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  • herns
    03-20 12:36 PM
    Apply H4 with lawyer or by ourselves? My lawyer took care of my H1B, green card cases. Do I need to apply H4 for my wife through my lawyer? What is the advantage of using lawyer with H4 application. Can I apply it by myself? Is there any H4 application checklist around? Thank you.

    I never hired a lawyer when I applied for my wifes H4 about 4 years ago. In my experienced, I gathered all that are needed documents, send it to my wife for her consulate interview. A lawyer wont help at all in getting your wifes H4 visa, except for the list of documents that he know your wife might need. The consular office had some list documents your wife will need. So dont worry if the first time your wife tried and get denied.

    Do it yourself and save money!

    Disclaimer: Iam not a lawyer and THis is not a legal advice.

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  • seahawks
    09-12 02:31 AM
    Great work !!!

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  • skarthy
    11-27 05:13 PM
    skarthy: Upgrade your H1 transfer to premium processing, get the transfer approved. Re-enter the country by showing your wife's old H1 stamping, get a new I-94 based on new approved H1 petition at POE. This is a easy route; If I were you, I will do this.

    So We are abandoning the current H1 if we go before its approved .
    How do I get the I-94 based on the new H1B , just ask them to stamp it like that ?

    Thanks wandmaker.

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  • roseball
    01-27 04:28 PM
    Immigration & Winning the Future | The White House (

    I quote:
    "We have also improved our legal immigration system by reducing backlogs of immigration applications and devoting critical funding to promote innovative citizenship preparation and integration programs in communities throughout the country."

    Any idea what they are talking about in terms of backlog reduction?

    Cases waiting for visa numbers are not considered as backlogged. USCIS only terms cases pending processing as backlogged cases.


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  • hsadan
    10-01 04:36 AM
    lol ok...

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  • needhelp!
    10-10 04:05 PM
    Date: Saturday, October 13, 2007
    Start Time: 4:00 PM Central Daylight Time
    Dial-in Number: 1-785-686-2400 (Kansas)
    Access Code: Available to members of TX State Chapter (

    Please join the upcoming call for updates on current activity/future plans.


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  • drirshad
    01-25 04:42 PM
    For EAD eFiling you do not need any docs check the website below they will send a Biometric & photo appointment at local ASC, cool ........ D&vgnextchannel=9059d9808bcbd010VgnVCM100000d1f1d6a1 RCRD

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  • gotgc?
    03-05 02:26 PM


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  • gc28262
    07-09 09:37 PM
    what are the complications of applying to eb2 if there is only 3 year degree bachelor degree? Have a masters degree from Singapore - will that be enough to qualify?

    IMO there is a good chance you will qualify for EB2. When doing educational evaluation, you should base your claim on your masters degree. That way you would qualify.

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  • cbpds
    09-01 07:34 PM
    what are u acheiving out of this poll???? get back to work !!


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  • ckichannagari
    05-20 10:34 AM
    Dear Administrator,
    could you pl give donor access.

    Paypal Transaction ID: 7GB56304CH022333C

    Thank you

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  • looivy
    04-25 09:06 AM
    That is pretty much his strategy for almost every thing. Just talk talk talk talk..

    Obama has not done sh#$ for immigration or unemployment while in office.
    Romney will probably win 2012 unless Trump plays Ross Perot.


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  • ascetic
    05-03 05:53 AM
    What about the Spidy ?

    Peter Parker is American, lived in NY with his aunt and uncle. He can still look around for greener pastures. There must be better jobs than being a photographer at Daily Bugle with no promotions and a yelling boss. :)

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  • devd
    09-11 03:37 PM
    On August 5th, My Online status got updated: Approval Notice sent

    On August 19th, My employer got the notice stating that my petition is denied. He scanned it and forwarded it to me.

    On September 10th, My Online status got updated: the post office returned the notice we last sent you on this case I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER as undeliverable. This may have serious effects on processing this case. Please call xxx to update your mailing address for this notice to be re-sent.

    All this is leading to big confusion in my mind. I am not worried about denial. I am worried about what is happening here? Why Online status is deviant from what my employer says?


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  • anilsal
    12-09 01:36 PM
    Over the last few years, lots of people get GCs quickly while people who applied earlier do not. There is no real queuing semantics applied.

    I am sure the NC process is the same. All luck!!!!

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  • pady
    01-08 02:56 PM
    No, It is now ROW, I am from India EB2. But as I said, they didn't make any decision. They still want to review the file and will get back to me in 120 days.


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  • dingox100
    03-09 09:21 AM
    I recently did apply for EAD and the documents required are as below

    1. Personal check or Money order for 380$. I prefer sending personal check so that i can know if my check was cashed.
    2. I did paper filing and not e-Filing. Some say efile is better some say paper filing is better , i felt paper filing is easy and better , as we can track our documents sent.
    3. Docs req are
    1. Filled EAD Application form
    2. your 485 receipt notice copy
    3. Current Addresss proof. electricity bill, water bill etc.
    3.Copy of the biographic page of passport for each applicant
    4. i-94 Copy
    5. 2 Photographs
    6. SSN copy ( i put it as my attorney suggested but its not mandatory)
    7. copy of driver licence

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  • rram555
    01-26 03:27 AM
    neither lawyer nor employer received Labor Hard Copy until today. I missed I-140 Premium
    Processing because of Hard copy.

    I signed one page of the original document (which the employer/lawyer should send to you)
    before filing your I-140.


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  • BNB326
    08-21 01:06 PM
    What are the changes of getting approval by changing H1 to F1 and H4 to F1? Do i need to be in status during their review period of COS (H1to F1) or i can start scholl after filling COS.


    07-27 01:20 PM
    If your future wife is not in the US now, she will apply directly at the consulate for her L-2 visa. There is no need for you or her to get prior approval from CIS, like you do for the L-1. Your question is unclear, so I don't know if this answers it.

    07-26 11:44 AM
    I am not the art student.Just using online resources i was trying to build my skills.May be this is reflecting in my work now.So i have decided to quit from this competition.I am taking back all of my entries.


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