Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • herns
    03-20 04:00 PM
    if you think you can file I-485 with 2 I-140s and USCIS would let you use PD from one and Category from other. THOUGH LEGAL BUT FORGET IT.


    What is the basis of I-140 priority date? is it when the I-140 was filed or when it got approved?

    Here is an EXAMPLE for you and to everyone else to understand easily:

    I-140 filed Jan 6 2006
    I-140 approved Feb 6 2007

    is the PD Jan 6, 2006 or feb 6 2007?

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  • Joe Cantrell
    July 25th, 2005, 07:37 AM
    Oh Wow.... Learn how to use the equipment. Stop thinking just because you bought it you will be a better photographer. If you look through your images and if one, just one, photo is in focus, the problem is you. PERIOD A camera can't focus on air - so in order for the "50% of the time" images that are in focus to be in focus - the camera must be doing its job. Learn the focus lock and how to set it. Or go to manual focus.

    I have been a photographer 44 years. I have exhibited around the world; my images have been used in well over a thousand publications. I still use my 8"x10" mahogany and brass camera. I've used Nikons since 1968, have owned about 50 of them. And you're telling me to learn how to use my equipment? Jumping to a bit of a conclusion, aren't you?

    September 23, the House Judiciary Committee expects to take up bills [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : September 23, the House Judiciary Committee expects to take up bills

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  • prince_waiting
    10-03 04:44 PM
    I guess do something and change all the documents to a single name....It may look a little bit tedious right now but believe me, you don't want more heads spinning.

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  • aj130346
    04-04 10:55 PM
    A company ( a US Fortune 10...nothing to do with India or any other developing country) filed for a GC almost three years back..They realized for employees of Indian origin...its taking a long time to get GC which restircts their ability to promote high potential employeess...offered a select few to accept their promotional jobs and as and when their H1B time is up, will be sent as expats outside of the US. When they come back, the'll get L1 and GC..

    Moral of the story: Where there is a will ( or employee value) there is a way. Employment based immigration is based on the what the US company wants to laws change so will the ways of US corporates....While the good / ethical US companies will continue to thrive...companies that adopt 'mickey mouse' tactics which get into trouble.


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  • ameryki
    10-07 01:47 PM
    Anybody from Nebraska SC who got their I-485 LUD updated right after FP or even after couple of days?

    Yep me and my wife had an fp appt on Oct 3rd our status LUD on Oct 4th. file # LIN712xxxxxxxx

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  • Circus123
    02-11 11:36 AM
    Yes I think you ar confusing the processing times with the actual bulletin date.

    The dates as you vision seems to be highly optimistic ...
    Yes it will be true in 10 years or so...


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  • gclabor07
    12-11 11:28 AM
    I missed the train too. My PERM application was stuck in Atlanta which cleared in September. Sucks.. to be falling behind. I've contributed $200 to IV so far and will help IV in any way I can.

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  • suavesandeep
    07-14 03:38 PM
    As others mentioned, If you apply for J1.. Your husband wont be able to apply for 485 for you for SURE unless you are done with J1 Waiver. You may also potentially jeopardize your husbands 485 application because USCIS may find out that you(spouse) are on J1 even if he does not apply 485 for you. I am not sure about this point thou, You may want to confirm with a lawyer.

    As i see things the only safe BET is your husband applies for 485 for both of you only after you finish your J1 waiver. Again in this case if USCIS finds you have done J1 in the past, Your application could be potentially delayed because they may have to do additional checks to confirm J1 waiver etc. When it comes to USCIS IMHO its better to not give them reasons to delay your application if possible.

    Since in your case as you have not started yet you are looking at 3 years of residency + lets say 3 year of J1 waiver

    So for the next 6 years from the day you start residency you may not be eligible to apply for 485. And the way USCIS works where they suddenly open the window to apply, I dont think its a good idea.

    I would say find a program which sponsors H1B strictly. We faced the same predicament 2/3 years back when my wife applied for residency. We strictly applied to H1B residency programs only and my wife got into one of them (She had very good USMLE scores(99/98) and some good recos/prev work exp).

    Hope this helps.

    I'm trying to secure a residency in one of the hospitals in the US and my husband is already has I140 approved for himself. Currently i'm in the US on H-4 status and want to apply for residency at one of the hospitals. The problem is, some hospitals only offer J-1 visa and i know there is some restrictions to J-1 visa, that i might have to serve in some under serve area for ? years.

    I was thinking that i can sign the contract but by the time i'm done with my residency, my husband will already have his EAD or atleast GC and he wil aplly for me as well. WOuld this releive me of the responsibility to serve in an underserve area ot not? Thanks.


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  • neerajkandhari
    12-17 07:52 AM
    can I accept my salalry through 1099
    or do still need to be paisd by W2

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  • gccovet
    04-23 01:19 PM
    appealing/motion to reopen doesn't allow you to stay in USA.

    If employer revokes 140 then no basis for getting h-1b extensions.

    Can H1 be extended on basis that I-485 filled and pending for more then 1 year?


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  • shreekhand
    05-12 11:12 AM
    Regarding point 1):

    Note that DoS has not wasted visa numbers after 2006. For all practical purposes, days of visa number wastage is history. Why do you think the July 2007 fiasco happened ?

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  • amitjoey
    07-18 03:43 PM
    I am a GC holder now and there are many people like me who are also would like to continue to contribute some money from time to time. I will get in touch with all my friends to contribute something even after GC to fight this noble cause.


    I am sure, why not.


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  • kunallen
    01-21 11:00 PM
    Since I140 petition is for future employment, it shouldn't matter that you were on F1 when it was filed. However, you may have a problem with adjustment of status. You may have to do consular processing if you are still on F1. But since you've changed to H1, I don't think it matters again. Could you consult an attorney or pose this question at the next attorney conference call?

    I am sorry to ask the question again, but what is the consular process? and how is it processed?

    I am sorry if i sound lost here, but when is the next attorney conference call?

    Thanks for all the reply.

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  • a_tyagi26
    01-06 04:08 PM
    how we can do it? we didn't get anything last time. I have wife and 2 kids. So it will be $1800.... when I checked last time it was said that for those who didn't get last time will get it automatically when they file return for 2008. Anybody knows more about it? Please let us know.

    Or I guess we can always use Tax Firms also.

    If your kids have SSN then you will probably get around 1200, from my guess. I am sure you will not get for your spouse, for lack of SSN.


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  • desi3933
    03-08 12:23 PM
    KHUSH RAHO ....

    Zindagi hai choti , har pal me khush raho...
    Office me khush raho , ghar me khush raho..
    Aaj paneer nahi hai , dal me hi khush raho,

    Aaj gym jane ka samay nahi , do kadam chal ke he khush raho..
    Aaj Dosto ka sath nahi , TV dekh ke hi khush raho..
    Ghar ja nahi sakte to phone kar ke hi khush raho...
    Aaj koi naraaz hai , uske iss andaz me bhi khush raho..
    Jisse dekh nahi sakte uski awaz me hi khush raho...
    Jisse paa nahi sakte , uske yaadon me he khush raho

    MBA karne ka socha tha , S/W me he khush raho...
    Laptop na mila to kya , Desktop me hi khush raho..
    bita hua kal ja chuka hai , usse meethi yaade hai unme he khush raho..
    aane wale pal ka pata nahi ..sapno me he khush raho..
    Haste haste ye pal bitaenge , aaj me he khush raho

    Zindagi hai choti , har pal main khush raho.....


    Since no one has come out with English translation, here is my version. oomshiva, Please feel free to correct it as you are the author

    Life is short, enjoy its every moment
    In Office and at Home, enjoy and just enjoy
    Did get Chicken Masala, be happy with fast food

    No time for gym today, walk a little and be happy
    Didn't see a friend today, watch TV and be happy
    Can't go to home country, make a call and be happy
    Somebody is upset with you, ignore/remember him and be happy
    You can't see him/her, listen to that voice and be happy
    That person can't be yours, just remember and be happy

    Planned to do MBA, so what if you are in software, be happy
    Didn't get Laptop, With desktop be happy
    Yesterday is gone, recall fond memories and be happy
    Worried about future, stay in dreams and be happy
    These times will pass, enjoy your present to the fullest and be happy

    Life is short, enjoy its every moment

    and may I add this one line

    Enjoy your today to the fullest
    who knows ..
    there may be no tomorrow

    Sanan has written this line
    Green Card nahin mila H1 me he Khush raho ??

    Translation: Didn't get Green Card, Be happy with H1


    This is my first post. May I make a request that if you post anything in non-english, please provide english translation. Thanks!

    Here is a question for all those people who are good in Hindi --
    What is the english word for "punarchakravat" punar-chakra-vat
    Whay I am trying to say is that evenfor Hindi speakers it is possible that they may not get every word of it.

    I will post answer in a little while.


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  • WillIBLucky
    12-11 12:48 PM
    I wouldn't care to much if they steamline the process and make all EB categories "Current". If you submit the right documentation these days i-140 does not take more than an month.

    But if the retrogression is like this then as well a retrogressed person does not care as in any case he cannot file together. The only people who are affected is the people who are eligible to apply for both with the PD as current. But how many people are there now in that frame of benefit.

    So I really feel it should not bother us too much especially people from India. If I am wrong correct me.


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  • Pallavi79
    01-27 07:34 PM
    <Quote>ashishgour: Must have a Master Degree in IT and no more than 6 years of professional experience!</Quote>
    Why do people does not want more than 6 years?? Highly curious about this.

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  • permfiling
    12-11 02:46 AM
    I missed the train too.. I guess we missed on purpose which is we make RICH in our own country in the future

    Business as Usual. They are minting (milking) money with other services.

    Damn H1, GC,#$%#$%$%$%^%$^

    All MNC's are flocking to INDIA lately. I think I am sitting on the wrong continent :-)

    Quotes on INDIA:

    a is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition.” - American Writer and Humorist Mark Twain

    “If there is one place on the face of earth where all dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India.” - French scholar Romain Rolland

    “India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border.” - Hu Shih (Former Chinese ambassador to USA, referring to the entry of Buddhism into China. Buddhism was born in ancient India).

    So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked.”- Mark Twain

    “In India I found a race of mortals living upon the Earth. but not adhering to it. Inhabiting cities, but not being fixed to them, possessing everything but possessed by nothing.”- Apollonius Tyanaeus, Greek Thinker and Traveller 1st Century AD

    “Bear in mind that the commerce of India is the commerce of the world and … he who can exclusively command it is the dictator of Europe.”- Peter the Great of Russia [LOOKS LIKE WE ARE GETTING THERE WITH IT]

    EB2- 10/05
    EB1 EA Appeal pending

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  • chintu25
    03-19 04:17 PM
    U did not need to file a complaint just telling them that u wud file wud have been enough :)

    06-13 10:05 PM
    I didn't file a dependent 485...

    By the way, how do you tell a soft LUD from a "hard" LUD?

    Soft LUD: only last Update Date changes w/o a change in status
    Hard LUD: last Update Date + case status, both change

    07-12 02:57 PM
    Will it come today?

    Tommorow or Thursday

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