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    makeup ideas for hazel eyes. Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes
  • Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

  • pom
    10-05 06:01 AM
    :A+: I love the picture, Lost. That's the kind of design and colours that I like. I'm wondering if I might steal that for my site, hum...

    :A+: Syko, your footer is brilliant! They are always fun, but this one is just great.

    Good job guys.

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  • GC_1000Watt
    10-12 09:58 PM
    I had my restamping done at Mumbai consulate 2 weeks back. They only asked me about the salary and what physical location I am working. I had taken last 3 salary slips with me, but not used at all. Make sure H4 interview is at right category if restamping H4. VFS folks did not allow my wife to go to interview since her H4 stamp on passport was expired more than 12 months, even though she has I529 approval for the period after that. One more thing with Mumbai consulate is you have to hand deliver all your paper work atleast 5 working days in advance. They do not accept via currier or other means.

    Same question to you my friend. Did you renewed your H1B with the old employer or you filed with a new employer this time?

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  • drirshad
    05-05 02:23 AM

    April 22, 2010

    PURPOSE: The purpose of the Texas Service Cemer (TSC) employment-based (EB) 1-485 Email Pilot Special Notification Initiative is to prOVide a mechanism by which applicants can facilitate TSC processes relating to speCific EB 1-485 application scenarios through an email address. The email address for this purpose is:
    Applicants will receive an automatic reply from TSC stating that the email was received. After submitting infonnation through this pilot email initiative, one follow-up inquiry may be sent if no communication has been received from TSC, such as a decision notice, a request for evidence, or other notice, within 90 days.
    The automatic email reply will proVide further information on how to submit the follow-up inquiry. This email account does not replace general inquiry processes that are in place for users; general inquiries
    received at this email account will not be addressed.

    1. What is the procedure to notify TSC when an applicant is eligible for porting under AC21?
    I. You should identify only one applicant in a single e-mail. E-mails must pertain to applicants whose 1-485s have been pending for 180 or more days and who are eligible for AC21 porting.
    2. You should send an email to:
    3. On the subject line, you should write "EB 1-485/AC21." (Example: EB 1-485/AC21).
    4. In the text of the email, you should prOVide: A-number, old employer's name and new employer's name. You should attach a copy of the new employer's letter of employment. The letter must
    identify the follOWing information: the new employer, the letter's author and his/her job title, applicants new job title, start date of new employment, hours per week, salary, and specific description of the duties to be performed.
    5. If the applicant has more than one A-number, you should type them both on the same line separated by a "/". (Example: All 1222333 I A444555666). If there are multiple family members, you should type them all on the same line separated by commas. (Example: AIII222333, A222333444, A444555666). You should also indicate which of the A-numbers is that of the principal 1-485 applicam I 1-140 beneficiary.

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  • crazyAbtUS
    11-24 02:23 PM
    Hi All

    I have a question regarding visitors visa, my parents got multiple Entry 10 years visa in 2007, but have not visited me so far, but this december my Mom is visitng me and in Feb my father( as to avoid harsh winter weather in East Coast), they will leave back in May 2009.

    My Question is will there be any issue as their visa was issued in 2007 but they are visiting now

    Do I need to send any new documents( I have moved onto EAD )

    Looking forward to hear suggestions.

    Hi .. a quick personal experience with a similar scenario.. My Mom visited after 3 yrs of travel visa issual.. at the port of entry the imm officer asked her for the intent of visit and also asked how long she intended to other questions


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  • immiadvise
    01-02 12:06 AM
    Thanks gveerab,hpandey,johnamit,wandmaker for your valuable suggestions.

    makeup ideas for hazel eyes. Makeup Ideas For Green Eyes
  • Makeup Ideas For Green Eyes

  • Lasantha
    04-01 08:22 PM
    I don't see any advantage in doing that but then I am not an expert or an attorney either.


    Ok, let me put it this way.

    Is the any advantage (or not), filing 140 1st, and lets say your PD is already current, file AOS later. I.E. file them Separately, not in the same packet.

    So in this scenario, is the any difference vs. filing concurrently or not?


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  • Cute Makeup Ideas For Hazel

  • waitin_toolong
    07-30 01:36 PM
    My attorney says that I-485 should be filed at the same location where I-140 was filed (when I-485 & I-140 were not filed concurrently) Is this correct?


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  • Makeup Tips 1. How Do I

  • kpchal2
    07-11 04:36 PM
    can you please tell me when you applied for the cards and when they approved the cards.


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  • saint_2010
    09-17 04:41 PM
    although some of us could not make it to DC...we do acknowledge your's and other members of IV's efforts in making this rally a success in progress....

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  • josecuervo
    08-11 10:46 AM
    see my signature


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  • vin13
    01-15 11:51 AM
    Before you request for your passport and withdraw your H1-B, make sure your AP documents were approved before you left India.

    I have heard from several sources that your AP should be approved before you leave the country. If the approval date is a few days before you left U.S, it can be assumed that you physically recieved it before leaving.

    You may want to check with an attorney to confirm this situation. In these forum, you will get personal experiences, but it may never be the exact situaton as yours.

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  • Eyeshadow Ideas For Hazel Eyes

  • omiboy
    09-21 10:02 PM
    Can someone please help me?

    I have been with my current company for the past 7 years under an H-1 visa.

    My perm and I-140 have been approved in Aug 2007 and Jan 2008 respectively (Priority date is Aug 2007).

    I am currently on my 3rd H-1 extension which was given to me till Oct 2012.

    My current company had a change in management and has been harrasing me by transfering me from location to location for the past two years now. And now they have cut my pay and just today I was informed that my hours have been cut as well.

    Is there any way for me to transfer my H-1 to another company who is willing to employ me?

    My present company has said that they will keep my green-card sponsorship untill I get the card phisically.

    Can someone tell me if I can transfer to another comapny?

    If I do so, will I have to start all over again on a new perm and I-140, or can they remain under the current comapny?

    I have spent over 10K for the perm and I-140 in filing fees and lawyers fees, I can't afford to do this all over again.

    Please help me... I need advice.




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  • makeup tips eyes.

  • vjkypally
    01-24 12:48 PM
    Yeh you guys are right, almost everyone is doing it. Don't know whats up with her.....

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  • KKtexas
    07-28 11:32 AM
    Is there a maximum limit for duration one can stay away from USA and come back on Advance Parole ?


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  • smoky eye makeup hazel eyes.

  • desi3933
    06-22 09:59 AM
    This is from my attorney:

    All your previous I-20s if you were student here, including all the notes made on the I-20s for any change (travel, course related paid work experience, OPT etc.);
    EAD card copy for OPT if you had any;
    All the visa stamps for reentering the States;
    All H1b approvals;

    I had some I-20s missing but I was able to contact my University International Student office - fortunately that they have everything on file.

    "Proof that person is maintaining valid status in USA since last entry in USA" - not last entry but the first entry. All the documents are to prove your entry is legal and your stay is as legally approved.

    It is the last entry not the first entry.

    It is since first entry to for the Family based I-485, for Employment based I-485 section 245(k) applies and it requires status since last entry. In fact out of status < 180 days is forgiven under 245(k).

    If your attorney does not understand 245(k), may be you should consider getting second opinion.

    Section 245(k) applies for ALL employment based I-485s.

    Not a legal advice
    Permanent Resident since May 2002

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  • makeup tips for blue eyes.

  • lermitthefrog
    06-07 03:06 PM
    TGG Team is a team that makes games. It stands for "that game guy", which is the nickname of the team leader. It has only started a few weeks ago. So far the team is just a forum, working on a story. I hope you will join the site later on.


    makeup ideas for hazel eyes. Enhanced by make-up,
  • Enhanced by make-up,

  • rick_rajvanshi
    09-12 01:44 AM
    Hi Friends,

    Please read the below query and post any information you have. Thanks in advance for your help !

    I have an appointment for H1 VISA re-stamping in Toronto, Canada in 2nd week of October

    My current H1 VISA is valid until Nov 2006.

    I am planning to get restmped based on my new H1 petition valid until Sep 2008.

    The problem here is that my passport is valid only until Dec 2007.

    In this case Can I get the new VISA stamped until Sep 2008?
    On the website it says that "To be eligible for a VISA, you passport must be valid for at least 6 months past intended stay in the United States"

    Please post your valuable replies.


    Yes you should get the Visa till 2008 - once passport is near expiry - get it renewed from indian consulate and later tag both passports together.

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  • morchu
    05-02 08:56 PM
    It looks like I replied you sometime back.

    Your best bet is to file another premium H1B showing all the background and your second I-140. Also attach a clear letter quoting the specific sections of immigration act. Time is critical here, and I am not sure how long the MTR for an H1 will take.

    Hi Attorney,Senior People, Gurus,

    Iam really need of advice. Please
    give me your valuable Suggestions/Advice.

    Thanks in Advance.

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  • eye makeup tips for blue eyes

  • wandmaker
    11-22 12:28 PM
    She should enter in the US on H4, for which you will need to keep your H1 valid at least until the time of her entry.

    Correction: He has to maintain the H1 even after his wife enters the USA in H4 status. If he looses H1B status by any means, his wife's H4 is invalid and she will be out of status. So, he has to maintain H1B status until his wife files AOS/485.

    06-15 11:34 AM
    Dear Friends,
    Please advise me

    1. Does the birth certificate issued by Indian consulate in foreign country is deemed acceptable?
    Thanks you all.

    If Birth Certificate issue by Indian consulate then it should be ok, as it is from consulate

    11-12 11:09 AM
    This is simply called pure selfishness.

    The problem he is talking about is not a widespread one and never heard of, other than may be for one or two people in this forum (one may be nk2006; sorry that it happened to you).

    Even if it had happened to one or two exceptional cases, it can be rectified as it is a simple error from the part of USCIS. This is not a major thing to waste IV resources. This is not a serious immigration issue.

    The way nk2006 misused IV resources for such a simple personal issue is unpardonable .

    Knowing that there are such people among 'highly educated' is disheartening.

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