel of our website.
    We have to give a facelift for our website. I'm pretty sure we'll have
    lot of web experts among us. ( Unfortunately I'm not one. ).

    I agree on everything with sw33T. I also agree with paulacao that we should get feedback at regular intervals.

    However, based on the current feeling, our bill will come in Feb. Our first priority should be the requirements for the bill; IV appears to be begging to meet these requirements. We need to take care of these requirements right now.

    If we have more resources we will work on the remaining priorities. Please separate the main show from the side shows and freak shows.

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  • indygc
    05-06 02:14 PM
    Today I got welcome letter just for me, but status shows "Decision" since May 2nd for both of us.

    Welcome letter says that what I got is a courtesy, original notice has been sent to to attorney. Does it mean the cards will be sent to Attorney as well? My attorney is tough to get hold of, never responds calls or emails.


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  • pani_6
    04-10 01:23 PM
    I was thinking this for a long time, and I totally agree with you...

    Start 8 companies and hire 10 each..what say you!..dude these companies will do anything to find loop holes!..Plz call senators & tell them to pass strive!


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  • kumar1
    01-23 05:00 PM
    Car Loans and Home loans are called secure loans. If you do not pay the monthly premium, they have the right to get the car or home from you. So, a person, leaving behind a car/home and going back to home country is not doing anything criminal. He is playing by the rule. Of course, these acts would shine on his/her credit report for a while.

    Credit card loans are not secure. That is why, car loans APR vary between 0% to 5% but credit card loan can go up to 33% if not higher. Basic nature of credit card loan is, it is a very high risk loan and there is no collateral against that loan.

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  • nozerd
    05-14 06:50 PM
    For filing I 485 I know you need to submit birth certificate and marriage certificate. Do both of these have to be originals or copies are fine ?



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  • perm2gc
    07-17 06:54 PM
    Friends. you have today witnessed what our collective strength can do and it is time that we spread a word about immigration voice and encourage your friends and families to join as a gratitude to IV .Please don't forget that the root cause of the problems still exist and we have to achieve it.

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  • rnednur
    09-03 03:22 PM
    How do we open an SR?


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  • pappu
    01-08 12:56 PM
    I figured, I have to do what I talk about. I helped register 10+ members last weekend and many more before. I probably exhausted all the people that I know that I can help become members.
    you may now want to ask those 10+ members to spread the word to their contacts... it will be a big viral campaign. also ask them to use invite the friends tool

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  • acecupid
    04-22 09:34 AM
    This is really funny!
    You had sent your EAD renewal to NSC and it was sent to Phoenix lock box.....
    Read another post for EAD renewal that was sent to Phoenix lock box but got re-routed to NSC........

    Where is the info that tells us where exactly to send them? Anyone?

    Read the instructions document which comes along with the form.

    Change of Filing Location for Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization

    WASHINGTON - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) today announced revised filing instructions and addresses for applicants filing an Application for Employment Authorization (Form I-765). The change of filing location is part of an overall effort to transition the intake of some benefit forms from Service Centers to USCIS Lockbox facilities. Centralizing form and fee intake allows USCIS to provide the public more efficient and effective initial processing of applications and fees.

    Beginning February 24, 2010 applicants must now submit Form I-765 to one of the USCIS Lockbox facilities or the USCIS Vermont Service Center, based on the classification under which they are filing. Detailed guidance can be found in updated Form I-765 instructions as well as at USCIS Home Page (

    The Service Centers will forward incorrectly filed applications to the USCIS Phoenix and Dallas Lockbox facilities for the first 30 days, until March 26, 2010. After March 26, 2010, applications incorrectly filed at USCIS Service Centers will be returned to the applicant, with a note to send the application to the correct location.

    When filing Form I-765 at one of the USCIS Lockbox facilities, you may elect to receive an email and/or text message notifying you that your application has been accepted. You must complete an E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance (Form G-1145), and attach it to the first page of your application.

    Form I-765 may be electronically filed (e-filed) with USCIS when submitted under certain categories. View our Web site for a list of who is eligible to e-file Form I-765.

    For more information on USCIS programs, visit USCIS Home Page ( or call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.


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  • gapala
    04-08 08:22 PM
    You need to write to USCIS and Ombudsman. Labor department does not approve such petitions.

    Could you please post the link to complaint form or address where you send in complaint to USCIS?

    Here's the ombudsman's address for complaints / suggestions etc.

    Mailing Address:

    Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman
    ATTN: Recommendations/Complaints/Reporting Fraud
    United States Department of Homeland Security
    Mail Stop 1225
    Washington, D.C. 20528-1225

    Even better : email to

    Guys, if you want to do analysis on number of visas and GC's sponsored by companies, H1 and PERM only... I could not find Intracompany filing (L1)related data. Do you guys know if this be disclosed as well?

    here's the link. I found this site helpful... Note the "Manager" category under visas by occupation.. for number of visas.. not sure if this include L1. I guess this is only H1B.

    This is where the data is comming from :

    Disclaimer : do not start giving me red for posting this link as intention is not marketing for them... if you did not like it, ignore.

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  • speedo
    04-14 12:42 PM
    Lasantha, I have a similar profile like yours except for my PD will become current in May and I-485 was filed July 2nd. My question to you is that did you call the service center to inquire about your status, and that triggered approval.

    EB3-ROW PD Sep 2005
    I-140 approved in 2006
    I-485 RD 07/02/2007


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  • paskal
    01-19 09:02 AM
    btw anurakt, it was 50/mnth to push your count along :)

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  • gc_on_demand
    04-06 02:15 PM
    Nice post, i came to the US in 1996 for my masters, followed all rules to the T and got stuck. I am on my 4th AP and EAD (5th if you consider OPT). I think main problem is that we are trying to solve too many issues with limited ammunition. Start with a single point agenda for the short term...lets say recaptuing unused visas or something that is the least controvertial and focus on pushing it at every available opportunity. Currently we see a new proposal everyday and all they do besides encouraging debate (which is good) is motivate bystanders to distort the issue and divide the group.

    Agree with 485Mbe4001. We should focus on recapturing unsed visas. I dont think so we will see CIR this year. Before other groups pushes for Anti h1b or gc laws. we should start somthing on recapturing or removing country cap. OR atleast some admin fixes. I understand CORE is waiting for time to do aggressive campaign but what if dont get CIR this year ? I think We are thinking to play only defensive game here. If some one try to hurt us in H1b or GC bill then we will do campaign. Lets do not wait for antis to start.


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  • StarSun
    03-28 09:16 AM
    StarSun...i'll help with both the tasks you mentioned. My lawyer already gives free advice in several LA univs so he might be interested in this.
    My questions...says he is interested...what does he have to do to there a number to call for the conference call....or a special link where he has to go to join the chat? which thursday of the month is he this fixed or does it change every month?
    To be honest i never visit the forum page unless i need to search for something and thats very rare....can we put up a link or an Icon with a tiny banner advertising the free lawyer phone call on the home page?

    Thank you for taking up the 2 tasks.

    As for the lawyer conference calls, it has to be on the fourth Thursday of the month consistently. (This month, we ended up with 5 Thursdays, and therefore have no conf calls for the last 2). If we can have 4 free conference calls in a month - free on both ends - it is good.

    When lawyers answers questions from our members, either through the conference calls or in the forums, their contact info will run on the top hand side of every IV page, giving visibility to immigration lawyers in a very targeted market. It is a mutually beneficial program for both members (getting free advice) and the lawyers (visibility).

    Talk to your lawyer, find about his interests and let me know, I will follow up with him/her soon after the advocacy days in DC.

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  • senthilvs
    10-13 04:55 PM
    studentoflife: You can call them like I mentioned on the previous page...they would answer you.


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  • falcyon
    02-11 11:37 PM
    applied for renewal for unexpired passport via USPS on 1/28/09. Didn't hear a thing from email and/or phone enquiry.....


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  • gc_peshwa
    04-14 10:18 PM
    Lets gather as many as we can....

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  • sanju_dba
    07-13 04:19 PM
    if i know this correctly, there are only 3000+ visa's (green cards)available for eb3 india and there are atleast 8000 people waiting in 2002. a person with a pd of mid 2002 also may need to wait atleast 2- 2 1/2 years before he/she gets their green card.
    Dont you want to include the EB3 unused visa from worldwide? just the way EB2 got this time!

    This is highlited in Aug VB thread too

    following is pasted from VB link (


    INA Section 202(a)(5)(A), added by the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act (AC21), provides that if total demand will be insufficient to use all available numbers in a particular Employment preference category in a calendar quarter, then the otherwise unused numbers may be made available without regard to the annual per-country limits. This provision helps to assure that all available Employment preference numbers may be used. In recent years, the application of Section 202(a)(5)(A) has occasionally allowed oversubscribed countries such as China-mainland born and India to utilize large quantities of Employment First and Second preference numbers that would have otherwise gone unused.

    For example, let us assume that 11,600 Employment Second preference numbers are available in a calendar quarter. There is heavy Employment Second preference demand by China-mainland born and India applicants; however, each country is oversubscribed and would ordinarily be limited to about 800 of the available numbers due to the prorating provisions of INA Section 202(e). Applicants from other countries that have not yet reached their per-country limit have reported a total demand of 6,500 numbers. After taking the worldwide demand into account, it is determined that as a result of the China-mainland born and India per-country limits only 8,100 of the total available Employment Second preference numbers would be used in that quarter. In this instance, the otherwise unused 3,500 numbers could then be made available to China-mainland born and India regardless of their per-country limits. Should that occur, the same cut-off date would be applied to each country, since numbers must be provided strictly in priority date order regardless of chargeability. In this instance, greater number use by one country would indicate a higher rate of demand by applicants from that country with earlier priority dates.

    08-06 08:18 PM
    Im still waiting too. e-filed may 23rd. fp done on June 17th.
    Expedite request denied, have an infopass appointment on August 14th. I will see what they will say
    Getting too worried as my current ead is going to expire on Sep 19th.
    Looking at the tracking it looks like TSC has started to work on all these pending cases. Hopefully our petitions get approved soon too
    Will keep you posted

    Can you tell what reasons you had given for the Expedite Request?

    04-19 12:29 PM
    Read my previous mail. I NSC forward to phoenix rather than sending back to you. BTW: Did you send personal check OR Cashier's Check for fees?

    i sent a personal check.

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