Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • bharani
    08-14 10:46 AM
    Count me in.

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  • alien007
    04-11 12:58 PM
    Can we see a list of all the positive outcomes of the various advocacy events, lobbying etc done by IV for the EB immigrant community please?
    And, if any of those good outcomes are being implemented by USCIS to ease the EB backlogs?

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  • rajuseattle
    07-14 08:52 PM
    this is mainly due to July VISA Bulletin fiasco and thousands were allowed to apply for their I-485, due to USCIS/DOL July 2007 VB.

    one moe reason lots of Citizenship petitions were also filed in July 2007 to take advantage of old fees structure.

    All countries of chargeability and employment categories were made current, since Dol was frustrated with USCIS's slow processing rate for I-485 and had Dol not made the VB current USCIS would have wasted few thousand VISA numbers as usual.

    Silverlining is that we were all given freedom of using EAD and get new jobs or promotions using the AC-21 provisions...but the long term side effect is the slow moment we are seeing for the processing dates.

    NSC is slow since lots of high tech H1-B employers are from CA and WA states and they applied truck load of I-485 versus the folks in Texas Service centre.

    We are all hoping that once USCIS is out of this naturalization processing pressure before the elections, they would start processing the July-aug 2007 I-485 petitions.

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  • jsb
    09-17 04:46 PM
    kpchal2 & seekerofpeace - I have run out of ideas now.

    While we wait for October 1st (assuming visa numbers are over), what can be done in the next 13 days?

    I am checking with different attorneys, and might change from my current attorney as he is totally useless. He opened a SR for me, and everytime I call him, he tells me to wait for 30 days.

    I have taken Infopass, met the local senator, opened SR and nothing worked. Any ideas on what can be done next?

    I went through this last year in August and September. Nothing happened, instead I got a reply in October (by that time my PD was not current), telling me that my PD was not current. They entirely ignored what I had expressed. Nothing can be done to bring results in 13 days. In any case, visas may have already exhausted, however, new visas will be available in October, so there is some hope.

    Why cases seemingly work in random?

    (i) Work is given out in lots. For example cases 1-100 are given to A, and 101-200 to B. Both begin to work at the same time. Cases 101 gets processed much earlier than case 100. It is possible that by the time case 90 is touched, all visas are gone, so cases 91-100 are left high and dry.
    (ii) Receipt date is controvercial. Centers don't care when USCIS got your case. Each center cares when they (the centers) got the case. So for them, receive date is when the center received (which means opened and entered) your case. That's why true receive date is close to ND.
    (iii) IO working on a lot suddenly falls sick, and goes away leaving his lot at his desk. Visas are used by other IO's
    (iv) A file slipped out to behind the desk, and the case remains pending for a very long time.


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  • sanju_dba
    06-25 03:06 PM
    1) Sep 16 2007 to Apr 2008 is > 6months so you cannot apply for 797
    renewal to get a new i94 indirectly.
    2) Currently your status is H1 , if you use AP then ur status will becom Parolee and if you use EAD then "???"

    I think of these solutions...
    1) Exit and Enter the country to match with your 797 dates.
    2) Talk to your employer ,find a temporary employer to switch your h1 and switch back to your current employer. ( do premium if necessary ).

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  • pd_recapturing
    03-16 02:14 PM
    Stop advertising a lawyer. I find him very speculative. He wants everyone to come to his site and you are falling for it.
    Which line of my post suggests that I am advertising for him? If someone posts a link from a news paper, does it mean that he/she is advertising for the news paper. I just found it on his website and found it relevant for us so I posted it. For your information, I am not his client.


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  • msp1976
    02-14 07:03 PM
    Last time around exactly the same time in 2006 CIR took off like crazy because of the tremendous backing of Senate Judiciary committee chairman Arlen Specter and Senate majority Leader Bill Frist (who actually gave a deadline for a the bill to be introduced to the senate floor, to speed it up) and president bush supporting it as well. In spite of all these it took the senate from Feb-march 2006 to around September 2006 to get it passed.

    In 2006 Senate had passed S2611 late may as I remember with a fair margin...

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  • go_gc_way
    06-22 03:41 PM
    I agree .. this should be tried. I do not know heard about this minister before,
    my apologies but by title of Ministry he seems to be a appropriate to apprach
    for help.


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  • glus
    10-19 08:22 AM
    USCIS officially released the information that total I-485 applications which were related to July VB fiasco before August 16, 2007 were 320,000. During the period, the USCIS received 400,000 anxillary applications (EAD and AP), and substantial number of concurrent I-140 petitions. All of these figures added upto 800,000. For the USCIS verification of this information, please Q&A between the USCIS and AILA as part of the Community Relations meeting on September 25, 2007. This has been made available today.


    Good to see "good news." It will take many many years for our dates to become current if there is no change in the law. So yes, it appears like some positive news, but without law being changed we are screwed anyway.


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  • talash
    05-08 06:43 PM
    some one help ??????


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  • looivy
    07-14 05:54 PM
    Excellent sanju...CNN is FOX News in a closet. There is no independent media left anymore.

    Larry King pushed Michael Moore schedule to cover Paris Hilton interview. That shows their committment to quality news.

    I will do the same.

    A few days I called Comcast to disconnect CNN and CNN headlines from my cable. The Comcast representative was surprised as to why I want to cut CNN. She transferred me to her supervisor. The supervisor noted down my complaint and said that he will get back to me in 3 business days. Next day I got a call from Comcast that they will block CNN entirely from my cable. I thanked them as I will not have bigotry coming into my house anymore.

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  • qplearn
    10-09 10:45 AM
    We are talking two different things here. You are saying about AC-21. The OP is asking about retaining PD. The way you can retain your PD after I-140 approval is :-

    You file a new labor with the new employer - once it is approved - you need to file a new I-140 application and attach the old approved application with it - this would ensure that your PD will become the PD from the old case.

    Difference with AC21 is - in the case of AC21, you just switch jobs and your current GC process continues - you do not have to file a new labor,140 etc.


    Does this mean that with AC-21, I can just switch jobs (provided it is similar), and that my PD etc remains the same and that I don't have to do my labor and I-140 again? My I-485 has been filed for more than a year now (my 140 is also approved), and while I would like to change my job, I don't want to do the whole thing again.

    Your response will be HIGHLY appreciated, bcuz you seem to know this stuff well.



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  • 485Mbe4001
    02-16 05:58 PM
    When i get my GC in 2023, this will help me a lot ;)

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  • learning01
    05-03 10:11 AM
    He doesn't have much credibility even in republicans. he talks filth and spews venom. It is better to be safe than sorry with these talk show hosts.

    i do agree with gcsucks that he is pro indian, i have heard him defend migration from india when a caller called him to complain about the H1B program. but he sure is moody, cause if we catch him on the wrong day then the responce can be unpredictable.

    once he did a show on why indian kids end up winning spelling bee, and it was an interesting analysis of our culture and our dedication towards education. but his primary concern was that someday it will sure happen that indians will start dominating the american lifestyle and policy.


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  • gsc999
    02-12 01:29 PM
    Sure, I am up for it.

    PS: Just the 5 or 1 mile run for now ;) baby steps

    One in the East Coast, One in the west coast and one in between.

    For the West coast I would pick the SanFrancisco Marathon (Just to be sure that gsc999 participates :p) on August 03'rd. The participants of this event can choose either a 5k, half marathon or a full marathon. This event should be fun to be part of. We have lot of committed members in our No.Cal chapter.

    Nola: you already have my e-mail so please add me to your list. Meanwhile, I will post your message in our Nor. Cal. yahoo group.

    Thanks to all for your support. :)The first step I would like to propose is that we need to establish a group called Team IV Coordinators. Those who are interested in being part of this group, please send me a private message with your e-mail address so that I can set up a group e-mail to present and discuss the ideas to get us started. The Coordinator Group should be Team IV members whether you run/walk or not. I will take the lead but of course, I would love to have a core group to bounce ideas off of and to have as a resource pool.

    I agree with picking 3 national events as previously suggested, one on east coast, one west coast and one centrally located.

    Please send me Private Messages with your e-mail or contact info so that we can get the Coordinator Group up and running to set out the parameters of Team IV.

    Thanks!! :)

    People in San Diego please let me know if you want to meet me this Saturday afternoon, it would be great if we can start a local IV chapter in San Diego.
    We can discuss this new initiative proposed by Nola. I can also share our strategy and update you personally on our progress on the Admin fix campaign.


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  • indianabacklog
    06-23 02:08 PM
    Please include me too. I live in Indiana.

    MyPD is Nov 2002.

    I can be contacted on 317 278 0177


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  • bigboy007
    08-23 12:38 AM
    Hcard was there any LUD on your file ?

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  • Nikith77
    02-23 09:02 AM
    But guys I am in EB3 Dec 2004. As per current phase I will be getting my GC some where in 2023

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  • Prashant
    02-23 10:04 AM
    Yesterday on cnn and ofcourse on lou dobbs show there was a statement that I guess Chamber of commerce was drafting the CIR.. he was so pissed off about it .. I donno if it is possible to use IV lobbying to get our goals in CIR through Chamber of commerce.

    Contributed so Far: $325
    $50/month recurring

    08-28 10:01 PM
    I got my Wife's and son's passports renewed at NY. I printed the phtos on the computer. My wife's i mailed it(got it back in 1 week). My sons i went to NY. If you go before 11AM, you can collect it back same evening. I did this almost 18 months ago.

    Hope this helps

    07-19 03:08 PM
    8 CFR Sec. 245.2(a)(4)(ii)(C) . It says:

    (C) The travel outside of the United States by an applicant for adjustment of status who is not under exclusion, deportation, or removal proceeding and who is in lawful H-1 or L-1 status shall not be deemed an abandonment of the application if, upon returning to this country, the alien remains eligible for H or L status, is coming to resume employment with the same employer for whom he or she had previously been authorized to work as an H-1 or L-1 nonimmigrant, and, is in possession of a valid H or L visa (if required) and the original I-797 receipt notice for the application for adjustment of status.

    Looks like we can ask for a receipt notice in case we are travelling out of the country. Atleast ask!

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