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quotes for valentines day

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  • frost_oni
    04-08 05:20 PM
    looks better! but, looks cools :thumb:

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  • ebizash
    02-06 11:50 AM
    I was in the same boat last year when I was being promoted and was given 16% increase and a change of title. So my HR asked our immi attorney about any issues (my I-140 was already applied and pending at that time). My attorneys said that there is no issue for H1 as well as GC but they said that they have to file an amended H1-B petition for the promotion, change of title and pay hike.

    I reasearched at that time, if filing amended H1-B was requirement from USCIS or if the attorneys were playing safe. I found out that USCIS does suggest filing an amended petition if there is a significant change in salary or job duties. Now just like AC21 rule, this is also vague and depends on the interpreation of the attorney. So I agreed with my HR and they filed the amended petition (did I have any other option anyways :) ). Since then my I-140 has been approved.

    I will post some links when I have some time. Let me know if you have any question that I can help you with based on my experience and research.

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  • suryamnb
    12-03 10:23 AM
    Do not worry about it. As long as you keep your job, you are fine. I've been thru the same situation, did not do anything special and got my GC.

    Thank you.

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  • srikondoji
    07-26 02:47 PM

    Just made another contribution of $100. AS i said to you in the past, that i will be making contributions every now and then instead of recurring.

    Transaction ID: 2FX50463NH320233G Placed on Jul. 26, 2007


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  • chanduv23
    07-07 12:52 PM
    Invite the Senators to this meeting.

    Make them come since we pay Taxes. That way , they know that there is legal Immigration Community .

    Invite the Heads of DMV so that they can address our driving problems

    Invite SSN people local heads.

    When we do this, we can pay for their expenses to join us in that meet.

    I am open to it. Not only by contribution but also working.

    Try to get IV members to join the State chapters first. Try to get the community to support IV first. Try to get the community make phone cals send letters first.

    It is a step by step process. We have to get enough buzz and enough support from within our own community before we can call politicians or VIPs to come to our meets and greets

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  • satyab7
    04-26 03:15 PM
    Keep up the good job guys ....


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  • ajain
    05-28 06:30 PM
    Without a job offer from a national lab, it makes it hard to say why I want to skip the labor certification. Companies that need work of national interest now first ask for a green card before they give a job offer in a chicken and egg game. That I am nearing the end of 6-ye H1B may not be good enough reason to bypass labor. The most reasonable argument I can think of is that my stopping work will harm US national interests and no one else can do that work because I am special. What do you think?

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  • saloni
    04-13 06:39 PM
    I am derivative beneficiary and have a EAD card through my spouse who is also on H1B. I am currently on H1B and my own I-140 has an RFE.
    I am getting an opportunity to venture into an non-IT business.

    Can I start my own S-Corp or LLC using EAD and also continue working on H1B with my current employer? What will be status - H1B or Parolee(EAD)

    Will I loose my H1B status as soon as I use EAD?

    I would like to play safe and rather pass on this business opportunity to my current employer and remain on his H1B too keep my H1B status if it is safer.

    Please advise.


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  • pappu
    03-17 12:26 AM
    My company informed me today that, when spouse is added to the insurence, the insurence will start from day 1 of next month. My wife will be comming in the middle of month. How to cover this gap with insurence...?? Any suggestions...????

    Please correct your profile. The dates are incorrect. Thanks.

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  • supender
    09-21 03:16 PM
    I highly appreciate your advice. It sads that you had to go throught GC process so many times. In fact this is my third I-140 too. The first two never got approved due to silly administartive errors on employers part ( old check and job notice at wrong site) and I had to abandon them.

    One of the other fix I have is : if I should leave my present job or not , as my fear of loosing job might just be in mind. I am wondering, if worse comes to worse and if I loose job with an approved I-140, will I be able to secure job with another employer and use this I-140 to get an extension. I am a Physical Therapist and EB-2 positions are hard to come by in the state I am in. I want to take the risk to stay with this employer and take my chances. But I also want to have a back plan ( premium processing I-140).I dont know if it can work. Please share your thoughts.


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  • Fugu
    01-11 01:53 PM
    Thank you both for your replies.

    I understand that we may not be eligible for an EB1 but would we still be able to apply for an EB2 without leaving the country?

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  • a_yaja
    09-09 12:30 PM
    Hello All,

    I was in H4 status but currently in AOS Pending Status. Is it possible to request for filing F1 thru my current school while the candidate is in AOS Pending / I-485 Pending Status. I would like to obtain the F1 thru school even though my I-485 is in pending status. Firstly, Is it possible to change the status from AOS Pending to F1. Secondly, what would be the process to obtiant the same.

    I would really appreciate your feedback / inputs on this regard.

    Thank you,

    As gc_check mentioned, check with your school coordinators or an immigration attorney. Changing to F1 might endanger you AOS and your GC. F1 is a non-immigrant visa and does not allow for immigration intent like H1B. Hence moving to F1 from AOS could be construed as abandoning you intent to immigrate, therefore USCIS can deny your I-485. This is just my opinion - so consult a good lawyer.
    Secondly, why do you want to convert to F1 when you are on AOS? You should be able to get all the benefits of F1 like TA/ RA, on-campus employment (and off-campus too) if you have an EAD. That would be a safer route for you - if you do not already have an EAD, apply for one and after getting your EAD, apply for SSN. That is the way I would go.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    09-27 01:45 PM
    I suggested the same when i met with the congressmen. There should be a MAXIMUM processing limit, it is unfair to suck our blood till eternity. They understand but cannot do anything without a consensus.

    Set a time frame and give a result accepted or denied or something. We can plan our lives accordinly even animals slaughtered according to a schedule.:mad:

    With the way things are going, it might soon make more sense to be illegal anyway :D
    Maybe our message needs to be



    aka if your GC is not processed in 1 year (or some known reasonable length of time) from getting your 485, they should just automatically approve

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  • Nagireddi
    03-16 12:09 PM
    You can try Mr.James Eiss. I am very happy with him. His web address is Good luck.


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  • joydiptac
    05-18 06:44 PM

    This is a very positive development. Chinese are suing based on EB3 China visas used in 2008 & 2009 which were 2058 and 1077 respectively. Which are far less than 2500 that the law actually allows without spillover. This is awesome. Go Chinese friends!

    Pappu sir,

    Do we (EB3I) know the number of applicants who were approved green card from EB3 I in the last three years? I suspect that the same would have happened here too. We need to also follow (Law) suit.

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  • Queen Josephine
    October 25th, 2004, 01:44 PM
    This one was really difficult for me to evaluate because of all the openess, but I felt myself gravitating more towards the forms in number 3. Since it was the form that attracted me, I downloaded and cropped to make the fence the focus (since that's what grabbed my attention initially). I think I like the crop sans sky where only the wheatfield ( or is it oats?) and fence posts show the most. I know it has less complexity than the entire photo; maybe I'm just into simplistic and minimalist this week :)


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  • kosars
    09-12 03:13 PM
    Hello Guys,

    I was wondering if any one of you have any estimated time for FP notice from TSC?

    My 485 ND is August 27 from TSC (case originally filed at NSC on July 2nd which later got transferred to TSC) but haven't received any FP notice yet. Is TSC slower in issuing FP notice?

    Also, I believe that it may depend upon the ASC office situation as well. I am from NJ so may be Newark ASC must be "overbooked" now for FP.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

    i got mine in 1 week after the ckecks were cashed and RN mailed.

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  • seekerofpeace
    08-22 02:25 PM
    Any specifics on the interview? Were you asked any documents to submit? Was the interview for both the applicant and the dependent?


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  • copsmart
    02-15 01:05 PM
    Come on, Man�

    Why are you so worried even before knowing whether your company is a TARP receiver or not?

    BTW, if you entered on AP and still work for the same employer, then you are not on EAD. Also, you have no issues extending your H1.


    Hi rvr_jcop

    Thanks for your valuble advice.To the best of my knowledge my company is not a TARP Company.So if my company happens to be a TARP company ,there is a possibility for H-1 renewal denail.otherwise not.Pls correct me.

    11-11 01:09 AM

    140 filed February 2007 via Nebraska service center (EB2 category)

    Applied and received 485 receipt number in October 2007, went for finger printing in November, EAD cards arrived.

    employer changed office space locations in March 2008 no update was provided to USCIS as we just shifted certain operations to a bigger space and older address still valid for receiving letters

    May 2008 140 case transferred from Nebraska to Texas service center

    September 2008 dreaded email from USCIS automated systems "RFE request for initial evidence case placed on hold"

    waited 10 days no response Lawyers called 1st time to USCIS help line received response that about duplicate notice sent. re-verified addresses for both lawyers and employers

    15th day from RFE notice employer called USCIS (applicate cannot speak as 140 cases pertain to employer)updated address for employer provided

    20th day from RFE notice Lawyers called again help line same response indicating another notice sent. Lawyers also send letter out to Nebraska service center indicating not receiving of RFE letter

    28th day from RFE notice employer calls again (this time 800 number found on immigration portal website belived to be the 800 number for Texas service center) same response. USCIS officials issue a tracking case # and indicate that employer would either receive email within 5 working days or notice within 2 weeks.

    30th day from RFE notice Lawyer call USCIS again about not receiving the RFE documents. New letter drafted and sent to the Texas service center.

    Lawyers ask for assistance from ALA (American Lawyers Associations) for determination of status of RFE

    Today we stand at the 43rd from the date of email from USCIS about RFE and no letter has yet being received by either employer or Lawyers

    what am I supposed to do? what are my options?

    Please help if anyone has had a similar situation with delays of RFE notice and how they responded. If you request to reply privately please send me a Private message with contact detail and best time to call or contact


    12-02 03:46 PM
    First 485 for both of us.

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