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  • payur
    10-05 02:20 PM
    Most audits are routine, once you can back up your claims with paper records/receipts you will be OK, but consult with your CPA and be ready to address the points raised.
    Unless you have been found to commit criminal fraud, it should not affect your green card petition. Small penalties and the like have no effect. Last year I had to pay a small penalty because I underestimated my taxes deducted during the year.
    You are getting an audit for the 2005 year now? I would have thought they would have moved on by now. Did you take an extension and file late last year?

    You can expect it anytime. The retention period is 7 years, so keep all your tax filing papers and all related docs for at least 7 years.

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  • jainajitk
    08-15 05:24 PM
    Register myself

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  • GCBy3000
    01-03 05:49 PM
    It will help. I will give you an practical example.

    I filed my GC two months later than my colleagues. Fortunately they filed 485 and hit the retrogression. I did not get to that step. Now it is almost two years after they have filed their 485. Just because they have crossed that stage, they are considered for promtion and I am not though I have better experience and certifications. They bought houses and their spouses work.

    My company is ready to promote me to higher position if I can cross that 180days mark after 485 filing. If I had promoted to leadership / managerial position, it would weigh more when I apply for MBA. I will have lesser headache at home if my spouse can work and lot more.

    The best part of filing is, you could get EAD even if the 485 is pending and backlogged. You have to do nothing other than filing to get all the above perks. No need to get it approved. Let it get stuck anywhere, none can predict that. You have to cross this stage no matter what and why not at the earliest. No one can assure you even after the SKIL/CIR passage that you will not get stuck with name check / RFE /USCIS backlog etc. Why to wait then?

    I am not sure the supplimental bill helps much to provide relief. it would basically create bunch of more backlogs at CIS and would even make 6 months to 1 year for EAD appoval , causing more backlog.

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  • gcdreamer05
    07-16 10:48 AM
    What is Ron basing his prediction on... I am not sure the trend says so... Can anyone please share his logic?
    Well if you read the post by ron, someone has already asked him, on what basis do you predict the date and he simply has replied like this,
    "I'm basing that date on what I've been told by the Visa Office."

    May be he is in constant touch with the folks at USCIS and not DOS. But one thing if you notice, this guy (Ron) has been correct in whatever he says in the past......

    I am in EB3 but i am happy that things move forward for atleast EB2 folks because we can get as many people as possible out of the queue..... with hopes that one day eb3 would move forward too :(


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  • BharatPremi
    04-05 08:10 PM
    Thanks to everybody who took time to share their opinions here.

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  • yabadaba
    10-19 12:56 PM
    It was a disclaimer. I never said it was bad for you. But there have been people estimating it will still take 2-3 yrs for eb3 to reach 2005 that true????.. i have no idea since the data cant be broken down at PERM level.

    I just wanted to underscore that my promising feeling might not seem promising to someone else and that I under stand what they r going thru...nothing more than that


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  • illusions
    02-21 06:01 PM
    Did you mean for EB3 ROW? One year? I am not so sure. Couple of months maybe... Oh i wasn't being specific if ROW or India or china... just threw a year in there, since 47K seems like a lot of approvals at one go.

    Some one pointed out in another thread, that the USCIS FAQ mentioned that only a 'subset' of the potential 47k cases have namecheck pending for more than 180 days. So may be not all of the 47k cases (even those with current PDs) may be eligible to qualify under 180 day FBI namecheck auto approval rule. Thus not all 47k cases will be approved by the mid March deadline that USCIS mentioned.

    yeah i read that aswell... as usual even that little light that sometimes seems to shine... all of a sudden seems quite dim.

    FYI USCIS retracted the FAQ posted on the 19th, so we will have to wait and see if it's gonna be any good news on this subject.

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  • desi3933
    03-18 12:16 PM
    Thanks for the link...Before this post i was with one green dot now with 8 red dots....thanks all those ass holes.


    You are incorrect about out of status when person loses job on EAD.

    As long as I-485 is pending, person is in valid status. Infact, one may chose do nothing while I-485 is pending as long as he has valid job offer that starts after I-485 approval.

    Not a legal advice.


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  • tammigaw
    03-19 05:30 PM
    More H1-B workers in the labor pool and in GC Line more outsourcing openings for Indian Companies ...:)

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  • grupak
    03-06 06:49 PM
    I wrote in my old post "pay without leave"... I meant "leave without pay" ...:o


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  • ps57002
    07-20 09:08 AM
    Are the sample affadavits floating around the ones to be used (that my parents can fill in and sign) and would that be sufficient. Does it have to be notariazed or parents filling/signing it is sufficient.

    Also do consulates of India etc provide such affadavits/birth certificates?


    it has to be 2 by parents (both parents on one i'm assuming) and the other say an uncle (is there a format for that one)...

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  • vxg
    10-09 01:12 PM
    A friend told me about the E category visa for Australian nationals. Is this true?

    According to him, if you become an Australian national, you can use the E-visa.

    Has anyone migrated to Australia and returned to US successfully on a E-visa?

    Has anyone also applied successfully for a green card on a E-visa?

    How long does it take to get Australian nationality?
    I think you can apply as Australina national but your priority date is dependent upon your birth country not the country of acquired citizenship. I have a friend who is an Australian citizen (born in India) and is stuck in retrogression.


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  • senthil1
    11-30 09:51 PM
    Actually CIR was started by President Bush to regain hs popularity. Other than that it is complicated and tough to pass thru. Really lawmakers have to work hard f they want to pass because it is tough to satisfy all. So most of them must be cautious unless it comes up for discusson. Moderate people may try to maintain status quo. If CIR is pendng then all the immigration related items including EB relief will be attached to it(People will try to attach so that it can be delayed as much possible). If Congress starts discussion on Jan 2007 possiblity of becoming law is on May if they introduce CIR. But immigration may not be that much national importance issue for US congress. It does not matter whether an illegal immigrant will become citzen on now or 2009. Economy will not have an impact. Similarly a H1 person gets gc now or 2009 or 2011 the impact will be mnimal for US but impact will be heavy for that immigrant. Also Economy may slow down n 2007 and job demand may go down then it is tough to justify increase of H1 when joblessness starts increase.
    I think EB2 will improve much better in coming months and EB3 also PD will move at least a few weeks to few months. Atleast people could extend H1 after 6 years. In 1999 and 2000 people did not have that option and some people left USA and came back after year. So to get gc was challenging atleast for 50% of people for past 10 years. Some people got this easily some time in past.

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  • caliguy
    09-17 04:54 PM
    Yes, at this point, my fear is that my file is missing or just sitting somewhere and collecting dust. I have not seen a status update since September 2007 on my case. I filed AC 21 last year, and did not see any LUD at that time. The only LUD after September 2007 that I had was this year, this was when I applied for AP and EAD renewal.

    I am going to be asking my attorney to send an email to TSC streamline procedure, and will also submit a problem with CIS Ombudsman. That is what my plan is for the next 13 days.

    Other than that, I am not sure what can be done. Will writing to the first lady help? I dont want to get the same standard answer that we got when the local senator send an inquiry.

    I agree, I think EB2 will retrogess when October bulletin comes out. We will then have to wait until September 2010.

    Come september 2010, we will start from scratch again and will hear the same thing - wait 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc....

    Hang in there, is all I can say!!


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  • arupkumarsaha
    02-23 07:53 AM
    Even mighty economist prints article saying that immigration reform is knocking at the door , am not sure without a paid subscription whether u can read this , am positng the link and cannot copy paste the article as that will surely be a copyright violation .

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  • deba
    08-06 08:53 AM
    If you are not married before GC, you are in a crappy situation. If you marry you will have to deal with lots of mental misery, distance, stress etc. Not worth the pain. You can look at this option - after GC, you are allowed to stay outside the country for a max of 1 year without a permit and 2 years with a permit, without affecting your GC status. The flip side is your citizenship is delayed and you are similarly delayed in sponsoring your spouse. Also, it is not a good idea to stay out more than 6 months at a stretch in any calender year so that your citizenship is not affected. Maybe it would be a good idea to join lobbying efforts to allow sponsorship of immidiate family of GC holders. Lots of people are in this situation. Without a GC your professional life is screwed and with a GC your family life. Good Luck.


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  • Thombi
    07-11 07:53 PM
    Has anyone considered the implications of identity theft, fraud etc if the USCIS does start returning the adjustment of status applications? When my daughter applied for adjustment of status a couple of years ago her application was rejected erroneously and returned to her. When she opened the package, it not only contained her information, but also someone else's highly confidential and personal documents. The documents were completely mixed in with hers - all out of order - and even the other person's check was returned to her. The person's case was also very time sensitive and of an extremely confidential nature.

    We gathered up the information and personally returned it the local USCIS office - who told us it happens all the time! We sent a letter to the person concerned telling him what had happened and advising him to contact the office immediately.

    Imagine what might happen if the USCIS starts returning the 1000's of July applications. There is a good possibility they could mix up applications, return them to wrong addresses or lose valuable paperwork. They certainly won't return applications via Fedex or UPS - they'll just throw them in the mail without any way to track them.

    Many green card applicants, have social security numbers and have been working for years to build good a credit history. Anyone getting hold of these packages will have access to all personal history, addresses and of course the bank account information on the checks sent to pay the application fees. Just a thought . . .

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  • vjone
    04-07 12:17 PM
    Who r u to ask him to get lost??? Just becoz u have so many greens dozn't mean that u can rule the roost. Therez something called as freedom of speech and hez just using it. Its a free forum and u cant dictate terms here while u r a member here urself. Accept the truth and live with it. Whyz that some desis get so offended when someone rightly points out the dirty behavior of desi employers? He has a point and u need to respect that. And yes this is immigration related and causes awareness among the legal immigrant community. If that dozn't get into ur thick skull then God knows what doz. Maybe visa bulletin monitoring and RFEs and PDs???

    Go on give me reds now...

    Thank you.

    I really see useless threads a ton here, some of them are opened by these guys. They might be helping this organization by donating some money , that does not mean they can dictate terms. I will say these guys motives will not help any one.

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  • WaitingForMyGC
    07-13 01:20 PM
    There were speculations that AUG bulletin will be released at 1 AM EST , then 2AM EST , then 10 AM ESt , then 11 AM EST....

    None of the speculations came out True - Anyone has any idea when AUG Bulletin will actually come out ?

    In 2 cents

    05-03 09:15 AM
    Guys as a RULE. Pls contact the Core members before contacting ANYONE no matter HOW pro-immigrant we think he may be. Let that be a policy of sorts. Just talk to ANY one core member and discuss it before u take any action. Media exposure is a double edged sword so let us please be careful as to who we contact.

    07-17 06:00 AM
    I say try to get as many shots as possible at your PCP. For TB and HIV tell him that you have been to India lately and want to make sure everything is okay. For other shots tell him that you are considering to apply for a medical/dental school and need to get vaccination records, which you don't have because everything was done in India. Take all those proof to immegration doctor, he will accept those records.

    My wife in fact joined dental school last year. She needed only HIV.

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