Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • chi_shark
    07-07 06:04 PM
    I've been thru many jobs here, and none of the offer letters mentioned that the job would be "permanent" (whatever that means). It's especially not possible to have that written on job offer letters for contract/project-based jobs. In any case, UDCIS does *not* require you to mention that on your EVL.

    in my case, my rfe was clear that my evl needs to state that my job is "full time and permanent". it also asked for salary, "specific job duties", educational/training requirements, date of starting the job.

    it also said that the ac21 letter my company lawyer had already provided when i changed my job was inadequate in details!!! howzzat?

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  • delhirocks
    12-03 10:19 PM
    Optimist, thanks for the clarification. Do you get a 3 year extention if?

    a) I140 is aproved
    b) I140 filed but pending


    not true. Irrespective of whether your 485 is filed or not, if your PD is not current, you can get a 3 year extension of your H1 if your I-140 is filed.
    Saying this based on personal experience, and this has also been clarified by USCIS in its FAQ. Your attorney needs to mention that and ask for 3 years when the extension request is made. If they request one, they'll get one.

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  • telekinesis
    05-23 05:57 PM
    About to leave to Best Buy to pick up my new 17" notebook PC. I'll have to load some stuff onto and finish something for a client, but it will be finished tonight.

    Sorry about the delay.

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  • kaisersose
    09-17 02:25 PM
    How were you able to file in june 2007 when the dates were not current for eb3. They wont even accept the applications.

    Why do people assume everyone here is from India?


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  • cosmicenergy
    04-04 08:50 AM
    To these 'Professionals' , it is time to remind the Lobster story, when they catch first Lobster the fisherman keeps the lid covered, after second Lobster is caught the lid is never closed, " well, the lobester will not let other get out, they will pull leg of each other " . Innutshell let good people work for real cause and stay away being armchair critics, first get your self involved into this humble cause, then only ye shall have right to criticise/disenchented !!!!

    with lov and light.

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  • rockstart
    06-19 10:05 PM
    Please post it for other people who are not part of state chapter


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  • setpit_gc
    02-27 07:04 PM

    Do we need to keep a copy of LC?. I have copies of all the documents except Labor Certification.


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  • senthil
    02-09 11:32 AM
    about Berkleybee latest postings. I know this person from day1 and no-doubt, as mentioned by others, she was an important member of IV and great asset.


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  • gc_chahiye
    07-13 12:58 AM
    yeah but its time anyway for the August VB, and its VERY interesting to see what they say. If they put everything as U, they are potentially in trouble, as they have apparently returned unused visas to DOS. So there are unused visas...

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  • Steven-T
    February 3rd, 2004, 09:49 AM
    I think the Kodak has alot more problems than just AA problems!!!
    And any time a product drops by 50% in 1 year its normally not a good sign

    I played around with the 14n at Adorama. Also I have been at DPR Kodak forum gathering user experiences. For its price, its a great camera for its targeted purpose.

    There are two problems for me. There can be major magenta fringing at back-lighting and low light conditions (What will happen for shooting one hour before sun rise and after sun set?). You must shoot raw and do significant digital dark room work.

    Complaint: Even the D70 has spot metering, 1/500 x-synch, 30 - 1 / 8000. Cmon, Canon, at least put the d*mn spot-metering on the 10D-II (if not 12mp, FF, ... for $999.00)



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  • va_labor2002
    06-23 08:24 AM
    First of all what you want honorable Minister to do. Ask him to talk to US Congress to pass the law so that we get GC faster. Let say he speaks on our behalf. All I see happening is things getting worse rather than getting better. Those who are on the other side of the table will get a point to oppose to those who are supporting us. This is what going to happen. Every provision that is supporting our cause will be opposed by the fact that it has been done under the influence of foreign Government in this case it will be Indian. Organizations like numberusa is vehemently looking for a way to prove that how all pro-immigration provisions are anti-american. So we hand over them the Jackpot.
    Whole idea of involving Indian Minister looks to me like small kids involved in a fight seeking help of their parents to get the issues fixed. Here we are not dealing with neighbors kid. Lets grow up..

    If the minister talks to the US President regarding VISA retrogression problem,How the outside world will come to know ? The discussions will be kept confidential ! I don't think everything will be disclosed to the press. VISA revalidation is another thing he can talk to US Secretary of State.

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  • chmur
    04-07 11:02 AM
    There is good chance that we might loose visas this year too....with USCIS allocating resoucers to citizenship apps given the elections in november.

    We need to prevent that....that ought to be priority # 1....recapture can happen in parallel .


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  • vjone
    04-06 05:03 PM
    Thank you thomachan72.

    Sure I will. I have no application pending.

    Friend, with all due respect; what the members requested was to post some information about yourself. are you a immigrant? do you have any application pending / approved etc.
    This helps us identify with you as a group.
    Thanks for bringing this visa abuse issue to our attention. Just as in any other trade, surely there are many abusers, however, this economy fueled itself to the top of the world in a lot of things using talents from around the world and that was mainly via the temporary work visas including H1b. Now you might meet 1 person in say 100000 who falls into the catagory you mentioned and none of us entertain such people with any respect.

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  • learning01
    05-24 12:47 PM
    again. It is gone. That means you had sent the web fax.
    I just sent the webfax..
    One silly question.. How do we know it is actually sent ?


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  • sledge_hammer
    04-10 07:30 AM
    Maintaining the I-9 document at the employer's location is required by law. Even if you have not signed anything except the offer letter, the employer cannot just deny having you work for his client and wash his hands off you.

    You can definitely complain to DOL about wages. You did work for a client for 4 months right? They is no way he can disprove it as if it never happend.

    Do not delete any of the emails. Note down the emails and phone numbers of your colleagues from the client site so that they can confirm that you worked there. Call DOL and report this employer.

    Hello Everyone,

    Hi I am a student in United States and I was on Optional Practical Training from Jan 2008 to Dec 2008. As I finished my OPT in Dec 2008 I joined again in New course for M.S in soft. Eng.

    In the month of November I got a job in California through an employer, who is based in New Jersey. As I got a job the employer asked me to sign a contract which states that I will be paid 60,000 per year and I shouldn't work with his clients for 1 year after the agreement is terminated.

    As the project was only for 40 days I finished it successfully and I my employer couldnt find me another job till now. So I decided to work on my own when I got an opportunity with the previously worked vendor, when my employer came to know about this he has threatened me to sue me. Then I retrieved from the opportunity but now even my employer doesnt pay me anything. It is been 4 months, he hasn't paid me anything , even he hasnt provided me any insurance.

    I asked my employer couple of times to terminate my agreement otherwise I would go to Department of Labor and claim my wages but he downplays that by saying I am not on H1B so I will not be paid unless I am working with Client. But the agreement didn't say anything like that.
    I have even asked him to run the payroll where I worked .I.e in California but he ran it in New Jersey. When I pointed this to him he said the payroll will be run at the residing state if the employee works more than 6 months.

    We had an argument about this but he never replies to my emails he only calls me and says whatever he wants to say but when I ask him to put whatever he has said to me on phone in an email he doesnt reply at all.

    And to mention, he doesnt have any documents of mine. I even didnt fill any I9 form, what ever he has is the only agreement that I signed and social security number that I emailed him to run my pay roll.

    After the argument I even requested him to send my original agreement signed by two parties. I only had the agreement signed by me, he even didnt send me the agreement with his sign on it even after repeated requests.

    Now he doesnt even care to answer my calls or emails. I am really tensed. I am getting opportunities from vendor that I worked with but I am afraid he would sue me. Please help me What to do. I am really really frustrated, tensed and I can't express how I feel right now.

    I want to get out of the contract and work with the vendor if Possible.

    Please explain me how can I tackle this problem?

    I would be really very very thankful to you.


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  • rolrblade
    04-03 11:55 AM
    Please provide an update on the status of regulations regarding the following: AC21, CSPA, T regulations for adjustment of status, EB-5, and religious workers.
    Response: The AC21 rule and the EB-5 Special Class rule are both undergoing revision and should be published in the near future.

    I wonder what the AC21 rule revision is going to be?


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  • conundrum
    05-29 08:05 PM
    way to go... What optimism!!!

    Guys instead of being a pessimistic, lets all be optimistic and hope for the best case scenario.

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  • krishnam70
    02-15 03:19 PM
    Mr S Hammer

    This is not a flaming forum. There is no need to take an advise given to a person personally and then call other people names and take a high pedestal. If you are in a position to take an advise take it or leave it.

    Now to your observations and my responses.

    1. I am a full time employee too with a fortune 500 company working for the past 6 years with the same company since I got laid off first after working for another American company for 3 years. So there goes your argument for working with a desi company.

    2. Never been on bench due to the above reason

    3. you probably were in your high school or early college when I started my programming career back in 93 and now work as an Enterprise architect. So just chill out and don't try to categorize people based on your limited understanding. Don't even attempt to talk about my skills and what I know and don't.

    4. You just equated one simple post of helping a fellow person by advising him to be here for some more time to get a job to 'faking my entire career and labeled me as a fake'. Shows how mature you are

    5. Its good that not a single line in your resume if fake.. then you should not be offended at all by my statement.

    6. Oh BTW.. I do happen to have 2 Master Degrees from US of A and more than amply qualified to apply in EB2 category but due to the HR policies of the company could only apply in EB3.

    Now cool down and take your frustration elsewhere..your time will come..


    What makes you think that everybody fakes theirs resumes? You are talking like its just a matter of fact that faking resume is the only way people get jobs (and what is this project business????). I now know that YOU got your job by faking your skills. And shame on you for doing that!

    You conveniently missed out the 4th reason in your list
    The employers filed for H-1Bs kowing very well they did not have a job to give to the candidate. The immigrants would come to the US, get "trained" to lie their way into a job, pratice more lying, fake reumes (like you have), then get into a project, get fired in 1 month or 2, go on bench, unpaind, find another project by practising more lying, and so on.

    My friend, I take my statement back when I included you in the genuine candidate group. You are no better than the OP. You fakers deserve to end up in prison!

    To answer your original question: not a single line on my resume is fake. And I'm not working on "projects". I have a full-time job and I'm with the same employer for the past 4 years!!!!!!!!!

    Get out of your desi consultancy world for a change and see how the world outside of your little fakers club works. Not everybody is lying their way into "projects".

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  • kumar_77
    06-19 07:14 PM
    Thanks for the update ...

    Mailed my state chapter reply yet :(

    02-10 01:30 PM
    I just want to know why people think like that. Whoever I talk to thinks that after getting EAD everything is good and greencard is not that important. Is that true.

    Let us discuss pros and cons of EAD.

    09-18 01:42 AM
    Same question.
    In forums, I've only seen EAD approvals either from TSC or from CSC. Any July/Aug filers got EAD approvals from NSC?

    hello, i'm new here! anyways my question is how do you know when your EAD is approave? today i got a letter from my attorney with I-140,I-485,I-765 receipt notice with LIN-**-***-****. I also got my fingerprinting letter today in the mail scheduled for october 11,2007......when does the 90 days processing for EAD starts when you get the NOTICE DATE...or RECEIVED DATE, i would like to know if anyone know the answers, thanks for any reply.

    Filed I-140,I-485,I-765 @ NSC----- Received Date----July 27, 2007
    Notice Date -----September 4, 2007
    FP--- october 11,2007
    case EB3---RN ( chicago)

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