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  • RandyK
    03-28 11:48 AM
    My PD is Aug 2005

    Just a month behind :(

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  • goosetavo
    03-27 07:22 PM
    Those of you that are in the fence on whether to support IV or not, see below, our adversaries are not sitting on the fence, they are mobilized and will be in DC the same week as us advocating for the exact opposite of what we want. Please consider this and support IV.

    Never ceases to amaze me how well funded and organized our adversaries are. More the reason to make the sacrifice and be there representing EB-immigrants!

    Is any sort of relief worth $100 to you? It sure is to me.

    FAIR Announces Dates for Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2011 - Yahoo! News (

    FAIR Announces Dates for Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2011 - Yahoo! News

    50 Talk Radio Hosts to Gather in Washington for National "Town Hall" on Immigration

    WASHINGTON, March 23, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) announces April 6 and 7 as the dates for Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2011. Fifty talk radio hosts from all across the United States, led by Roger Hedgecock of Radio America Networks, are scheduled to participate in Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2011, making it the largest immigration "town hall" of the airwaves to date. This year's event marks the fifth time FAIR has organized and hosted a live radio row devoted to the discussion of immigration policy.

    The fifty broadcasters will spend two days interviewing members of Congress, immigration reform experts, and law enforcement personnel. � In addition to the broadcast component, dozens of activists from across the country will be in Washington to meet their elected representatives to urge them to enact immigration reforms that protect and serve the interests of the American people.

    Among the key issues to be discussed by participants at Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2011 are:

    The need to enact mandatory use of E-Verify by all U.S. employers to protect American workers from losing jobs to illegal aliens.
    The refusal of the Obama administration to effectively enforce existing immigration laws.
    The mounting costs of illegal immigration at the federal and local level.
    Public opposition to all amnesty or legalization proposals for illegal aliens.
    The need to reduce overall levels of immigration to the United States.

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  • atlfp
    06-08 10:31 AM
    The very very first, if not only reason for both party to work on this issue is to gain their vote. What do you gain by giving them goodies but does not offer them a chance to appreciate you back (vote)?

    I don�t know what is so hard about this deadlock. Don�t they know that if:
    1. Illegals are given temporary visas for them to return after a number of years, no-body would come forward. The illegals would see this as shooting themselves in the foot. They would prefer to remain in the dark and live here permanently. Purpose defeated.
    2. A tough enforcement only bill is passed, with the hope that there would be attrition after a while: How long would it take for all 12 million illegals to finally leave? 1 million per year? 500K per year? 24 years? Yeah right! Ok assuming they leave at a rate of 500K per year (which I know wouldn�t happen) what would be the rate of inflow of more illegals?? What would be the balance of illegals after say 10 years? Think about it.
    3. Give them a path to citizenship. Well they are here anyways but this idea might jeopardize the bill.

    So my proposal is: Since �a path to citizenship� is the major road block to this bill, make a law that gives the Illegals an opportunity for GC but include in the law that �Anybody that ever comes into the country illegally CAN NOT become a citizen�. i.e they can get a green card but they can never be eligible for citizenship. I am sure this is a reasonable middle ground�. a path to PR but not citizenship. I am sure those illegals don�t care about citizenship anyways. They just want to be free and be mobile.

    Just my thots.

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  • GCWaiter03
    05-15 08:39 AM
    • Filing Fees: $1450.00 ($315 x2) + ($165 x 2) + ($175 x 2) + ($70 x 2); for two petitioners (indianabacklog - reported these fees are outdated. Please check these fees with USCIS website)
    • Form G-28, Notice of Entry; (for each petition (I-485, I-765 & I-131) and for each petitioner
    • Form 1-485, Application for Permanent Residence, with two (2) photographs attached and picture I.D.;
    • Form 1-13 1, “Application for Travel Document,” with two (2) photographs and picture I.D.;
    • Form 1-765, “Application for Employment Authorization,” with two (2) photographs and picture ID.;
    • Copies of Form 1-94 and H-lB visa stamp;
    • Copy of Form 1-797 Approval Notice for H-lB Petition;
    • Copy of Form 1-797 Approval Notice for 1-140 Petition;
    • Copy of passport;
    • Copy of long form birth certificate;
    • Copy of marriage certificate;
    • Form 1-693, Medical Examination Results (sealed); (In medical examination go for chest X-ray instead of skin test).
    • Form G-325, Biographic Information.

    Try to read all the forms before you signed and send to attorney. Due to heavy work more chances to mess up the information from attorney side. Try to download all these forms from USCIS (some of these are fill able with save option) and try to fill as much as you can, at least your personal details, residency history in US etc and compare with your attorney documents when they sent for your signature.

    Best of luck guys who all are eligible to file their I-485 after long waiting time.


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  • arc
    09-20 08:04 PM
    We should tell Sukh Praaji to deliver u-haul full of flowers to logiclife :)

    Sukh - great job man, as promised we reached before you did... you really did a great job hauling the banners, water, flowers, flags. Tu-Si-great ho... praa.

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  • nfinity
    01-20 12:45 PM
    Hey anurakt,

    I just setup a monthly billpay for 50$. Dont want to pay by card and end up paying the credit card company for payment gateway and dont have a paypal account (never use it).

    Go IV!


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  • hellomms
    05-09 04:31 PM

    Good job in reporting your cases, it is definitely going to help us all. Although these numbers are scary but I am glad that we have an increasing number of people gathering here.

    Here is the updated cases:

    Let me know if I missed your case.

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  • spi_50us
    03-20 03:56 PM
    1) Visa recapture
    2) Eliminate country cap
    3) Eliminate applicants with graduate degrees from annual cap

    Item 3 may not help a lot of applicants directly, but it will free up visa numbers in the annual cap.


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  • StarSun
    03-30 10:51 AM
    parking updates on post #2

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  • radosav
    08-14 03:40 PM
    Glory to you o God,
    after agonizying 67 days, I see the light at the end of the loong EAD tunnel.
    My prayers are answered!


    E-filed EAD renewal @ TSC for self and spouse 06/08
    FP done 07/08
    soft LUD on both: 07/24; 07/25; 07/27
    hard LUD on both: 08/14 Card production ordered

    10 minutes ago got CPO e-mail as well

    EB-3 ROW PD Nov/2005


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  • pitha
    07-11 06:42 PM
    barbara boxer, diane finestein, ted kennedy are anti eb immigrants, infact these people might be happy with this fiasco. John cornyn, pat leahey and others who sposored or co-sponsored skill, cantwell amendment are the ones who might help us.

    Hi, I did that today. A personalized letter along with copies of the Interim Bulletin and te USCIS press release on July 2.

    Next, I want to write to other senators who are friendly to skilled immigrants (Cantwell, Cornyn etc). Has someone compiled a list of them?

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  • barsha
    06-29 01:26 PM
    I have a BC which is issued on 2004. Do I still need 2 affidivits? My Lawyer didn't ask me to gather affidivits. Any thoughts on that?

    Did anybody filing through FDBL? Any idea how long they are taking to file once they have all the documents and papers?



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  • delhirocks
    04-14 06:49 AM
    Efiled for EAD on Mar 29th
    Receipts received on April 6th
    EAD expires July 15th.

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  • tonyHK12
    09-29 12:12 PM
    I gave you a genuine idea to go and meet your lawmaker. You ignored that.

    Why can't you speak for yourself and stand on your own feet. Are you illegal in this country?
    If you still want to do more, then contact IV and volunteer with them or help them. Do not try and become someone's agent to increase their business.

    What the point of meeting a law maker, exchange pleasantries? They aren't going to write a Bill because 1 person said so.
    Read my post again, I am legal, EB2 India I-140 approved.
    Repeat, Not associated with any lawyer or party.
    I am trying to get people to join together - but you can't see that.


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  • GotGC??
    01-17 04:22 PM
    ...just keep the positive momentum, e-mail, visit friends...ask them to sign up & contribute.

    Believe me, if people do not contribute when they know you personally and when they themselves stand to benefit, do you think they will contribute freaking alms?

    Maybe this has been discussed earlier but I was wondering if we can extend our funding champaign beyond the conventional website.
    How about setting up booths/tents/tables(what the heck) at local temples(or any places of worship where we know immigrant community would visit) in the area on the weekends. This way we can educate fellow immigrants about immigrationvoice and try to get contributions.
    It might sound stupid but what I want to ask is , Is it legal for a Nonprofit org to do this ? By this I mean promote IV and collect contributions in the way I described above ?

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  • pappu
    03-10 01:22 PM
    NOTE: It is mandatory for all attending advocacy day event to attend training sessions on Saturday/Sunday.


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  • sanprabhu
    07-12 05:33 PM
    Where is famously liberal "lion" Kennedy in all this. He is the counterpart to Lofgren. When you are the chair of the subcommitte on Immigration you are supposed to be a leader on these kind of issues. Really disappointing.

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  • GCard_Dream
    07-11 05:24 PM
    I don't think they will be out of status but may be out of job which I am sure is very well justified. ;)

    Nice one. RFE for USCIS.:D
    If they can't answer in time. Will they be out of status:D

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  • somma
    11-14 02:39 PM
    Looks like the requirements has recently changed at SFO.

    Four colored Passport size (3.5cm x 3.5cm) photographs showing frontal view of full face against a light background including one photograph to be pasted on the space provided on the first page of the application form;

    More information @

    01-18 04:34 PM
    Let's get to 800 by tonight ! It is very much possible, please step up and give that power to core.

    Also, viewers visiting the video on youtube, please some comments to Aman. thanks

    Yes we should be down to 800.

    05-16 04:29 PM
    Can someone tell me what is the alternate for providing birth Certificate I have one in Hindi.

    You need to submit the translation for your Hindi birth certificate. There are plenty of translation services available, Trustfortecorp is one of them.

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