Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • GTGC
    10-05 03:49 PM

    No change since October bulletin!

    Now is the time for all of us to start taking action -I hope more people join their local IV chapters and fight this - retrogression is the sad reality of life even if some people choose to ignore it!

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  • satyasrd
    01-10 01:15 PM
    I am surprised that this is not getting as much attention as it should.

    IV Team, is there anything we should do to work towards this ?


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  • flthere
    07-14 04:26 PM
    Dems are like EB3-I ...

    EB3-I folks know that only way to get the GC sooner is thru porting but many ppl are just hanging on ..

    Dems know that the Immigration issue will bring them down in the elections, but they won't/can't do anything about it until elections are over ...

    Now its very clear to me and all the IV is for EB as a whole. Now that EB2 is served reasonably well, if there is any action plan from IV on helping out EB (not just I or C, even ROW) then ... atleast if EB3 visas are not wasted, i'll be glad ...

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  • saro28
    08-03 03:56 PM
    Did you notice any LUD? I noticed soft LUD just now, but nothing in case status. Check this thread ( I had to do submit AR-11 for no reason. Not sure whether LUD is because of that.

    Hey Mere Dostho....

    I am yet another GC hopeful like you guys

    I am waiting since last 9 gruesome years for this to complete.

    Category : EB3

    PD Date : December 26th, 2001

    Labor Approved : October 11th, 2006

    I 140 Approved : February 17th, 2007

    I 485 Receipt Date : September 13th, 2007

    Waiting since then and currently my date has become current and following the instructions from dear friends like you folks, i have created Service Center tickets.

    Any other tips???


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  • gckp
    05-05 10:21 AM
    Atlanta simply stop working on Audit cases for last 3-4 months.

    I think there are more people affected by this than 50 people mentioned in this thread. My recommendations are.

    1) Need to gather additional people got affected by this
    2) Most of the people already contribute to IV but if we need additional funds to drive this lobbying, need to find out and start collecting additional funds
    3) Need advise from IV moderators/seniors about the next step regarding lobbying or contacting the local law makers or collecting additional funds for organized lobbying.

    Other information we need to find out is does any people got LCA approved after the audit? If yes, how much time it has taken after the audit?

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  • franklin
    09-19 11:11 PM
    Hmmm... humorous stories...

    Well there was gsc999 and jazz trying to pull a "room service" gag on Drona and myself, but they went to the wrong room...

    ... I've heard some pretty hilarious tales about a comedic cab journey with a driver that wouldn't obey, and got some impromptu driving instruction by Logiclife...

    ... but a lot of the others must stay in DC :)


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    05-05 01:30 PM
    My employer says that he has lodged my PERM in July 2008. As yet there is no news and neither does he provide any information regarding the status. Is there anything I can do to find out whether the PERM has been lodged at all? What are my options?

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  • snathan
    05-10 09:51 AM
    @snathan: Have you checked with your lawyer if he sent an email to DOL. You may have been audited.

    Whenever I call atorny...he says it will take time and be patient. Its not FIFO with USCIS...I have seen cases pending from Nov 2007. I really dont know how to push him to send a mail.


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  • amitjoey
    02-07 05:12 PM
    We are 8805 Members.
    Welcome to all the new members.

    Congrajulations to every body, very proud of everybody that has been inviting other friends to join IV and also to all those of us who have been printing posters and banners and putting them in Ethnic grocery stores and other such places.

    We can do it. We need to step up a little bit on our efforts and we can be 10,000 strong.

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  • seahawks
    05-30 12:11 AM
    While filing for 485 you must show that you were legally in the country, hence copies of H1/H4 need to be submitted as proof. Since H4 wasn't filed, she is essentially presumed out of status. I don't know the details on explanation and filing extension, but the lawyer seems to know more than we people.


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  • pushpakatari
    07-23 02:56 PM

    My Husband and daughter appeared for the interview on Dec 6th 2006 but they were given 221(g) blue form and were asked to drop the papers in Hyderabad VFS office and it was clearly mentioned not to attend personally

    As per The 221(g) form , they dropped passports and my original I797,I129 and all supporting documents including my original H1 papers and marriage certificates on Feb 20th 2007 , After 4 months on July 3rd 2007 we got a mail from to appear for interview on any Monday before 9 am with Passports and all other supporting documents but we have already dropped all the documents including passports in Hyderabad VFS drop box and it have been couriered to Chennai US Consulate through them.

    I mailed to US consulate to suggest whether they can appear for the interview only with this mail printout but I haven’t got any reply and also my husband talked to customer representative they said he can come with the mail print out as they already dropped their passports . My husband and daughter reappeared for the to US Consulate Yesterday July 23rd 2007.The security people didn’t allow him inside since they don’t have their passports my husband showed his Identification card and printout of the mail from and they allowed my husband but not my daughter as she doesn’t have the mail or identification card. She is 4 yrs old and we already dropped her date of certificate and passports in drop box along with my Husband papers.

    Finally after a long conversation they were sent inside accompanied by an Indian officer. But when he explained his case to the Indian officers they said that they were not aware of the mail from and finally he was sent to interview and US consulate officer said that his case is still under process and they were sent back again

    They have dropped the passports and all supporting documents on Feb 20th 2007 and now its been more than 5 months but still they say that the case is still under process. Can any one please let me know why he was sent the below mail from to attend for interview when the case is still in process. How long still would it take for this Administrative process and when can i expect a reply from consulate.

    Along with the passports they have also dropped the few original documents of my I-797, I-129 ,LCA , our marriage certificate and my daughters date of birth certificate. Please let us know whether if there is any chance to verify that passprot and my original documents have been misplaced by US consulate

    Please find their case Batch id
    Case Batch id :- 339-461-3 STATUS

    Also please suggest if there are any alternatives.


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  • susie
    08-21 01:45 AM
    Labor filed in Aug 2002, approved after 6 years in June 2007. Meanwhile, our son aged out in June 2004. Daughter turned 21 today, and her I-485 adjustment application is in the July 2 logjam.

    The DREAM Act can be a solution for our son, but some of the versions were made applicable to only illegal immigrants. We have to be careful to read the details whenever the next version makes its headway in the Congress.

    I honestly do not hold out much hope for the dream act giving any benefit to legal children, and also doubt it will pass anyway.

    Lets see what we can achieve as a group, if we get enough people to agree to help us


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  • illusions
    04-01 10:35 AM
    I only counted 7. But strangely enough, there's an approval for a 04/03/2007 PD. (The user Horus). I guess he is just very lucky!!!

    yeah 7 for EB3 total of 12 incl EB2. Horus, is one lucky guy i guess.

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  • andy garcia
    02-28 02:38 PM
    thanks andy. I am planning to use old PD , since I have a previously approved labour from EB3 ( i am trying for eb2 this time) do I need the original copy of the I-140 approval from my old employer? thanks.

    This is taken from one of the Bulletins issued by the CIS.

    Determining the priority date: Under INA � 203(f), immigrant visas are available in the order in which the underlying visa petition was filed. The �priority date� determines an alien�s �place in line.� For EB-1immigrants, the priority date is the date the employer files the Form I-140 with USCIS. For EB-2 and EB-3 immigrants, the priority date is the date the employer applies for the labor certification, if an individual labor certification is required. If an individual labor certification is not required, the priority date is the date the employer files the Form I-140 with USCIS. If the alien is the beneficiary of more than one Form I-140, the priority date for EACH Form I-140 is the priority date for the earliest Form I-140.

    I think that all you need is a copy of the I-140 approval.


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  • neelu
    03-30 11:01 AM
    Hi IV'ers,

    Today IV is a 10000 member organization!
    Thank you everyone who participated in the campaign!

    Three important next steps:

    1. Let us all (every member), start and continue working on the IV action items such as "Meet your Lawmakers", "Call Lawmakers", etc. If we can do these now, we will definitely be able to influence the upcoming votes in the House and Senate on the immigration bills. And these bills are coming pretty soon (in a matter of weeks). So now is the time to act!

    2. Let us all contribute as much as possible now. OUr donations will help IV in its lobbying effort. The more financially strong IV is, the better it can work support on the hill.

    3. Last but not the least, we cannot stop at 10000. The stronger our numbers are, the more effective we can be (both in campaigns, as well as financially). So I am upping the target here. Please help introduce ONE member to IV by the end of April. If everyone of us added just ONE member by end of April 2007, we would be a 20000 member strong team.

    20000 might look daunting, but's it's really not every individual just took care of his one member.


    Thank you.

    Members: 10,003

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  • stillhopefull
    03-24 12:15 PM
    Yes. from Germany.


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  • ss.varn
    08-14 11:24 AM
    EAD/AP Approved

    App filed date- June 4th 2008-Texas Center
    Biometrics done July 2nd 2008

    EAD Card Production August 13th 2008

    I also applied for AP at the time applying for EAD. AP got approved on 7th August. It was an E-file for me and my wife. I hope this helps for those who are waiting for EAD/AP impatiently. I haven�t got the actual cards so do not know whether this is 1 yr or 2 yr, My PD is in Dec 2006.

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  • srikondoji
    09-21 11:07 AM
    You are smart. Pappu will continue to work on H1-B, even after receiving EAD.
    It was pappu who said that 'Working on EAD is one-way street".
    So, you will get your training and still don't have to pay penny unless pappu accepts cash.
    Folks if you want to know how to handle an interview... learn it from Pappu!! He was smooth (read slippery) as... soap?... hell anything that is smooth :)

    Pappu... any training you can give me? :eek:

    I may even be able to pay you... once you get your EAD! :)

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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    09-24 06:13 PM
    ... there was a time when it used to be horizontal spillovers. i.e. remaining EB3 from other countries used to go to EB3 I/C/M, and remaining EBx from other countries used to go to EBx I/C/M. (same level to same level)

    At that time EB3 I used to get around ~15K-20K, from other countries. Then all of a sudden USCIS started vertical spillover, i.e. any remaining numbers from other countries no matter what EBx, will go to EB1 I/C/M and then fall to EB2 I/C/M and then to EB3 I/C/M.

    This way EB3-I gets nothing as everything is consumed at EB2-I level.

    If there is a way to get USCIS to start horizontal spillover again, then things can get OK, as USCIS does not need any law change, or any legislation change for this policy.

    How can we confirm the spillover interpretation. I am not familiar with the spillover rules but my understanding was that only if there in an excess in EB2 then the spillover gets down to EB3. Am I wrong or as per rules should spillover be distribued equally? If it has to be distributed equally then we need to do a mass mail or something and ask USCIS to explain. Even if 50 of us send letters to USCIS ther mihgt be some action.

    11-14 08:28 AM
    I got my passport renewed at Houston in 6 weeks and my wife got it in 4 weeks this year.

    03-27 09:18 AM
    Yes. PD Oct 2003. Thanks for the reply.

    is your PD current in March or Apr VB?? PD has to be current for them to look at your application. also there is also an amount of luck involved in this process

    good luck to us all

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