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  • alinaturkova
    01-15 01:35 PM
    There are two different things. (i) Intention to commit immigration fraud by mis-representing facts; (ii) Intention to immigrate.

    By returning from the US after your trip, you have proved (ii) to be false (i.e., you did not have intention to immigrate at least at that time). However, that evidence does not prove (i) to be false.

    Yes, it is a requirement for issuing F-1.

    Good question, and I do not know the answer. What you say may be true. Please consult a qualified attorney (or ask your brother to consult one).

    Yes. The IO should have access to all prior and pending immigration related activities associated with you.

    It should not affect your I-130, but again, I am not a lawyer and you seem to need reliable answers (i.e., you need to consult a lawyer).

    Yes, H1-B is dual-intent. I.e., you do not need to prove non-immigration intent for getting an H1-B stamp.

    I am not familiar about I-130 that much. If I-130 is similar to I-140, then it is okay to leave US while it is pending. However, if you file I-485, then you must have Advanced Parole before leaving US. Again, a question for a lawyer.

    Thank you for your response raysaikat! I really appreciate your time and patience. One more question. Will it be "ok" in the eyes of USCIS if I don't go back home after my education process is over but apply for H1B visa instead?

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  • h1b_slave
    02-27 01:06 PM
    There would be many of us who would be able to relate to this article . I don't feel it is totally false, I guess this is the author's Memoir (partly true & partly made up ) & not his autobiography.
    (made up part is what the author foresees in the future - reason given below )

    - If not parents then it might be grandparents who kept waiting/hoping to see their grandson/granddaughter's children but passed away without seeing them.

    - Latter part (what sounds like made up part ) is what the author saw in working/service class families in the US who came here 20 - 30 years ago (i hv myself come across such families) & believes his future would be the same - who knows it can be true for anyone ???

    During youth a guy is busy in his job, is able to pay all his bills as well as save some money for vacation, which happens during long weekends or once a year , life goes by like this but when he grows older/retires & wishes to go back & settle down he finds things are not what he wants or wanted - children dislike staying/going to india , they study in a college in a different city , visit them once in a while , he & his wife r left alone & find it very lonely here. He knows he has not become a multi-millionaire & looks back & realizes he has always lived a hand-to-mouth life - BUT Is this what he wanted ? was all this worth it ?

    He could never reach a conclusion & one day he passes away. Now his wife is left alone even lonelier & she has the same questions.
    She visits india every year for 1 or 2 months - she likes it there. But
    She cannot settle there - it will make her far from her children , She cannot settle here - because her roots are there.

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  • jliechty
    June 12th, 2004, 10:32 PM
    saw this one too..
    Fugi S2 PRO..
    what you think of this one ???? also ...
    Fuji S2 Pro review by Thom Hogan ( (but he has a slight bias to Nikon ;))

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  • BharatPremi
    03-28 06:26 PM
    You bring up some valid points. But then, every issue we bring up with regards to USCIS is valid. There is no transaparency in this agency, which is why we have all these issues. Even before this 180 day rule, there was no way for us to find out if and when USCIS requested NC and when it was completed.

    Right but if my doubts are valid and USCIS may be planning to act in the said way then we can proudly say that " we have been legally fooled" by USCIS.


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  • virens
    09-26 03:11 PM
    My application reached USCIS on Aug 14th.

    How do you guys get to track the status online, do you get the receipt and then track it online.

    I am from arizona and dont know which place my lawyer filed the I 485 app with EAD and AP. Is it that applications from arizona go to a specific location so that i can go to USCIS website and get some approximate date.

    Please do let me know.


    Yes, you create an online account on with the provided receipt numbers.
    You can also choose to get email notifications every time there is a change in status for any of your applications.

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  • virald
    08-22 09:53 AM
    It seems like except for one or two people here, individuals who have applied directly at TSC on 2nd July are getting their checks cashed/receipts this week.

    It would be helpful to know if they are done with the transfer of 2nd July cases from NSC to TSC; if so, when and based on that, we can make some educated estimates.

    Do you mean they would work on transfer cases first? My undrestanding is, it is based on the date received!:confused:


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  • lostinbeta
    12-31 01:34 AM
    Owned Dan... no, I think I became someones beeyotch in this battle...LOL.

    But yes... next time you and I will OWN ALL!!!!!!!

    :bad: :bad: :bad: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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  • paskal
    09-20 10:09 PM
    I have been at many occasions when the national anthem was sung. At each occasion, as soon as the song was sung, everybody in the crowd sang together out loud. So I expected the crowd in this rally to sing as well. But it was all silence. I felt really embarrassed.

    no one knew the words
    maybe now some people will learn them..and thank pankaj for the inspiration :)


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  • augustus
    10-05 12:23 PM
    You have to create an online account to get updates on you application. You will see LUD and there is the date everybody is looking for. You can also receive email if take the option.
    You will not see LUD if you just put in your recipt number to check status of the case.

    Thank you thank you thank you sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! I didnt even know you had to do this!! I would put my receipt number in check status and worry like a fool. I am just plain stupid!!!!!!!

    After creating my account, I realized there has been updates!!! And now am thinking about all those days I worried.... what an idiot I am!!

    My husband would be very happy to know this. THANKS SO MUCH!

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  • rsdang
    07-16 09:31 AM
    What is Ron basing his prediction on... I am not sure the trend says so... Can anyone please share his logic?


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  • nb_des
    10-09 02:37 PM
    It will be other way round that nurses/PT will be stuck waiting for EB3 dates in April 01. Most of nurses/PT will have PD of 06 or 05.
    Do not forget that the nurses / ph Therapist category swallows bunch of or all of EB3 visa numbers. This category is always current and they can make this EB3 to get stuck in April 22'01 for years.

    Unfortunately most of the nurses also come from India I beleive. Some come south africa and phillipines. Do we have any data on this anywhere?

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  • hsm2007
    10-18 09:53 AM
    I am still waiting for everything. The only thing I have so far is Card Production email I received. I have not received approval mails or the cards. What is interesting is that 2 days before I received the CPO email I also received FP notices which is scheduled for first week of Nov. So I am confused whether or not they really approved my I-485.


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  • jsb
    07-20 08:33 AM
    Are the processing times according to the notice date or the received date ? Mine are 4 months apart.

    USCIS needs to work with paper files for review/approval. RD as on your receipt is the mailroom receive date. Real receive date of a processing center is when they actually opened your file and entered in the system, which is what you see online as, "...your case was received on...". Processing centers prefer to treat this date as RD as this suites them better. In your case your true RD should be a couple of days prior to your ND. Who is responsible for the 4 months period in between when several thousand applications may have been received and entered in the system (and placed ahead of you)? Nobody.

    babawa10: Your case has shuffled around between centers. It was received last by TSC in Aug 08. Therefore, don't get surprized if your Real RD is now Aug 08. USCIS makes a simple claim, they process cases in order they receive them. Perhaps they are talking about the paper files, which are placed in sequence on shelves as they arrive. Check online what it now says for "...your case was received on...".

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  • CADude
    03-04 12:36 PM
    Today I called. Automated phone system didn't provided me option 3 and 4 after "keep listening to updates on case" step. It's said invalid option. Second try again I think used 3,3,1 which takes me level 1 CC. Luckily level 1 guy asked few questions(last name, first name, receipt#, dob, A#, etc, etc.) and let me go to Level-2. Level-2 again asked me for same info (last name, first name, A#, etc, etc.) but told me "call after March 10th 2008". So not much success. What a wastage of time. :(

    this is called inter filing.

    you please call USCIS and follow up on your case,let me see what they say.

    to call USCIS short cut is

    just call 18003755283

    enter receipt number
    keep listening to updates on case
    4 you will be connecting to iio (2nd level immigration officer who is more educated and will speak nicely)


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  • gg10004
    07-19 04:04 PM
    Nothing would be done until we fight the crap
    USCIS will get their millions and sit on the files and get more millions through renewals. By that time your employer would have sucked the last drop of blood or keep finding new employers who will port your 485.
    This is just a temporaray relief to feel good.
    If they wanted you would automatically get a PR once you complete 5 years of legal work in US

    Guys dont get trapped. Since USCIS is exposed now and forced to accept 1 million application for AOS, these things are coming up. USCIS and DHS are the pets of US Govt. Govt wont let them down under any circumstances.

    Now that USCIS and DHS realized the moster coming on their head down the line in the name of GC / EAD / AP and they have maintained the lie with dis-honesty all these years that they could not process 485s because of the lack of resource, they have fallen flat on US Congress to bail them out. Whatever solutions they have had in their disposal all these years they are taking them out and discussing with congress. If they wanted to be really helpful to the highly skilled immigrants, they should have done this long back. All these days they all were anti-immigrants and the ex-director of USCIS was a active member of anti-immigrant community.

    You dont have to do anything. Just sit and watch the fun with USCIS. They will come up with solutions and get it passed with congress and they know better than any one else that they are in trouble without solutions. Lots of LAWSUITS will follow in next few months if they dont do their job on time.

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  • pmamp
    07-15 03:38 PM
    It is not just 10 days but over 375 days (from July-19-2007 to July-28-2008)

    I can understand how you overlooked this. :)


    I am sure others might have noticed that 485 processing dates at NSC (for example) have literally crawled from the beginning of the year to now. Here are the processing dates (per USCIS status).

    12/15/2007 Status - 04/24/2007
    01/15/2008 - 07/19/2007
    06/15/2008 - 07/28/2008

    Thats roughly 9/10 days worth of 485 processing from mid-Jan to mid-Jun 2008. I wonder what the processing date looks like for the mid-July status update (which should probably be out tomorrow).


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  • Ennada
    03-18 08:21 AM
    First of all EAD is not a status - Its just a work authorization. GC is for a future job.
    With EAD, you can work with your current gc employer, or do nothing, or do any other job.

    The only important thing is that you must either be working in a same/similar job for any employer (using AC21) or have a valid job offer in the same/similar job classification as on the labor certification at the time of 485 adjucation. It is easy to get rfe if you are no longer working for the sponsoring employer.

    At that time, you should not be actively searching for a job - You should have a job offer which shows the employer's intent to hire you on a future date.

    This is correct.......once the employer revokes H1B, that is a red flag for the immigration officer. Officer may or may not ask for evidence. Be prepared to show a same or similar job offer.

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  • swede
    09-19 12:55 PM
    I was the guy from Sweden. I agree with the Russian student.
    The reason I was there was because my green card process was a painful and stressful experience for 5 years. And I was still one of the lucky ones! I don't want to put anyone through the same agony, not even my worst enemy. I really feel for the people still stuck in the mess.

    I talked to a Polish guy who had been here 9 years fully legally and could not leave. He had not seen his family in 9 years and did not want to risk going back just in case they would not approve his H1B in his home country. They are very strict there it seems, because none of his family members or friends could not even get a tourist nor visit visa to see his graduation. Shocking!

    I was glad I showed up at the rally just to hear all the peoples' stories.
    Most people who did not show up probably think they are ok after applying the i485. They will join IV rallies, when they realize how wrong they are. People have applied for i485s years ago and still don't have a green card...
    You are in trouble until you get your green card in your hand.

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  • kokil
    03-15 11:16 PM
    In short how do I can look up at AACRAO database? I believe that is what USCIS follows.

    08-23 04:59 PM
    We got our EAD in the mail today - We are late June filers (29th June) and got our receipt numbers last week, - I have some q's-

    -Can one get EAD without completing FInger printing? In the finger priniting colum on the EAD it says - not available, Would that matter?
    -How does one activate his/her EAD?
    -Have any other late june filers already got their EAD?


    NSC or TSC?

    03-01 03:10 PM
    nmdial I dont think the registrar will issue a birth certificate based on affidavit from the parents.
    Usually for people who dont have birth registered at birth or hospital records we have to obtain a non-availibility certificate from the local authority. Along with this certificate we submit a notarized affidavit signed by one/both the parents. Now we have learnt that this affidavit has to be signed in the presence of the registrar. Hopefully that should be ok then.

    My parents had submitted a notarized affidavit to the registrar (death and birth) of the local municipality and obtained my birth certificate. That was in 2006, the rules may have changed by now.

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