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  • Gravitation
    07-13 12:53 PM
    It seems DOS postponed to publish Visa Bulletin...due to BLACK Friday :cool:

    :DIt'sll be Black Friday for Lou Dobbs!!! :D

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  • jsb
    04-16 12:09 PM
    Why do you need a new lawyer? You don't need any lawyer now for that matter, but the lawyer who filed your I-485 should not have any problem in continuing to represent you even if your last employer paid your GC processing fees. If you signed G-28, which most likely you did, your lawyer established relationship with you to represent you.

    Infact today is my 2nd day at my new job. I have decided not to inform USCIS. And I am in process of hiring a new lawyer , since my previous company paid for my GC , the company lawyer asked me to go with different lawyer for all my future needs.

    I will hire a lawyer and plan to file G28 form in this month.

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  • coopheal
    04-02 07:28 PM
    is your lawyer saying? You are paying them to answers these kind of questions.

    I have a phone call set with my lawyer. I am going to listen to his recommendation. However knowing how others are handling similar situation will help me in taking decision.

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  • validIV
    03-17 08:43 PM
    Say a person has finished his 6 years and got a 3-year extension based on an approved I140. Now, he is working in his 7th year and his 485 gets rejected. Would that mean he still has 2 more years of H-1B or does that mean he loses the remaining 2 years of H-1B time immediately since 485 got rejected?

    He will be out of status. Your 3 year extension beyond the allowed 6 years is based on that LC/I-140 from which your I-485 was filed. If the I-485 is rejected you have no right to stay beyond 6 years.

    It is best to not use more than 3 years of H-1 if you have a pending I-485. That way you have 3 more years of H-1 in case you get rejected. The pending I-485 gives you unlimited time in the form of EAD/AP. Dont waste your H-1 time.

    It only makes sense to keep H-1 while you have AOS if your country of chargeability is ROW, which is usually current. If your country is backlogged, it will most likely extend your H-1 over six years. Please consult a proper immigration attorney before you do anything.


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  • maverick80
    02-05 08:54 PM
    And what exactly is contributing to IV about? I read something about a rally, but I have this feeling that nothing we do or say is gonna what the behemoth yank senator and government thinks, to which we are just numbers, categories and despertate 3rd world replacable units.

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  • pd_recapturing
    10-02 12:00 PM
    I am planning to leave my current employer and move to a different one. I have got my I-140 approved under EB3 category from the current employer. While moving to the new employer, I want to retain my priority dates. I would like to know what kind of documents are needed in order to do the same. I am presuming that a copy of I-140 approval notice would be needed from current employer that I am sure that my current employer would not give me. So what is my chance in this case? is there any way, I can get it from USCIS? Has anybody got it successfully from other than the employer? Are there any other documents , I need from my current employer. Please suggest.


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  • rbalaji5
    07-17 01:14 AM
    Is it possible to file I-485 without I-693(Medical) ?

    The reason I ask is that I cannot get a doctor's appointment in July. For some reason, if we are able to file in July, can I submit the 485 first and submit teh I-693 later.

    Please advise

    Where are you located?. East bay?

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  • jkays94
    12-10 12:31 PM
    The 'temporary visitor' designation certainly raises the specter of bias whenever the licence is used. Unfortunately once it is in place it often takes documentation of several incidences of profiling or bias before considerations are made.


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  • conchshell
    08-13 05:14 PM
    hopefulgc, count me in. I am EB2 India with PD Oct 2004. But as I have mentioned before lots of my friends and family members are in EB3. You have my unconditional support.

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  • paskal
    07-14 03:54 PM
    Your J1 cannot be waived without the service (3 years) or home stay (2 years).
    As for forums, its a good question for the physicians forums that have about 70 odd members.

    See link in my signature. Remember, to joi, you must provide contact information (full name, phone number and location) and a brief bio. We often post sensitive updates on the forum and need therefore to know who is on.


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  • kufloyd
    06-13 11:06 PM
    It just means somebody touched the case. The case is still at NSC.
    What is your PD? Are you current?

    My PD is Feb 2004, so I've been current for almost 2 months now. Though, my ND is 9/12/2007 and NSC is processing 7/14/2007, so that's not current yet...

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  • eers
    07-14 11:27 PM
    A few days I called Comcast to disconnect CNN and CNN headlines from my cable.

    good job.. i dont read CNN any more since I came across these facts about this guy and cnn..


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  • IVMovies
    11-20 04:35 PM
    Well I was in touch with Pratik. They have same plans and I am working with them. We will be discussing about this sometime in next week.

    Meanwhile this post is just to gather the creative minds together before making any plans.

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  • sam_hoosier
    12-15 09:40 PM
    Hi to all,

    MY I 485 RD is August 14, 2007, 180 days rule will end on 10 Feb 2008.
    I am planning to use AC21 on Jan 20th itself with three weeks vacation notice to current GC filing employer to go for Contract to Hire job.

    Is it safe to do?

    I do maintain good relationship with current employer.
    But not sure, what will be his reaction after three vacation notice ends and he comes to know I have switched job.

    Also my LC as Programmer Analyst, but the new job would be Database Administrator.
    Is this will be issue?

    Could you advise on these questions?

    Thanks to all.


    ** Sponsor of two IV members to attend DC rally.

    Keep in mind that employer can revoke I-140 before your 180 days are up. If its just a question of a few weeks, why are you taking a chance ?


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  • desi3933
    07-07 03:03 PM
    The problem is my attorney is insisting that the letter that they sent for my employer's signature is "required" to successfully respond to this RFE.

    Could you please explain this a bit. I am not sure if I am understanding this right.


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  • austingc
    07-08 05:13 PM
    You definitely need to send it even if you get BIOMETERICS
    Hello WAIT_FOR_EVER_GC , Please do not confuse or post anything that you have no idea about.
    Its is not true. You don't need to send photos for EAD and the instruction clearley says that. For AP you need to send photos even thnough you went for biometric appointment.

    If you apply both EAD and AP together then you will still need to go to fingerprint and also send photos for AP.


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  • desi485
    11-07 03:14 PM

    I have been reading a lot about recent mis-handling of AC21 cases. Majority of them were due to employer revoking an approved I-140 after 180 days of filling the I-485. While I do not know laws fully and my understanding is limited, let me share some thoughts on this.

    To me, this seems to be an un-ethical tactic by some employers; AFAIK there is no legal requirement for them to do so.

    Moreover, it is a Loose-Loose situation for all the concerned parties.

    Here is how:

    1. For candidate - additional burden of filling an MTR, risk of loosing EAD & Job and financial burden. :eek:

    2. For CIS - Addional burden & wastage of resource not only cancelling 140 and sending notice, but also most likely they will have to reverse the decision when candidate will file MTR. (For that matter, there is no fees to cancel an I-140)

    3. For employer - Employer gets nothing in return, if he doesn't want to be happy in a sadistic way. Apart from this, it is almost certain that it will bring bad name to employer among future & current employees if harassment was the only motive.

    This whole exercise seems to be useless. :confused:

    The AC21 law allows employee to move freely using EAD, why should employers be allowed to harass an employee when it is almost certain that employee has done nothing against the law? Isn't this un-ethical? This useless exercise will help none but the attorneys in terms of additional money filling an MTR.

    Can we do some brain-storming and come to some strategy to improve this situation? A letter campaign is already going on. Please share other ideas.

    One approach I can think is to meet officials and explain them to automatically disable the employers from doing so...An approved 140 should not be allowed to cancel, once 485 is filed and 180 days passed. This will stop the wastage of resources and help to improve efficiency for CIS. Is there a chance we can convince this??? more on the side of administrative fix???

    How about making an official AC21 form (like we've AR11 for address change)? CIS can charge a small fees to file for AC21, it will guarantee candidates that their AC21 application has reached to CIS.


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  • immiusa
    08-14 03:15 PM
    I think USCIS is working towards reducing the backlogs. It could be starting point for all EB community to feel better

    With IV success, I foresee the EB categories as current at any point of time. And GC process is less than 3 years for any EB category

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  • cygent
    06-11 07:58 PM
    Is anyone still upto doing something about the 140 situation?

    Employer not paying salary after bloodsucking 7+ years, Lawyers not answering phonecalls, Employer not signing documents, H1-B 8th year expiring. Why O God Whyyyy?!?

    I want to do something, but feel like my hands are tied & me thrown into the sea with sharks, with an anchor at my feet. I am not Criss Angel Houdini. My God Allah Zeus somebody help. Oh Well, Atleast I am Senior Member now.

    01-26 09:44 AM
    We have 8000+ members but only 200+ contributed. I have been thinking about it and here is one possible answer. If you look at the poll result about whether we should push for 485 or not, there are about 280 guys supporting this goal. Maybe almost all recurring contributions are from this group. :confused:

    09-19 01:15 PM
    The Process of giving Birthright citizenship is a law called Jus Soli(14th Amendment) which was implemented in 1900's . Numbersusa and others are fighting to change the Jus soli to jus sanguinis which gives citizenship based on the child's parents Status to reduce the "Numbers".India Abolished Jus Soli in 1987 and dosent offer Birthright citizenship. I think going this Route to discuss the possibility to fight for parents naturalisation based on child's status will make us no different from Illegal Immigrants.

    I see that term gets thrown around a lot when discussing illegal immigrants. And the words that come to my mind are "Even the mafia did not go after women and children". The fact that people attempt to reduce innocent children to a loaded label like that is nauseating.

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