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  • key_ket
    12-15 06:19 PM
    if you have bachelors and more than 5 years, you can definitely qualify for EB2. Good luck

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  • dreamworld
    11-07 12:56 PM
    Dude, Consulting Business mean making profit out of consulting and you are one of the tool for them....

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  • singhv_1980
    01-31 11:23 PM
    I called USCIS this afternoon and found that you can have information sent to a US consulate about your application.

    When you call, select the option asks "are you calling about approved petition?", and then select the option that asks if you need to send the information about your petition to a US consulate. Since I was calling about some other app., I didn't go there. Perhaps you can give it a try.

    At what number did you call? Was it Kentucky Consular Center? Do you mean that we can have our information sent to PIMS system or consulate in India? In other words, does that say anything particularly about PIMS?

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  • reddymjm
    06-19 03:37 PM
    As far as I know, NO he cannot.


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  • RNGC
    02-04 10:15 PM
    I know about the "same or similar" clause in AC21. How many of you have got a RFE/Problems based on just this clause alone ?

    Also, If you filed labor 3 years ago for software programmer, in 3 years, you could have become a system analyst, DBA or system Architect etc etc, So, how does "same or similar" matter here ?

    Also, It will be helpful if we have a forum category "AC21", Admin, please consider this.

    Thanks for all your inputs.

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  • kevinkris
    05-10 12:52 PM
    What is the source of the info? Why are you wasting your and our time..


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  • kiran24
    06-23 04:48 PM
    somebody please reply

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  • inskrish
    08-13 12:17 AM
    Dhagala lagli kala... GC themb themb gala...

    English translation please.:D


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  • 2003doc
    08-18 10:14 AM
    this should include total applications as derivative also has to file separate I-485. you multiply with 1.7 when you are estimating from approved I-140 to speculate number of people who are waiting online to apply for green cards. bottomline is its no where close to 500,000 to 750,000 as expected by oh-law and other websites
    that was expected. 300K * 1.7(average family size according to USCIS) = Approx. 500K

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  • english_august
    07-18 10:50 AM
    Could someone from North Carolina please call Kristen Collins at 919-829-4881? She needs to get some reaction/quotes for the story on the new USCIS decision.

    Please refer to this press release for talking points


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  • Ramba
    08-20 06:52 PM
    As she yet to file 485, it is important for her to keep the valid non-immigrant status till she files AOS. Yes, she can go for F1, if you plan to use EAD and abandon your non-immigrant status. Unless your H1 transfer is approved, her H4 will not get extended. Therfore don't worry about the extension. File F1 ASAP,

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  • dorairajsuresh
    04-16 03:09 PM
    i am in similar situation for my wife too ... she entered in h4 but is working on EAD now. So, could someone plz let me know wat is her current immigration status ? cos, i don't see a status "EAD" on the dropdown when I try to eFile.


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  • sunnymit
    08-10 04:32 PM
    A question on consular processing vs I-485. She already has a tourist visa. Also since she is deriving her green card status from mine, her priority date is current. Could she come to US on her tourist visa and we file for I-485 here instead of doing consular processing?



    I don't think that it works that way. I believe she needed to be in US already on a visa that is not short term - perhaps H4 or F1 or something. I am not too sure though. You should consult with a lawyer prior to taking any action on this one

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  • karanp25
    07-11 03:08 PM
    Dude, in a bunch of applications - some are approvable while others require more information. Do you want them to keep waiting on unapprovable applications, with old PDs, while the clock is ticking and the unused visas go waste before Oct 2008? Guess not?

    That's why they advanced the PDs to give some room to approve later PD applications that are otherwise approvable. They do not have any math involved. They were playing "inky-pinky-ponky" to pick a month & yr to set EB-2 cutoff dates for Aug VB - the only logic was to advance it to a comfortable point--nothing beyond tht. They don't care about few months here and there, and don't care if they raise hopes of some immigrations or shatter hopes of others.

    Is it just me missing something? Does it make sense?

    Yes. Its simple math. But if it was 10K visas a year, then why did they have to jump forward by more than 2 yrs? Nobody knows how USCIS works internally. The math that v have and the one that they have differ a lot and unexpected things (for good or bad) happen all the time.


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  • akhilmahajan
    09-14 06:59 AM
    To the brave and fighting. People lets give them a hand of applause.

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  • little_willy
    03-04 04:37 PM
    Congratulations !!! Happy for you, enjoy your freedom.


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  • amulchandra
    02-06 07:39 PM
    That's really nice. Even I heard a lot of success stories like your's. That's the reason I started approaching non-profit organizations for volunteering. But in may case it is working the other way round. May be because I am in to IT.
    But this episode brought my morale down a little bit because for the first time I felt that I am an alien here.
    Anyway I may have to think twice before approaching for volunteering again.....

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  • Calouste
    08-01 08:06 PM
    guys, I appreciate the Mr Zoe's gesture , but I dont really think fees is a big issue here. If a company pays, its not an applicants problem. If the applicant pays, few thousand dollars extra will make us any poorer..

    The problem is the huge backlog, 140000 limit, per country limit, visas being wasted while ppl wait for years.....

    She has so much power, she should lobby for visa recapture

    I don't think the main goal of Ms Lofgren is to lower the fees. She tries to find out what USCIS is going to do with the extra money, something they haven't been clear about. If it was about the fees, she could have proposed this bill weeks ago. The timing (at the last day the old fees were valid) is intended to put more pressure on the USCIS, because they will have to start refunding applicants if the bill is approved and they don't provide the information asked for.

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  • crazyghoda
    06-15 02:34 PM
    If your husband is working for one of the infamous desi outfits where bench means no salary, then I'd suggest that you avoid travelling since you may be asked to produce a paystub on return.

    OTOH, if your husband is working for a legitimate consulting company that pays him even when he is not billable to a client, then you have nothing to fear about.

    06-25 02:59 PM
    Thank you all for your responses.

    Thanks glus, I'll try filing the I 102 - hopefully they had computerized records back in the dark ages when I arrived. Also I'm hoping there's a record somewhere of the visa extension filed by my lawyer - do you think the same form might dig that up?

    Shatunup, what's a CIR? I'm intrigued....

    I have spoken to an attorney and the overstay is not really the issue - because I'm legitimately married (we have a two year old!) and if we can prove it's not a green card marriage I believe I just have to pay a fine.... however they do require proof of legal entry, which I don't have. You can adjust your status in the US if you are married to a US citizen - in fact I have to because if I leave the country I'm subject to the 10 year ban and they won't let me back in married or not.

    I have a new passport but without the visa and entry stamp it doesn't really help!

    Thanks again - by the way I'm a she :o

    11-19 02:06 PM
    This processing dates is just an act or rather a scam. USCIS and DOS will do what they like. I personally know a lot of people who applied there 485 a month after I did during July 2007 and whose priority date was 6 to 7 months behind me and they got there green card in August 2008 and I did not, I am sure a lot of you are in the same position. Whats the point in looking at these processing dates when there is no order or proper manner in which USCIS processes them, it is worse than a fish market. If we are lucky the monthly bulletin dates might move again (I doubt it), even if it moves you just dont know how far it might move, it might be 1 month or even to 2007. USCIS will then issue GC to 2007 and make a fool of 2004 and 2005 folks. I guess we have no choice but to bear this brutality. I for one have stopped looking at processing dates and even monthly bulletin. On top of it we have Obama\Durbin in control of washington, not sure what sort of nightmarish "immigration reform" they are cooking. I am at a low point, for the first time I am fearing I might have to leave US (or might be kicked out of US by Obama \Durbin "Immigration reform") after comming here and staying legally for 10 years and obeying all the laws.

    Hi pitha, i understand your frustration but one thing in which the processing dates helps is like in my case, if my h1b extension is pending for 60 days i can call them only if their processing dates says less than 2 months, otherwise these guys wont even answer the call saying call back after checking processing dates.

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