Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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  • Beemar
    03-18 02:07 AM
    My company laid me off in one day without thinking a H1B guy has to leave the country immediatley. I asked them to buy my car, furniture and appartment lease as an obligation for fair value. ...

    This is important information. Is it really true that a company laying off an H1 employee is under the obligation to buy all his household stuff, car, apartment lease etc.? If this is correct, we must share this information with others. In this economy lots of H1 guys are getting laid off. Many are selling their cars at distress values. They can benefit from this information.

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  • krishnam70
    08-14 05:27 PM
    My wife and daughter planning to go to India next month. They do not have H4 stamping but H4 validity is there up to next year. Plan is to come back after receiving AP. I am thinking that once their AP is approved I will send their AP to India, and they will come back using that AP. Experts, do you see any problem in this. Please share your thoughts.
    Thanks, Regards

    If the person gets the visa stamped on the passport at the US consulate abroad, I do not see any problems re-entering.

    AP is only optional. You can always get a valid US visa stamp based on the approved petition and use the H-1 visa stamp to re-enter.

    I am not sure what the confusion here is:rolleyes:

    this post was for specific question as to whether his spouse and child can use AP while returning from his home country. They have a valid H4 or some status now which was going to expire and he wanted them to use AP( and not get a renewal) while entering back. My post address that issue. So hope the confusion is cleared


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  • chantu
    10-17 01:58 PM
    I agree with you. But you don't have to go far to find Google at fault. If you look in the Indian English Media, you will hardly find any news regarding Diwali. If they put some news on Diwali that news will be like "Dismal Diwali" etc. I am not kidding. This is the news regarding Diwali in CNN-IBN.

    But when Christmas arrives, our Indian English Media will go on and on with their positive spin of Christmas festival.

    Everything in India is controlled by western money. They are spreading their tentacles and have started psycho was against our culture.

    Let Bhagwan Shri Ram Bless Indians.

    Is it too much to ask Google to put a Diwali logo like it does for Hanukkah or Christmas .. at least if not in google.com but in google.co.in?

    Also is it too much to expect American mainstream media to totally NOT ignore Diwali which has significance for the second largest population in the world and instead publish significantly less significant story of the balloon boy?

    Is it too much to ask for to include Diwali in the spell check for this editor? (Not wailing or Gwalior ...)

    It is this mentality of deliberately ignoring the feeling of majority of the world population that is getting the western civilization more and more isolated and retracted.

    Well it doesn't really matter. And I am visiting India now and I can see that this country and China will definitely kick ass of Western civilization .. as it is already doing. The people here are hungry for more and in spite of seemingly unsurmountable problems it will succeed and once again India will be the "Sone Ke Chiriya".

    With this thoughts and wishing peace .. happy and prosperous diwali to everyone.

    May Lord Rama bless the world.

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  • gjoe
    11-19 10:35 AM
    Congrats man you got it finally. Phew... I hope I will get mine too one day.
    Good luck buddy :)

    PS: Will you visit this site anymore?
    Guysssssss N Gals , I got it (I-485 approval) 10 minutes ago!!!!!!!!!!! NO RFE. Recent Luds were on I-140 / I-129 / I-131 ( Luds occered on 10/29 & 11/4) . Been in USA (F1, H1) since Aug 1997.

    My case Details
    EB3, India , PD Oct 2000(Sub.)
    I-140 / I-485 RD : 2/2005
    I-140 : AD 07/2005
    4 EAD / 4 APs


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  • mrsr
    03-04 10:01 PM
    it says Yates memo not pearson memo :(

    28 th page how ever says that Priority Date Based on Earlier Petition.

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  • athanga
    12-14 02:07 PM
    a recapture helps everone by moving the line forward and making dates current. there is also a parallel effort on to bring changes like 485 filing without PD being current. so no one ie being left behind or ignored. these efforts will help all of us affected by retrogression and stuck in different stages.

    If IV can help this (apply for I-485 without having current PD) proceed in anyway, I would be so happy. I got married 2 years ago, my wife is a finance professional, an employer in US applied a H1b for her, ended up getting rejected in the lottery.

    I had just (during the open I485 time frame) then switched employers and my employer filed for labor which never got cleared in time (actually still isnt cleared - random Audit).

    So my wife and me are shuttling between India and US to even meet each other.

    Have been in US for 9 (with 2 masters and 5 years working) years now, still no way of finding a visa for my wife to work.

    I work for one of the big Biotech guys and kind of like my job, otherwise working in India along with the wife looks very intriguing


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  • amitjoey
    11-19 05:08 PM
    Why is this topic being discussed. masters, no masters, eb2/eb3/ India vs china vs world. Who cares?
    Do you think the politicians or their staff understand these nuances? do they understand any of the steps? I140/i1485/labor? NO. And nobody cares.


    There is a golden opportunity right now for once to eliminate all backlog

    Please take the action item seriously and after you have sent emails out, Please encourage others to do the same.
    Then take appointments at your congressman/woman/senators office next week. Ask them to support the two ammendments to the DREAM ACT. That is it!!

    Do not talk about any other issue while at the appointment, the message we need right now is for them (the lawmakers) is to support those two ammendments, DO NOT DILUTE THE MESSAGE By adding/confusing them with other related issues or personal issues.

    Imagine if we all are united and stuck to the message, next week and week after if there are hundreds (wish thousands) of us going into our lawmakers offices and asking for these -just two ammendments. The message will be loud and clear and they might just get it.
    Imagine this vs the second scenario where members go in and are inconsistent and talk about all the problems in the Immigration-Universe- EAD Delays, Masters, H1/EB3/EB2/QUOTA?. They will not understand any of this and it will confuse them thinking each one of us has a small unique problem-

    That is why we need everybody to be consistent and focus on the message. It will make them take notice and gain their support.

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  • sayonara
    09-18 04:24 PM
    Any FP notices for folks falling in this category?

    Please keep updating..thanks all !


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  • anilsal
    10-07 06:24 PM
    It is such a tragedy that I fervently hope does not repeat ever anywhere on this planet.

    This is the second incident that I am hearing in 18months.


    There can be thousands of issues but do not destroy the young ones.

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  • sanju
    04-04 02:29 PM
    nobody complains about somebody getting green card getting in six months, infact I know somebody who got green card from india onmployment basis, the problem is people who have waited for 6 years or longer feels the pinch, because
    they have followed the law just like the guy who got in 6 months , and they see no light at the end of the tunnel, and frustration to certain degree amounts to anger.

    chilllllllll enjoy the system, this is how the system works, like it or not.


    And venting frustration on the forums by posting messages will ease out the situation? Right? And there is no need to explain this �unfairness� to the lawmakers who are considering various solutions to fix/address all possible immigration related problems. Would cribbing alone about �unfairness� on this and other forums help bring fairness to the process?


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  • mrsr
    03-03 08:09 PM
    hi pd_recapturing/gene 77,

    Is there any update on your case, I have similar situation,

    I have applied my I485 with priority date of Jan2006 (my I 14O is approved).Mean time the same company
    applied a sublabor with a priority date july10,2001 for Eb3 ,which is current. Can i replace my old i140 with
    the new i 140(eb3). and if i success fully do so, do I have still have to be with same employer for another 180 days.

    When I called USCIS today they said some officer is reviewing my case, does this mean interfiling is automatic?

    My PD is current for 2001 july10 eb3 category?

    Please let me know...

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  • srikondoji
    06-18 07:06 PM
    I never said that you did not donate. Please re-read my post.
    I agree with all of your points and i think we should be carefull in our posts.

    I think, the moderators should remind the posters every now and then and also edit posts to appeal to members of all nationalities


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  • zoooom
    07-13 11:58 AM
    man..This seems like forever.

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  • Naruto
    10-05 07:15 PM
    Is there a relation between immigration process (485) and IRS?
    If a person owe money to IRS , does he/she have a problem with his/her immigration process? I'm not talking fraud ....! I'm talking owing taxes to IRS

    The reason i'm asking is because some lawyer do ask for W2 forms, some do not. That means there is a relationship between immigration and IRS.I just have no idea how it works.



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  • Steve Mitchell
    February 4th, 2004, 08:48 PM
    But Pope I thought 4 MP is all PJ's want ;)
    Actual daily press and wire service photographers will undoubtly use 4mp. You may not be aware, but all the goreous 2 column color shots you see on USA Today etc. are printed from files that are usually 700k - 800k. There are heavily compressed for transmitting. All the wires do that. They don't get full files. The most attractive things to me are the high ISO performance, the ability to customize colorspace amd I'm anxious to test the new autofocus capabilities. The 8 mp is a plus for shooting for a mag or other output. Even at that, I've had 1D shots as a glossey mag color that looked great. One advantage higher megapixels give a sportshooter is for sports like football. Due to the size of the field, the ability to crop more gives you more field coverage. But then the question is will you have enough time to work with files that are twice the size. I'm sure that's why Canon listened and gave us 4 MP as an option.

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  • needhelp!
    09-19 08:07 AM
    Camera battery still charging.. will upload some pics/videos soon :)

    I was very impressed by the guy who sang the national anthem...who was he?? He was too good!!

    And for all of Logiclife's detractors, you should have heard him speak yesterday!:) He is simply 3 good!:) he could have energized you, motivated you and prompted you to do more for our cause, by the way he spoke and what he spoke.

    We're still talking about it at home and how good both of us felt to be a part of this movement. Can't wait to see more pix and videos!:)


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  • helpful_leo
    02-23 02:58 PM
    3/ How likely is it that PACE will become law?

    Extremely likely. It is a bill with bipartisan support (almost equal number of Republican and Democrat co-sponsors). Plus, there is tremendous political will in Washington DC right now, cutting across party lines, to enact a legislation that will maintain America�s competitiveness in science and technology. The traditional anti-immigrant lobby that usually shoots down such legislation is also not too bothered by the automatic adjustment of status (AOS) privileges (i.e. a GC) being provided to PhDs, as the total number of PhDs is too miniscule a number, and seen to add tremendous value to the system for even them and their prejudices to oppose it. The total number that will be given these benefits under PACE will be a few hundreds, and this at a time when there are bills in senate and congress to legalize the 11 million (i.e. 11,000, 000) illegal workers living presently within US borders. Please know that the PACE bill is inspired by the highly regarded National Academies report that came out in the latter half of last year, and therefore has very strong credentials backing it. The only thing we have to do is to get these minor amendments incorporated into PACE; otherwise the bill will be passed and we will be left high and dry, and there won�t be as good a chance for us in the near future to get that elusive green card.

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  • crystal
    10-05 02:23 PM
    are sure it is 7 years? i thought .. it is 3 years.

    You can expect it anytime. The retention period is 7 years, so keep all your tax filing papers and all related docs for at least 7 years.

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  • Canadian_Dream
    12-19 05:10 PM
    Yes there is a security check at I-140 stage, it is not FBI name check. No one
    know what this check is and who gets subjected to it or it is just random. I-140 stuck for 1.5 years without RFE makes it quite likely that your petition is stuck in this check. Take a look at this:

    Best way to find out is, your attorney raise a service request with USCIS.

    Thanks CanadianDream. Your words are encouraging. I will check with the lawyer. The reason we want to file another I-140 is just to safeguard the H-1B status. I am in my 5th year.

    BTW, I have another question. Do they do security check for I-140 also? I never know this. I thought FBI check is only for I-485. My I-140 has been pending for 1.5 years so far. NO RFEs. Nothing. Every time my lawyer calls USCIS, they say it requires additional review and since no REFs are give, adjudication should be forthcoming.

    Are there anything we can do to get the status on the security check? How long usually does it take?

    03-07 03:41 PM
    I did not understand the "time of filing I-485 (that means that visa is immediately available) minus time that I-140 was pending with USCIS" part.
    My situation is as follows - My I-140 is approved and judging by the current situation my child will be above 21years (currently on H4) when visa becomes available.
    My questions are - Will I be able to extend my child's H4 beyond his 21 years, assuming I continue on H1? And will I be able to adjust my child's status when visa becomes available?


    I have similar situation - I applied for 140 in July 2006. My daughter will turn 21 in July 2007. As I have applied for 140 before she turns 21, she is safe for GC, but will loose H4 status when she turns 21. As per my lawyer's advice I have applied for her F1 so that she can stay and continue her studies in US. When I become eligible to apply for 485, she can be included in the application - but, not as a dependent of H1B holder.

    07-19 09:32 AM
    As in my birth certificate my mother's last name was not mentioned , I have just obtained an affidavit from my parents(together) using one of the samples floating around. But I just found that there is spelling mistake in my father's first name in one sentence. But in other sentences, its correctly wriiten.

    Is it ok to send this with application?


    In my company, my friend had the same issue. Our attorney as ked him to get a new one...ask your parents to get a new one and send you the scanned copy..in this way..it will be very quick. If you need a format, PM me..I can sedn you.

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