Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • vbkris77
    08-20 03:30 PM
    Just for my understanding, why are we not talking about excluding dependents from EB count? If each primary applicant consumes nearly 2.5 visa, then excluding dependents will definitely be useful.

    We don't talk about this because it is not feasible to achieve? Or does it slips out of our mind?

    NB: I am not sure about the number 2.5; I remember this number from another thread.

    I know it is part of IV agenda!!! But its all like wishlist.

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  • Munshi75
    08-13 10:47 PM
    let us take an initiative and plan on meeting in the coming weeks before the end of this month and will make a push for the some of the pending bills. I am willing to travel to DC.

    Any ideas or thoughts (does not matter EB3 or EB2)

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  • anilsal
    12-01 09:30 AM
    web site

    3. Some GOP members do not want any appropriations measures � including the 12,000-15,000 band-aid or a more robust SKIL Bill � attached to any appropriations bill. In other words, they want to pass a Continuing Resolution (CR) and then they just want to go home. The CR effectively extends the funding for the Iraq War into the New Year and then lets the next Congress deal with it.

    Am I surprised with this?

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  • greencardfever
    02-17 02:16 PM
    So if I do an H1B transfer to another company, there is no way to file a dependent 485 application for my future spouse?


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  • telekinesis
    05-26 01:53 AM
    I had a delay on a clients site, they needed something changed which took all my time. Business comes first. Here is my entry. I am dissapointed that my notebook PC won't be finished until Friday/Saturday, was looking forward to using it in the battle. The 3D Render was made by me.

    Source File:

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  • pappu
    11-28 05:48 PM
    I am not sure when the CIR will pass...its not on Nancy Pelosi aganda in forseeable future... and several people already mentioned that if it didnt pass by MAY07 then you are looking at Jan 09 to get immigration stuff to happen...

    I think we need to work on an interm EB relief bill ...which is absolutely non contraversial and try to pass it....not worring about piggy backing the CIR...

    Issues such as h1 increase or adding more numbers need not be in it...we can include things like EAD after I-140...spouse/childer not considered for EB quota...etc...

    Unless we act desissively now...its going to be a long way to 2009..
    Pani, ak27, eb3_nepa, GCBy3000 etc in this thread,
    Thanks for your concern and enthusiasm to get something done. We do need people like you to help us out in achieving what we have all set out to achieve. All Pls. signup for state chapters to be able to work together with other IV members in your state. Each chapter can organize 'meet the lawmakers ' drive as outlined in my posts. Currently only few people have signed up to help with the grassroots efforts. Without active participation from members we willl be seeing the frustrating visa bulletins every month and debating about it on forums.


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  • gondalguru
    07-16 11:03 AM
    meridiani.planum, thanks for giving me red. I dont think EB2- India will go back to 2002/2003 for the October 2008 visa bulletin. Even if it goes back to that old dates it comes back to 2006/2007 very quickly.

    I will give you a green too. You have been a great help to forum members understand retrogression issues.

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  • vin
    06-14 08:38 PM
    I don't think it'll be brought to the senate floor if there's even a small chance of it being voted out. It'll be brought to the floor only after all the horse trading is complete and it's certain that the required votes will be met. If it's brought to the floor, it's 100% certain to go through.


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  • sstalib
    05-26 01:45 PM
    House Republican (Representative F. James Sensenbrenner) Pessimistic on Immigration Deal (

    After reading the comparisons and statements from House leaders, this bill may languish for a few months before becoming law. STILL I HOLD MY HOPES UP.

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  • chinna2003
    07-13 02:08 PM
    There was life before green card. There is life after green card. And then there will be a realization afterwards that greencard is nothning but an official identification of a person that is willing to be a slave to the American System and then going to india and acting as a VIP .
    Your value will always be equal to shit in this system and when you go to India what you earn here is shit compared to what you are losing by staying here.
    Dont act desperate. if you get a green card let them give it you . Dont beg for it. they need you and dont act like you are on your knees swearing to do anything for a greencard.Otherwise we will all be like dirty who.... s


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  • ImmiLosers
    09-25 10:54 AM
    Substitution is fair? How about the people who he cut off?

    With your attitude, IV would die soon...

    I was not aware about EB2/EB3 when I filed my 1st Labor. Attorney did not educate me either. I changed my job (due to other reasons) and availed that opportunity to substitute PD. SUBSTITUTION OF I-140 is not only fair but helps shorten EB3 line as well. It also helps people who gets laid off while awaiting PD to get current.

    Naga - Do you have I-140 for EB3?

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  • easygoer
    08-20 04:21 PM
    Break a coconut?? Is that slang for opening a bottle?????

    Break the coconut is slang for sacrifcing animal to god. Traditionally, animal sacrifice was replaced by coconut.


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  • krishna.ahd
    10-02 12:23 PM

    I work as independant consultant as aslways have risk of no assignment for shorter term.

    This is what i do - see if it helps
    - Create emergency fund for 3/6 months if you dont have already one in place.
    Atleast 3 months, depends on how much one feel secure / confident to getting another assignment/job in case of job lost

    - Open/get approve HELOC -
    dont use untill necessary - if any further emergency you can tap that always

    - Start paying the mortgage as additional principal some part of your surplus (even $100) every month which helps you get higher limit of HELOC at later date

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  • n.sravan
    10-04 10:04 AM
    Hi all,
    Thanks for the responses and sorry for Confusions..
    I am giving the scenario more clearly..
    My name Before mariz is"Venkata Naga Sunita" surname: "Prachina" (changed identity).
    After mariz surname changed to "Naveena".
    When I applied for H4 alongwith my husband's H1B, I had my passport with old surname(Prachina). That passport got stamped for H4. Later I got another passport with surname changed(Naveena). At this point, I have one passport of old surname with H4 stamp and another passport with new surname.
    While entering into US this January, on I-94, I wrote "Venkata Naga Sunita" Last name: "Naveena". In March, DMV ppl told me that the name in the I-94 should match with Visa". When, I applied for H1B in May with this new surname and attached this I-94 that has new surname "Naveena".

    During H1B processing, I had to visit my home country on emergency purpose and got approval of H1B on Sept 7th, which is valid only from Oct 2nd. I re-entered to US on Sept10th and wrote my last name as "Prachina" on I-94(to match with current H4 Visa with which I am entering US). When I recived my papers this week, I was happy to see that my Change of Status is approved and surprised to see that my name on the I-797 and attached I-94 is printed as "Sunita V" Last Name:"Naveena".

    Now, the I-94 number and name that are present on my I-797 are not matching that are attached to my passport. Is this OK or going to create any problems in future(SSN or stamping)..


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  • bekugc
    04-18 03:23 PM
    when did u apply or ur 485? im asking for ur RD/ND on the 485.
    also which service center.


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  • bajrangbali
    04-10 12:31 PM
    Beautiful friday and these scumbag news! If he sues you, counter-sue him for unnecessary duress.

    First things, he will never sue costs him more than what he can ever get from you so dont bother
    Regarding your pay: if you did not get paid for the time you worked, do you still have the timesheets you submitted at client-site? If you have them prepare a complaint with DOL, attach the timesheets and clearly mention what has been going on since you completed work and any emails or phone bills showing calls between you and employer. Clearly mention your employer threatened to sue you if you pursue opportunities outside his company.

    Filing a complaint is easy, cheap and risk-free - do not be afraid - and do not be rude - just do it

    Let the scumbags pay for their crimes...:mad:


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  • gc28262
    08-17 05:25 PM
    Exactly but mere emphasis solely on educational qualification is unfortunate as after few years in job market, your skills & experience has more leverage than the degree and I am saying this based on my personal experience. In our group I was the one with least amount of formal education but still I got promoted 2 times ahead of Masters degree holders form US and foreign universities.

    The issue here is, USCIS is a government agency. They are incapable of making a subjective determination of a person's capability. All they go by is the degree certificate which can be seen on a piece of paper.

    As per INA/USCIS, many of the following won't qualify for EB2:

    CEOs-Without-College-Degrees: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance (

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  • abhisam
    07-15 01:36 AM
    Actions speak louder than words... Lou Dobbs says Microsoft has waged war against the American middleclass by taking the company to Canada. But that hasn't stopped the company from starting a development center in Canada, nor has the company cared to answer Lou Dobbs in a press release or anything. What I am saying is, we should not care about what Lou Dobbs thinks or says on his show. As long as we being here helps grow the American economy, nobody cares about what Lou Dobbs thinks!!!

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  • rcr_bulk
    08-14 11:11 AM
    Dear IVans,
    Now that the SEP VB is out, what does this indicate in terms of
    - future VBs
    - visa availability in the coming months
    - awareness about visa wastage
    - dates becoming current for most EB categories
    - light at the end of tunnel for most of us
    - USCIS efficiencies

    Pls share your thoughts. Thanks!

    USCIS efficiencies :D : They are not efficient. People with PD in 2002,2003,2004 are still waiting and that are in 2006 getting released. Where is FIFO and efficiency in their process? No transparency in their process.

    11-12 03:36 PM
    Thanks Sunny, I have update the original post based on this information.

    Dominican Republic does not require a visa either.

    01-23 04:49 PM
    "Representative Elton Gallegly (R-CA) introduced H.R. 133, Citizenship Reform Act of 2007, which would limit citizenship by birth to children born to at least one permanent resident or citizen parent."

    Does this mean that if we do not have green cards our childern born here are not citizens. Am I understanding it right..
    This is just a proposal still and I fell will not become law anytime soon.

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