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map of china provinces

    images Map Of China Provinces. china map of china provinces. with China works can be
  • with China works can be

  • permfiling
    12-11 02:46 AM
    I missed the train too.. I guess we missed on purpose which is we make RICH in our own country in the future

    Business as Usual. They are minting (milking) money with other services.

    Damn H1, GC,#$%#$%$%$%^%$^

    All MNC's are flocking to INDIA lately. I think I am sitting on the wrong continent :-)

    Quotes on INDIA:

    a is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition.” - American Writer and Humorist Mark Twain

    “If there is one place on the face of earth where all dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India.” - French scholar Romain Rolland

    “India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border.” - Hu Shih (Former Chinese ambassador to USA, referring to the entry of Buddhism into China. Buddhism was born in ancient India).

    So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked.”- Mark Twain

    “In India I found a race of mortals living upon the Earth. but not adhering to it. Inhabiting cities, but not being fixed to them, possessing everything but possessed by nothing.”- Apollonius Tyanaeus, Greek Thinker and Traveller 1st Century AD

    “Bear in mind that the commerce of India is the commerce of the world and … he who can exclusively command it is the dictator of Europe.”- Peter the Great of Russia [LOOKS LIKE WE ARE GETTING THERE WITH IT]

    EB2- 10/05
    EB1 EA Appeal pending

    wallpaper with China works can be map of china provinces. Republic of China. Map of
  • Republic of China. Map of

  • pappu
    04-14 03:59 PM
    Congrats. Could you update your profile with the approval date.

    map of china provinces. provinces in china map
  • provinces in china map

  • sanju_dba
    03-31 01:08 PM


    The Dallas / Fort Worth Heritage
    The Dallas Examiner
    The Dallas Morning News
    Fort Worth Star-Telegram
    Printed and mailed to Dallas Observer

    2011 Republic of China. Map of map of china provinces. province on the China Map
  • province on the China Map

  • gcbikari
    10-02 11:40 AM
    I am GCBikari and I approve this message. You are saying you ran out of savings and in next paragraph you're talking about investments!! Anyway what I did was list out all minimum payments (rent/mortgage, car, utilities, groceries, gas). This gives the money needed every month in worst case. Then multiply by 6 months. Keep that amount in bank or a locker (now a days difficult to trust banks also!!). Then go for what others talk about like 401k, Roth IRA.. You will have a better start once you know how much you need per month to make a living on bare minimum.

    My recommendation would be to build at least 6 months of emergency fund. Open an account with ING Direct or HSBC where they pay decent interest rate on a savigs account. Build the emergency fund first.

    Once you have sufficient foundation, then I'd say start building investment foundation. If you employer has 4o1K plan, then start putting pre-tax dollars upto the maximum contribution at employer matches (generally it is 6%). If your employer doesn't have 401K plan, then open a ROTH IRA and start investing in low cost mutual funds or index funds. Vanguard is generally the best place to get low cost, no load funds. Once you max out both 4o1K and ROTH IRA, then start looking into opening a taxable individual investment account.

    Hope this helps.

    Disclaimer: I've all of the above I'm recommending and have followed the same plan I've given you.


    map of china provinces. China map
  • China map

  • InTheMoment
    04-17 02:13 PM
    I have used AC21 and have not sent a letter yet to USCIS as it is optional and that is what my attorney recommended...that is to wait for an RFE (I have changed address as I moved to a diff. state; chances of an RFE increases)

    That said, I am wondering that with a G28 representation on the files with USCIS, if I send a AC21 letter all by myself (without attorney), will it be honored by USCIS ? I am comtemplating of doing this as I wanted to prempt the RFE thereby saving precious time (when date is current) and the money that I would have to pay my attorney when the RFE reaches him (I would rather he reply to an RFE but want to give my best to avoid it)

    any ideas ?

    map of china provinces. Map of China#39;s poorest
  • Map of China#39;s poorest

  • tcsonly
    03-07 03:19 PM
    Greencard and H-1B expenses should be paid by the employer. Anything else is illegal. I am requesting admins to close this thread.
    Do you have any reference (a legal text) stating this?
    I paid $7.5K to my attorney for the GC process. He is one of the AILA Executive Committee members.



    map of china provinces. Not the standard map of China,
  • Not the standard map of China,

  • kaisersose
    06-16 01:47 PM
    well said and I agree 100%. it is not as simple as saying that by buying now you are saving 12 months rent. (for one, you get a place to live which has flexibility..though smaller). if you need it now as said above it makes sense (and I would say if u need space because grown up kids need space or you have other family member staying (like parents etc) ..)
    I agree Texas did not see the boom that was seen in other places and hence is relatively a better place to buy. that being said, I guess it depends on location too ..even in good places (all except the super bubble states of CA, FL etc) ...make sure that location looks good (good school, less crime) ..and at the same time ..easy commute (who knows ..gas maybe $6 and rising in future)...ino ther words even in TX, if the houses were built far away ..then they too will fall in prices

    I think gas price is a non-issue. Gas in India is more expensive than in the US and considering the income there, the effective cost is even more higher. And yet, people continue to buy more and more without regard for increasing gas prices.

    The same logic applies here. Back in 2001, once gas prices starting going up and in places where gas cost $1.30, it hit $1.50 which people found "shocking". And yet, there wasn't the slightest reduction in the number of cars bought. Even now, with all the dismay at soaring prices, nothing much has changed. Freeways are just as jammed as ever.

    The fact is, the American is well equipped to deal with $6 prices. The reaction we see is is just due to the unpleasant thought of having to pay more. It is not a showstopper by any stretch of anyone's imagination. At the worst, it just means they will have to cut back on annual vacations which is not a big deal for us, but obviously a catastrophe to the average American.

    2010 provinces in china map map of china provinces. Map Of China Provinces. china
  • Map Of China Provinces. china

  • Thombi
    07-11 07:53 PM
    Has anyone considered the implications of identity theft, fraud etc if the USCIS does start returning the adjustment of status applications? When my daughter applied for adjustment of status a couple of years ago her application was rejected erroneously and returned to her. When she opened the package, it not only contained her information, but also someone else's highly confidential and personal documents. The documents were completely mixed in with hers - all out of order - and even the other person's check was returned to her. The person's case was also very time sensitive and of an extremely confidential nature.

    We gathered up the information and personally returned it the local USCIS office - who told us it happens all the time! We sent a letter to the person concerned telling him what had happened and advising him to contact the office immediately.

    Imagine what might happen if the USCIS starts returning the 1000's of July applications. There is a good possibility they could mix up applications, return them to wrong addresses or lose valuable paperwork. They certainly won't return applications via Fedex or UPS - they'll just throw them in the mail without any way to track them.

    Many green card applicants, have social security numbers and have been working for years to build good a credit history. Anyone getting hold of these packages will have access to all personal history, addresses and of course the bank account information on the checks sent to pay the application fees. Just a thought . . .


    map of china provinces. in the Asia, Map of China
  • in the Asia, Map of China

  • bsbawa10
    09-11 01:35 PM
    My file is also sent to des moines IA. been there since june 08.
    PD is current for a while. no updates yet.

    On July 21st, 2008 my case was transferred to CSC where they are not even processing any 485s. I waited to several years for PD to become current and no sooner did it became current, it was transferred to a black hole. I got different versions from customer service/Io and info pass persons as to where the case is. The reality is that I do not know where my case is right now. The website still shows that it was transferred to CSC.

    hair province on the China Map map of china provinces. The map of China below shows
  • The map of China below shows

  • pappu
    08-16 08:59 AM

    Do I need to post my question on this thread or I can pass it on before in time to StarSun or you? B'cause posting my GC issue with personal information would not look appropriate on a public forum.

    Let me know.

    If you have privacy concerns (you should not be as everyone is identified only by their usernames on IV forum) you can email starsun and then be available to ask it yourself in the call


    map of china provinces. Map of SARS cases in China#39;s
  • Map of SARS cases in China#39;s

  • payur
    10-05 02:20 PM
    Most audits are routine, once you can back up your claims with paper records/receipts you will be OK, but consult with your CPA and be ready to address the points raised.
    Unless you have been found to commit criminal fraud, it should not affect your green card petition. Small penalties and the like have no effect. Last year I had to pay a small penalty because I underestimated my taxes deducted during the year.
    You are getting an audit for the 2005 year now? I would have thought they would have moved on by now. Did you take an extension and file late last year?

    You can expect it anytime. The retention period is 7 years, so keep all your tax filing papers and all related docs for at least 7 years.

    hot China map map of china provinces. CHINA PROVINCE MAP :: GEECF

  • ebizash
    02-08 12:44 PM
    Disclaimer - This is only based on my knowledge gathered from different forums so take it as its worth.

    Depending on the timing of your return, you will get 2 or 3 years of RNOR (Returning non ordinary resident or something?). The RNOR status makes your overseas income non-taxable in India. So you can withdraw your 401K in those 3 years and pay less or no tax in US and no tax in India (on 401K withdraw). You will still have to pay a 10% penalty. This will ofcourse only work if you have low balance in 401K.

    So for example, if you have a $30K in your 401K, you can withdraw $10K every year for 3 years, pay a $1K in penalty and avoid US taxes (due to exemption limits) as well as Indian taxes (due to RNOR status). But if you have a large 401K balance like 100K or something, there is no way to avoid taxes.

    Hope this helps!


    house china provinces. map map of china provinces. Blank vector map of China free
  • Blank vector map of China free

  • pappu
    02-23 10:10 AM
    If any continuing recurring IV contributor (Donor member) gets a 1 year EAD/AP document, let IV know. We will try to help you get a 2 year document from USCIS.

    tattoo Map of China#39;s poorest map of china provinces. China Province Maps
  • China Province Maps

  • rbalaji5
    07-18 12:52 AM
    I have an appointment set up with a doctor. However, the doctor is not listed as a USCIS authorized physician in the USCIS web site.

    I called the doctor's office and they assure me that he does "immigration physicals" and has been doing them.( As a side note, there is another doctor in the same office who is on the approved list but he is on vacation)

    Is the following website updated with list of eligible civil surgeons ?

    Please advise.

    Goto Rajiv Ahuja at Fremont or Hayward if you are located in Bay area.
    No appointment necessary.


    pictures Not the standard map of China, map of china provinces. [Click on the map to enlarge]
  • [Click on the map to enlarge]

  • sanju_dba
    03-02 09:41 AM
    do you have rights to operate your parents account - if yes, then you need to report . further, you would report only if and only if that account had > 10k USD at any given day.

    dresses CHINA PROVINCE MAP :: GEECF map of china provinces. map of china provinces
  • map of china provinces

  • pd052009
    11-15 10:30 AM
    + straight As only ?

    why - only tier1 & tier2 ? should be based salary withdrawn- isn't?
    GC quota should be based on skillset(1,2,3), not solely based on salary.(remeber, we are talking about future salary here).

    There should be a separate quota for Master's degree holders with existing jobs in their field of study. That would weed out people joining random schools for a Master's degree just to be part of that quota.
    They should work atleast for 3Yrs(1st H1B duration) after OPT, in their field to qualify for the new quota. If they change the field during this time, they have to come and join our line.


    makeup in the Asia, Map of China map of china provinces. china provinces. map
  • china provinces. map

  • GCard_Dream
    05-05 08:51 PM
    Well that's where the problem lies. State of Arizona considers me a resident based on:

    1. I have lived here for past 12 consacutive month.
    2. Pay state taxes.

    Yet the university refuses to accept that and still consideres me non-resident just to charge a higher fee. This is so strange.

    I would consult an attorney to understand your residency status..
    usually at the time of filing your tax you do declare your residency status (like you are a resident of X or Y state..(if i am not wrong)..]
    I think its a legal loophole they are exploiting..sad;-(

    girlfriend China Province Maps map of china provinces. If you#39;ve been in China a
  • If you#39;ve been in China a

  • dvb123
    09-18 08:17 PM
    We would like to know the count of GC waiting applicants with US citizen children.

    hairstyles Map of SARS cases in China#39;s map of china provinces. China journey map personalized
  • China journey map personalized

  • Canadian_Dream
    01-24 04:57 PM
    I never said school can force her to maintain F1. All I said was if she wants to be on F1 (for whatever reasons) she needs to comply with school's policies. Also her maintaining or not maintaining F1 is immaterial to her legal immigration status in the country (which is safe by the virtue of pending I-485) it is just that she will cease to be on F1 status (her current non-immigrant status, just obtaining EAD doesn't mean she has abandoned F1 status, she needs to use it)
    Also, she will no longer be on any non-immigrant status when school cancels her F1, from that point on her status will solely be based on I-485 and its outcome.

    School can't force her to continue on F1 visa. Only thing she need to send school is her copy of pending I-485 receipt and thats it.

    08-11 10:25 AM
    Is there anyone on the forum who is currently doing a daily commute between Canada & US in general, or Windsor and Detroit in particular ?

    Can you please share your experiences ? Good or Bad

    What are the frustrations,hassles, issues in doing this.
    I have heard that during work commute hours the cars kleep moving fast and officials doint delay if you have proper papers, but on weekends its a nightmare (so wont affect us).
    Any real experiences you can share will be appreciated.

    Also p[pl from Detroit, MI can you share info on your city. Major employers, good areas to visit/live, desi life and culture etc.


    04-22 06:04 PM
    Applied for H1 extension at Vermont (Premium Processing).
    working for the same client for more than 3 years.

    Submitted paystubs, timesheets, w2 etc for RFE..

    But still rejected the petition saying he needs a letter from client describing my job duites and responsibilities etc.

    Now filing for a motion....


    Have you submiited client letter while replying to RFE?

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