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  • spgtopper
    02-03 09:09 AM
    Seems like a step in the right direction....


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  • nomi
    04-20 09:33 AM
    Does any one have any input or suggestion?

    Why don`t you ask your Attorney about it since you are paying him and that`s his job to tell what documents he needs. ASK HIM.

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  • surabhi
    04-14 01:41 PM
    As per suggestion by members of the forum, I am planning on using a good attorney to file my appeal.

    The new attorney for my company is 'Law Offices of Slowik & Robinson LLC' ( based in Columbus, OH and is supposedly very reputable and well known.

    If you guys have heard of them or know about them, please drop a few lines here. This will help me make a decision as to stay with the new company attorney or go to much bigger firms like Murthy LLC.


    Regardless of the attorney you employ, it is important to ensure you are completely clued in and has visibility into the process. Its even more important in the situation you are in.

    You should be completely versed with your case, options available, reperucssions.. everything. Only then you can have meaningful conversation with attorney about your concerns.

    It is very difficult with para legals not providing timely information, neverthless you should look for firm that treats clilents with respect.

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  • jliechty
    May 18th, 2005, 07:00 AM
    I wouldn't know for sure, as I've never messed with bracketing automatically on my D1, but it seems that you could put the camera in aperture priority, set it for +/- 1 bracketing, and it should automatically take a series of exposures by varying the shutter speed and leaving the aperture constant.


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  • hiralal
    06-26 10:12 PM
    good initiative ..I am in ..something is better than nothing the old saying says ..lets throw as many stones on the mango tree ..gaya tho pathar ..mila tho aam ..if you miss - you just lose a stone ..if you hit, you get a green mango (green card). ..cheers !!!

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  • sagittarian
    12-18 12:20 PM
    Please keep this thread handy... For my wife, we went through hell due to super coordination between, immigration & social security office.

    Hi Goel_Ar, thanks for the response. Assuming there is indeed very good co-ordination between USCIS and SSN office, how long does it *normally* take to get the card?

    Any ideas, anyone?


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  • rajuram
    07-13 12:55 AM
    GTS = go to sleep

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  • gonecrazyonh4
    06-14 06:33 PM
    I have been filling up I-485 all day . Online forms sent from attorney but no help with topics. I am confused by these

    Visa Number - is this a number that is stamped on your passport when u entered US? My visa in passport expired long time back. I have my WAC number- is that what is required to enter?

    Alien Number - is this the I-94 number?

    anywhere i can find a sample I-485 filled in ?

    Appreciate any help


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  • pappu
    08-21 08:26 AM
    "To speed up processing" seems like a standard reply for anyone whose case is transferred.
    Once it is transferred, you may get the status message that says- "it is following normal processing time"

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  • gimme_GC2006
    08-17 08:02 PM

    I used my AP twice via JFK. Both times sent to secondary. No questions asked, just had to wait an extra 90 minutes due to people in front of me and was given my passport with the I94 back.

    so nothing to fear. !!
    Hopefully mine will also be cool. :)


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  • Browndog
    February 20th, 2005, 07:43 AM
    if it's any help i have a 2nd hand Sigma APO macro 70-300mm. like NikNikon i found the D70 kit lens much sharper generally, but the sigma when stopped sown to f8 or f9 at 300mm seems to be sufficiently clear enough and really helps for picking out faces in crowds etc. i recently went to a chinease new year festival and the extra reach of the lens blew me away. i could get full frame shots of the dragon mask even though i was stood further back in the crowd. being stopped down thoough i find if the light is less than ideal i need a very fast ISO to keep the shutter speed up. hope that helps :-)

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  • rally
    07-19 12:03 PM
    Basically the receipt notice we will get soon would have a 'received date' and a 'notice date'.

    I read in another forum that 90-day count starts from the received date.

    I am not sure though!


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  • sri1309
    05-05 01:02 PM
    I'm sure many more states will want this kind of law, and thats what pushes the CIR to the top of the files.

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  • Shivani
    02-23 10:54 AM
    Hello Sir,

    I'm in H1B visa, so also my husband.

    In this time of recession, i fear if I'm laid off, wanted to seek your valuable guiance on the following:

    - transfer my status from H1 to H4? have all pay stubs in tact.
    - return back to H1 B status once I find an opening with new company? All I will need to do is transfer my H4 status back to my same H1B visa?
    - visa in passport is originally stamped for Oct 2009 when I came from India, and I have my new I797 with validity date as Apr 2011. Do I still have I797 as valid even if I'm laid off?

    Please let me have your views on this. Highly appreciate a speedy response.

    Thank you in advance,



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  • gcwait2007
    12-26 10:16 AM
    Once again Thanks, Bestin.

    I am married long enough and I do not want to get into marriage again with a GORI ladki. Once bitten twice shy :rolleyes:. Enough is enough.

    I spoke to my manager who had agreed to do the needful. However, he had put another spoke now by writing in the approval email that it is my responsibility to keep the EAD current.

    I do not understand this part- I am working on H1-B, why should I keep my EAD current, by paying my own fees?


    any answer please? When I am working on H1-B, why should I keep my EAD current?

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  • Leo07
    09-30 12:49 PM
    There is lot of information in some of the old threads on this forum.

    I was looking for it when I had appointment in Nogales. I ended up canceling that appointment and went to Calgary,Canada Instead.


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  • saibaba
    12-18 02:39 PM
    my honest opinion on transit visa issues- the best way is to do a quick check on Netherlands website.......rather than only rely on answers on a public forum

    Visa Inquiry Result
    March 11, 2003
    Inquiry date: December 18, 2008
    Citizen of: India
    Status in US: unlisted status
    Resident of: Texas
    Travel document: US Re-entry Permit
    Duration of stay: less than 12 hours
    Purpose of stay: airport transit
    First country: Netherlands
    Second country: Other
    Main destination: other

    Based on the above mentioned information the following has been concluded:

    an airport transit visa is not required.

    Please note that each traveller needs to hold a valid passport with a validity thats exeeds the intended stay by at least 3 months and a return/onward airline ticket. In addition to that, visitors to the Netherlands need to present proof of sufficient funds and medical insurance upon arrival. Travellers should not present a danger to public order or national security.

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  • sideeque
    12-27 03:05 PM
    I have visited India with old Employer Vis a Stamp. We just need to show the new I797 approval notice. They will update I-94 with the new date.

    But if your visa expired, then you need to stamp. otherwise should be fine...

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  • sukhwinderd
    09-14 04:21 PM
    Hi All,

    I think a lof people have the LUD is 08/05/07 for 140 filed in TSC..and everyone takes their guesses. Please post if u r LUD for 140 is 08/05/2007 ;

    what are you trying to get at ? or analyze?
    what matters is when you filed.

    07-20 01:21 PM
    We're in a unique situation. My wife and I married in India and didn't register our marriage; we're now citizens of country X. To get our marriage (and birth) certificate, we went to the local Indian consulate, which provides these services. But we were told that, since we're no longer Indian citizens, we should go to X's consulate. Is there a way we can get the certificates? How about registering our marriage in the US?

    For BC, our parents sent us the affidavits and we were thinking to get a certificate of BC's non-availability through . Is there a quicker solution?
    For BC you can use school leaving certificate with affadavits

    06-10 01:24 PM
    You have the instructions since you quote them. Send exactly what they are asking for, i.e. the form, photos, copy of front and back of previous EAD and check to pay them.

    I would suggest you send separate checks if only to be able to get the case number from the back of them when they are cashed.

    The instructions clearly say make check payable to the Department of Homeland Security. I believe if you did write them to the USCIS they will still get cashed but follow the instructions.

    You seem to have it all under control. Have confidence in yourself and get the applications sent in.

    Thanks for encouragement,
    It's always scary the first time. : )

    Re. Check caching - just FYI, now-a-days, they copy the check, convert it to EFT and destroy the original so getting case number from copy may not work.

    Also do I write A# on back of photos or something else? Any idea if there are restrictions for using pen or pencil or such?

    thanks again,

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