Thursday, June 30, 2011

north korea flag meaning

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  • the north korean flag. defaced

  • Green_Always
    01-14 07:19 PM

    Can you pls let me know more on -- I run scans nightly as well as in the Pre Hours for day trading .

    like how to do this, any tools we need to do this,

    I heard some friends saying using L2 charts, ( I am new to this and Plan to do trading from now as I think it is good to enter now or it is right time to get in .. )

    Look forward to hear from you.

    It would have been nice if some kind of chat can be done on this website.. :-)

    Let me know if it is ok to you to communicate with me I can give my email ID.

    thanks and regards, - ramki.

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  • chanduv23
    09-19 11:49 AM
    Please share - incidents like - pulling legs - teasing - little pranks etc...

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  • The North Korean flag flies in

  • Sachin_Stock
    05-29 11:50 AM
    eFile: 5/2
    CPO: 5/13
    Cards Received: 5/27 (for me and spouse)

    (no fingerprinting)

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  • The North Korean flag

  • m.anderson
    05-25 01:00 PM
    I would like to join as well. I do have my case number also.


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  • whoit korean flag meaning

  • kannan
    05-06 02:02 AM

    05/05/2008: USCIS Revises "Significantly" Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) Interpretation & Guidance 04/30/2008

    The Acting Associate Director, Domestic Opertions, USCIS, Mr. Donald Neufeld, issued a memorandum on April 30, 2008 to significantly revise Adjudicators Field Manuals(AFM) in the subject of CSPA and replacing previous and current guidances, "The Child Status Protection Act," issued September 20, 2002; and "The Child Status Protection Act � Memorandum Number 2", issued February 14, 2003. This guidance significantly modifies a prior interpretation of certain provisions of the CSPA. In particular, it changes how the agency interprets the statute to apply to aliens who aged out prior to the enactment date of the CSPA. It also permits those individuals who were ineligible under the prior policy to file a new application for permanent residence. Under certain circumstances, this guidance also permits those individuals who were previously denied for CSPA to file motions to reopen or reconsider without filing fee. It also explains what steps certain aliens who do not automatically benefit from the CSPA can take to protect their status as a child.

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  • hair a North Korean flag

  • NolaIndian32
    09-01 11:47 AM
    Congratulations !!!

    Would you mind sharing the RD, ND. My PD is just a week later from your PD so was wondering what is stock for me :)

    Also did you have any RFEs, 2nd FP etc.

    Hi sdrblr,

    Most of my info is updated in my tracker, but i am providing it below for ease of review....
    Case approved at TSC
    RD - 7/2/07
    ND - 8/28/07
    PD - 4/30/04
    FP completed 9/28/07

    Maintained H1b with same employer, same job throughout this time.
    No EAD obtained
    Got AP 1/23/09 but was too scared to use it (lol).
    No RFEs
    No dependents - i married a US Citizen, haven't adopted yet.

    Best of luck to you.


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  • north korean flag meaning.

  • planets
    03-24 09:12 PM
    Come on guys......

    Stop arguing. Leave your ego. If we keep arguing and yelling, nothing is going to happen.

    We should make this event successfully. If we make this event successful, everyone will be happy. Particularly our family will be happy. We should realize ourself.

    We are not going to lose anything just donating / contributing $25 - $50.

    If we get benefits without any efforts, definitely we can not enjoy.

    Please give your hands. We all go together.

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  • Libra
    09-21 09:14 AM
    Ans. (b) and (c):D

    Is it because:
    a) he never smiles?
    b) every word that comes out of his mouth makes sense?
    c) attractive IV handle?


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  • Former North Korean defectors

  • shantak
    07-28 08:31 PM
    Wow, I am in exactly same boat, So , basically FP results are blocking EAD card production!!... next renewal, It will paper based EAD.!!


    EAD e-filed: May 27th
    Receipt notices received: 1st week of June
    FP done: June 19th
    Card production ordered LUD: June 28th
    Other soft LUDs: July 25th, July 27th
    Still waiting...

    InfoPass: This morning...07/28/08
    Per the guy at the InfoPass counter, the FP report was received on July 24th (which probably explains the July 25th LUD). He said EAD will not be printed or sent out before FP check is complete. In 2007, they did not run FP checks to issue the first EAD after July fiasco.

    So could this explain the delay that folks here are seeing? FP Code 2 was done for EAD, so not sure why this should take so long :mad: Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought that only FP Code 3 that's done for I-485 can take a long, long time. Can someone post info on EAD FP checks?

    Update: Here's what I have after some quick research on USCIS biometrics:[/QUOTE]

    You guys are atleast having some news to celebrate where in your petitions are approved. Im getting really concerned now as Im approaching closer to the end of my current ead expiration and I dont have any approval yet.
    I just dont know what to do
    Do you guys have any ideas for me??
    eFiled: May 23rd

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  • micofrost
    08-02 06:50 PM
    Do not get too excited. If we are still in current in the Sep 2010 bulletin, then some reason for hope.

    As of now, I only expect < 5% people to get approved this month.

    If we are still current for Sep 2010 bulletin, then expect around 35 % to get through.

    If we still stay current until the end of the year, expect ~ 80 % to get through.

    How did I get the numbers ? My gut feeling.


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  • over the North Korean flag

  • barsha
    06-29 03:08 PM
    My logic is, they know LOT(thousands) of PPL will be filing. I think they must have a plan. Cause I don't think they opened the gate to reject the applications. There must be a plan.

    noone can predist USCIS.....on ly pray that they do not retrogress on they did for EB3_OTHER category on June 5th.

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  • 2011 Korean Flag Vector. north

  • angelfire76
    04-08 06:38 PM
    If you think any fraud is going on or there is a law being misused you must complain to USCIS and Ombudsman. Unless it is reported nobody in a position of power will know about it and nothing will be done to stop it.

    Can you please let us know the procedure? I'm very much interested in filing a formal complaint with the CIS and Ombudsman. I'm not against genuine candidates getting their GC through MNC executive category, but would like to stop this malpractice.


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  • GC_Applicant
    01-28 07:48 PM
    Indian Guy, the link is

    But, I am not sure if Chintu is here to host it.,

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  • North Korean flag-carrier MV

  • rayoflight
    05-16 05:57 PM
    I called everybody on the list. C'mon guys we can help changing our lives. Got very +ve response from all the staff.


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  • andy garcia
    10-12 04:04 PM
    bharat premi...please look at this has all the bulletins from 2002. please point me to single instance where the the bulletin was retrogressed even once in 2002-2003

    This is the link from 95-2001

    there was retrogression in 99, but after the recapture of numbers under ac21, there was no retrogression from july 2001 till 2005

    Chronography of facts

    EB was current from AUGUST 1999 until April 2000.

    This warning was issued in the March 2000 VB:

    �Demand for immigrant visa numbers by INS for AOS cases in all categories, continues to be steady but has not reached the level requiring action at this time. It is anticipated that INS demand for numbers will require the establishment of visa cut-off dates for April in some or all of the CHINA-mainland born and INDIA Employment categories�.

    In May 2000. EB2 was retrogressed to 01JUL97 for China and 01APR99 for India

    In December 2000 VB the big announcement came:
    Greater availability of EB immigrant visas: On October 17th, the President signed P.L. 106-313. Title I of this law is known as the "American Competitiveness in the Twenty-first Century Act of 2000" and contains amendments to the INA regarding EB immigrant visas.
    In fiscal years 1999 and 2000, due in part to the per-country limits, the annual limit for EB immigrant visas was not reached. P.L. 106-313 makes the following changes in an attempt to rectify the situation with regard to per-country limits:
    Section 106 recaptures those EB visa numbers that were available but not used in fiscal years 1999 and 2000, creating a "pool" of approximately 130,000 numbers. These numbers could be made available to applicants in the EB1, EB2 and EB3 preference categories beginning in fiscal year 2001.
    Section 104 removes the per-country limit in instances where the overall applicant demand for EB visas is less than the numbers available without regard to those limits. This determination will be made quarterly, based on a comparison of the overall demand versus the available numbers. If the total number of available EB visas is greater than the number of qualified applicants who may otherwise be issued such visas (during the same period), the per-country limitations on EB visas will be lifted for the remainder of that quarter.
    In May 2001 EB2 became current again for both India and China.

    July 2001 VB:
    All categories have become "Current" for July, and are expected to remain so for the remainder of FY-2001. The cut-off date movement in all oversubscribed categories has been extremely rapid during the past year. This is because the FY-2001 limit is approximately 50,000 higher than normal, and legislative changes removed the per-country limitation if there are otherwise unused EB numbers available.
    All categories are expected to remain "Current" for the foreseeable future.

    January 2005 VB

    June 2005 VB
    During the past month there has been a significant increase in the amount of numbers being used by CIS offices for AOS applicants. This level of demand has significantly depleted the supply of EB numbers available under the annual limit. Recent discussions with CIS have made it clear that their backlog reduction efforts will sustain or increase the current level of demand. Therefore, continued visa availability in the EB categories cannot be guaranteed during the final quarter of FY-2005. If demand continues at the current rate, it will be necessary to oversubscribe many or all of the EB categories on a Worldwide basis. Such oversubscription could result in the establishment of cut-off dates, retrogression of already established dates, or some categories becoming �unavailable�.
    July 2005 VB
    EB3 and Third Other Worker categories have reached their annual limits and no further FY-2005 allocations are possible for the period July through September.

    September 2005 VB
    The backlog reduction efforts of both CIS, and the DOL continue to result in very heavy demand for EB numbers. It is anticipated that the amount of such cases will be sufficient to use all available numbers in many categories. As a result cut-off dates in the EB3 category will apply to the China, India, and Philippines chargeabilities beginning in October, and it is possible that Mexico may be added to this list. In addition, it is anticipated that heavy demand will require the establishment of a EB3 cut-off date on a Worldwide basis by December.
    The amount of Employment demand for applicants from China and India is also likely to result in the oversubcription of the EB1 and B2 categories for those chargeability areas. The establishment of such cut-off dates is expected to occur no later than December.
    The level of demand in the Employment categories is expected to be far in excess of the annual limits, and once established, cut-off date movements are likely to be slow.

    October 2005 VB:
    Item D in the September VB announcing the September cut-off dates provided information regarding the prospects of visa availability during the early months of FY-2006. Many categories have become oversubscribed for October, and cut-off dates established due to continued heavy demand for numbers by CIS for adjustment of status cases. Forward movement of the cut-off dates in these categories is likely to be limited.

    And IV was born.

    Have a nice weekend.

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  • North+korean+flag+meaning

  • senthilvs
    10-06 09:16 PM
    I sent it on Thursday Sep 11th before hurrican IKE to CGI Houston. Money order was cashed on Sep 23rd. Sent $60 including the express mail for returning the new passport. I haven't received yet. Calling them doesn't help a lot. Does anybody think going in person will help? Do I need to get an appointment to enquire about the passport application? Thanks in advance for your help.


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  • tattoo north korean flag

  • jsb
    04-08 04:05 PM
    Hope you had a nice vacation. :p

    Couldn't resist. Please follow the FOIA thread that is in red.
    10,000 was collected and 2500$ advance was sent out to USCIS. Now we wait to hear back from them.

    Do you honestly think something will come? I doubt. They asked for $10K as a routine without investigating into what is possible. While quoting the cost, they even asked "What is a Priority Date".

    PD's are not anywhere in the system. They are nowhere other than filled in ink on I-140, or I-485 applications or receipts. Even there, sometimes they are blank or wrong. They check manually on these dates while approving applications. That's the whole reason that all cutoff date movement is based on pure guess work, and approvals are never in order of PDs.

    Do you think they will check each application manually, and count them based on PD's?

    girlfriend North Korean flag-carrier MV north korea flag meaning. North+korean+flag+meaning
  • North+korean+flag+meaning

  • xela
    07-15 08:14 AM
    I don t give you red, but I am tired of your attitude. Guess what I have a masters degree, however in my field the jobs do not require one. Look again EB3 is not based on what peoaple have but what the job requires.

    Granted even in my field they prefer to hire Masters and yes after 10 years I am a manager and a leader in my field, none of that helps me converting to Eb2 if the general impression is that Bach suffices for this as well.

    Or maybe my lawyers are not as creative as yours. Either way stop trying to sound like you are so much better than EB3 people cus you are not. On the contrary I have yet to see you post something positive. Go back to bed and get some sleep maybe tomorrow you wont get up on the wrong side of bed, and finally have some more friendly attitude.

    Employment based immigration was created to invite bright minds from the world and also fill the needs of companies who could not find good skills in USA citizens. It was not created to give green cards immediately to everyone who applied for one. The system works based on priority given to the top minds first who are in EB1. Then they give to EB2. There are other categories like asylum or family based created for their specific purpose.

    If we are claiming to be best and the brightest having high skills and inventing then it is EB1 and EB2 mostly. By law EB3 is mostly for people who have Bachelor degree and hardly any experience in their field to claim as EB2. It does not matter you are masters from Harvard but by law, if your job requires just a bachelor degree then you are doing basic work at lower management. Legally EB3 have no case if they claim to be best and the brightest inventors. All doctors get EB2 or EB1. All managers with advanced degrees get EB2. All Scientists and PhD holders get EB1 and EB2. So EB3 is mostly people who are low skilled programmers, people in professions doing lower line work or people who despite having higher degrees are doing jobs that do not need advanced skills to be the brightest folks immigrating in USA. There are some exceptions of people who are screwed by their lawyers and employers by forcing them in EB3. These people should fight with their lawyers and employers or change their jobs to EB2. EB3 do not have a strong legal case to fight for EB3 if they claim to be best and the brightest. It is very humiliating but you like it or not EB3 is grouped with EB3 Other Workers that are waiters, janitors, construction workers, Farm workers etc.

    You can give more reds. It does not matter. But if we need to fight the system, we need to understand the system and look at our strategy to fight it.

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  • The flag is white,

  • fingerscrossed
    05-23 11:53 PM
    I guess so

    guys how do we sign the letter and get it forwarded? lets move fast!

    08-20 10:23 AM
    Filed on May 21st. Finally got email that card production ordered

    06-27 05:48 PM
    The bottomline is that for every 10 immigrants, there will be 5 or more from India and China.

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