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  • shx
    07-12 03:49 PM
    Visa Bulletin for August 2010 (

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  • ganguteli
    04-06 03:44 PM
    HOUSTON: A federal jury has found five people guilty of conspiring to obtain fraudulent work visas for nearly 90 Indian nationals in exchange for at
    least $20,000 per visa, the US Attorney's Office said.

    Mahendrakumar "Mack" Patel, 55, Rakesh Patel, 36, Alberto Pena, 38, Bernardo Pena, 38, and Marte Othon Villar Sr, 48, encouraged and induced the illegal immigration of Indian nationals in exchange for tens of thousands of dollars per visa, a statement from the US Attorney's Office said yesterday.

    The jury found that Alberto and Bernardo Pena, twin brothers from Brownsville, along with co-defendants had encouraged and induced 87 individuals from Gujarat to unlawfully enter US on temporary H-2B visas, knowing that the Indian nationals did not intend to work for the company that was used to get visas for them.

    The brothers also knew that the visa-seekers did not intend to return to India when their 10-month visas expired, a statement said.

    Pena twins also travelled to India to assist the Indian nationals with the application process and visited and corresponded with the US Consulate in Mumbai.

    Two other co-defendants -- Mack Patel of Ft Worth and Rakesh Patel, a Houston pharmacist -- pleaded guilty for recruiting Indian citizens who were willing to pay $20,000 to $60,000 in exchange for visas to enter the United States

    Link :

    you created a new account just to post this? :)

    Let us talk about what good immigrants have done like opening companies, creating jobs, inventions etc.

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  • gcphul
    11-19 05:59 PM
    Hi guys
    on weekend i got email abt my I140 has RFE.Message saying they mailed on Nov14.i am expecting letter to attorny or emplyer in 2 weeks.
    My pd is 2002 Dec. and my Company got merged last year to new company, i have 3year degree and 1plus year diploma which is equal to B.S computer science, when my employer did Education Evalution.

    I am expecting 2 Queries
    1) when company merge they may ask Company tax returns for current year.
    2) or they want again Education Evalution

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  • santb1975
    06-19 08:55 PM
    I am sure all the state chapter leads will post an update when they are done with their work day.


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  • kevinkris
    10-06 08:58 PM
    I was just quoting that there may be legitimate reasons but this is not a good reason...

    Fully aware this is not the right time to correct eachother, but their is something in me that forces me to dis-approve your comment on " ... legitimate cause for sucide". I hope you will take it in friendly spirit.

    We all are fighting our battles on all levels in all the different ways it financial, social, family or professional. And in some of these we will win and inothers we shall lose, if not have. And it might be that mental illness drove this young man into such desperate direction, but little did he realize the consequences of his near-sightedness. No matter how depressing and gloomy it may appear, we should not forget that tommorow can be better. Life is a cherished previliage given to us and we should put to it's best intended use as per God's will.

    So let's be brave and encourage eachother so that no-one else show up on news in manner the departed souls. My deep sympathys to those affected by this tradegy and apologizes for any un-wonted offence.

    Be brave, be strong ...

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  • rajesh_kamisetty
    05-22 01:47 PM


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  • kishdam
    03-20 09:49 AM
    Three High-Skilled Visa Bills Introduced into the House (March 19, 2008)
    Increase in H1B numbers etc.....
    A person with PhD give special immigration status.etc.....

    Thats good (better than nothing) seems like SUSTAIN act is getting some steam

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  • amitjoey
    07-18 03:43 PM
    I am a GC holder now and there are many people like me who are also would like to continue to contribute some money from time to time. I will get in touch with all my friends to contribute something even after GC to fight this noble cause.


    I am sure, why not.


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  • another one
    07-18 02:56 PM
    but this is a wish list..IV has some clearly defined actions

    Lets figure out the next course of Action for IV in the best interests of its members. Let's itemize each one of them and propose possible solutions. This thread is not for question / answers about individual situations but broad GC issues to be resolved by Govt/Congress/USCIS/DHS/DOL by way of proposing bills/acts/resolutions/amendments. IV must have done this but I didn't see an easy way of getting it.

    First we could categorize them into different buckets such as that IV did for the forums. Just made up some to give an example. Some gurus on IV can suggest a better categorizing


    1) Labor
    a) Allow one to get promoted instead fixing to of a fixed job position in the labor advt.

    2) I-140
    a) Allow One to file for two I-140's
    b) Have freedom to change employer when I-140 is pending

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  • meridiani.planum
    01-18 01:38 PM

    I did not know it can be that bad

    r u working in the USA now?


    yes I am working in the bay area.
    Back in 2001/2002/2003 I have seen many friends having to return to India (from the bay area) because they could not get another job. All the desi consulting companies that everyone bashes so often? they are the saviours. They are typically the only ones who hire in those times. All the big companies will have hiring freeze's and massive layoffs.

    Its already started in the US (Sprint:4k, Lehman Bros 1300, Motorola 7500+1600, applied-materials 1000) but this is the mere tip of the iceberg.
    Its starting from the financial sector:
    but will probably spread all over.

    The real mess will start in Q3 (thats when we'll know if we are really sunk or some last minute stimulus is goign to keep this recession short and quick). Most probably this time its going to take much longer than 2001/2002 to recover. Back then the dollar was strong, there was a huge fiscal surplus and inflation was not a risk. This time none of those things are there and stimulating the economy is going to take much much longer. Also, to an extent in 2001/2002 it was only tech that imploded. The rest of the economy (& consumers by extension who are the main drivers of the economy) was ok. This time its widespread, consumers across the board are hit.

    The July VB was a huge blessing in disguise for lots and lots of people who will be able to maintain status even if they are jobless for a few months. Back in 2001/2002/2003 the option was to be out-of-status of return home. Many chose the latter. This time they can atleast get a job offer from a desi consulting company and keep looking for some consulting gig.


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  • myimmivoice
    04-09 12:37 PM
    The IV is about issues/problems of employment based immigrants, and the goal is to get support as much as possible from every corner in this country to further the cause. Everyone who supports this cause fit in to some category (within legal limits - pro, anti, this group, that lobby, this ethincity, that nationality, etc.), and that does not mean we are promoting something or have preferences for a group. In my opinion any support (with in the legal framework) to the cause of IV from any corner in this country is welcome and should be appreciated.

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  • reachag
    04-04 08:38 AM
    Just ignore them...If you guys remember we had the same problem with techworkers yahoo group. At a critical time some guys tried to side track and demoralize us. May be they have other interests in their mind :(


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  • corba
    05-08 08:18 PM
    Thanks for your positive reply ...

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  • vamsi_poondla
    03-16 01:22 PM
    IMO, there could be unfortunate situations for anybody which may seem to be like one will go out-of-status. Best option is go to a good attorney. It is not cheap option but certainly it is best way to get things answered professionally within a specific time period. It will also prevent your case to be wide open on forums for any agency or anti-s to target you. You will also be protected by attorney client confidentiality agreements.

    I saw some questions like "I am not working on H1B though I have visa. Or things like "I am not paid on bench. Is that alright". Does it need anybody to confirm that you could be out of status? Quite naive to ask that on forum.

    Best option, do not violate any law intentionally. When we take so much care by not even jay-walking, we should be super careful about the immigration laws and statuses.


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  • nixstor
    09-19 03:11 PM

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the membership count and who is the newest member.

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  • HV000
    10-05 04:13 PM
    No LUD Update (NSC) for the last 2 days after FP. But EAD card has been ordered. Its very difficult to predict how they operate.


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  • phantomzoner
    02-26 08:01 PM
    I would suggest guys to not only try to contact pHDs you know but to post this message in other forums that might be frequented by international pHDs.

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  • mirchiseth
    06-03 10:45 PM
    I efiled EAD and AP for my wife and myself over this weekend. My earlier documents had been filed at TSC. In answering Question 11 of EAD, I "assumed" Dallas TX Field office and USCIS TSC are one and the same. So I selected Dallas TX Field office as the answer.

    When the receipts were generated for our applications they were generated for National Benefits Center with MSC as the prefix. This got me confused and I asked this question ( on IV. This evening to research what is going on I started a dummy application and saw what I had done wrong. I canceled the dummy application.

    I am writing this to alert anyone to not do the same mistake. I am mighty concerned. I will call USCIS tomorrow morning and ask on what will happen and where should I send me supporting documents. I will also get hold of some local attorney.

    In the mean time what do you guys think of our situation. Any experiences, ideas? Please share. This will be long night :-|

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  • lazycis
    12-18 12:48 PM
    I am little confused here, do they take into account the reciept date or Notice Date ?.

    My Application was sent on July 2, and ack on July2, however the application got transferred to Nebrska, CA and back to Nebraska, and I am told the Notice Date is Aug 30. (If I go to Online website it says On Aug 30 we recd your appln like that) But I am July 2 filer.

    So if I want to move, should I think i am safe after 180 days which is jan 3 or is it March ?

    It's the received date as specified in the receipt (i.e. jan 3).

    01-09 02:23 PM

    Well - these people get VIP treatment in prison - believe me - they get good food, drinks, entertainment, cell phones, cable tv, reading room and other things. They wont keep VIPs along with pickpockets and robbers.

    Most of the VIP frauds actually continue their business operations or start new ventures when in jail and sometimes form new partnerships with like minded VIP frauds who are also in the same prison.

    It is a haven for them.

    After all the heat goes down and after few years they are released, no one cares - they may either settle in a beach house or continue with another fraud company or maybe enter politics.

    07-01 02:22 PM
    For AC21 , Ron is the man !!! He is a strong supporter of AC21 law. He just charged you 500 bucks for AC21 but gives you million dollar worth of peace of mind.

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