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Cursed or is it just meant to be?

    Disclaimer : Every characters, places and everything is just plainly made up for this story. It is just a story that I worked up for some time. Hoping to get some feedbacks from all you guys!

    Jay was in ecstatic mood that day. It was his first day of work and he was excited. Not long after, it was lunch time so he rushed off to the canteen with his new met friends/colleagues lining up to pay when his eyes caught a rare sight of attraction.

    1 look and he felt the blood rush to his head, heavy and fast heart beats, goosebumps, and sudden heat. He wanted to turn away before he gets a slap but the weirdest thing happened.

    "Hey there, u must be new here. Am Beth!"

    "*Stuttering* H-hey, Jay here. Nice to meet you!"

    Being just out of relationship, Jay was in a fragile state hence he tried his level best to keep his cool. His past relationship which lasted just over 3 years, was still fresh in his memories and ever since he never felt this kind of strong attraction before.

    Seeing Jay talking to this hot chick, all his friends started to tease him. Hearing it, his heart started to race faster and he could feel his face getting hotter and hotter.

    "OMG! Don't tell me you are blushing dude!" said 1 of his friend. Jay of course never told them about his past and judging from his never depleting hyper-ness and smile on his face, everyone thought that he was actually a player!

    Jay on the other hand was actually trying his level best to contain his feelings. So the rest of the day just went away with Jay dying to see his new found angel again. Luck wasn't on his side at least that day so he just left it to pass.

    So day after day he was trying to look for the same eyes that caught him but never managed to get any luck till the 4th day when he saw her again! She was with her friends lining up to pay laughing happily. That made his day as that was what he longing for! Just to see her! Trying not to look too obvious, he always tried to just steal a peak and keeping his mouth busy at the same time with his friends.

    This continued on for awhile until 1 day he bumped into her alone. Somehow working up his courage, he stops her.

    "Hey, which department are you in? How was your day so far?"
    "Not bad, am for sales team Jay. Day is boring with never ending training." said Beth with a smile.

    Jay suddenly realized what a fool he was as he actually thought that she was his senior! Now that he knew she was actually part of the sales team, he knew he had to do something so that he could have some reason to see her again.

    With a very obvious hesitant tone, "Hey mind if I have your number? Since after this we might not see each other, at least we could keep in touch...." Feeling his whole body shaky, and blood starting to rush through the veins, he waited for the "NO" word.

    "Sure! Why don't you take mind and I will text you." said Beth. Seeing both exchanging numbers, all of Jay's friends were very jealous of him. They started to tease him even more and that's when his phone went off! Everyone jumped to see the text and started off with a small celebration to see the text from Beth.

    That night they text each other and Jay could not hide his joy as he was having trouble sleeping and all. He had no idea that it would only last for day.

    The next day, Jay starting his test calls as he was a call center agent, was sitting in his table went he received a text from Beth saying she saw him. So being excited and witty, he replied daring Beth to come over and say Hi to him. Little he thought that she would actually turn up at his table with the rest of his team looking at him!

    That was the cue, he thought but as the day went by he realized Beth sounded a little distressed. Worried, he wanted to know what was the reason just to find out that Beth was actually is leaving to Melbourne the next day as that's where she was placed.

    A text came in asking him what took him so long to get Beth's number. That was a slap to his conscious and that was not the end of it. He felt he had already wasted precious time which he could have actually used to create good memories.

    Then he finds out that Beth was actually married with a daughter of 2 years and half! That broke his heart but he decided to just let everything go by the flow itself so he kept it within himself. He was dying to have some time with Beth. He ended his shift 5 hours earlier but decided to wait till Beth's done with hers.

    It was almost 8pm and they met. He could feel the strong hunch that Beth had fallen for him, but the fact that she was married and all scared him. After having a short conversation, they parted ways with Jay in a very confused state.

    That night, Beth called Jay.

    "Hey, now that you know tomorrow I am leaving, would you come visit me if I asked you to?"

    Jay was waiting for that but he was torn apart with mixed feelings. He wanted so badly to be with Beth but she was someone else's. Yet still thinking that he ain't gonna throw his chance away, he makes a desperate trip to visit Beth.

    Seeing her without make up for the 1st time made things harder for Jay. He felt he has met his match finally but should he be doing what he is doing? That was his thought. He wants but he can't. So trying not to waste much time, he decided to take her out instead. So..................

    That would be it for now. I believe this is quite long enough that I decided to make it to part posts. =)

    And really sorry if I had cut short you guys of excitement guys. Don't worry the best part of the story is yet to come! Trust me!

    Psst : Please don't mind those pics. They might not suite the moment for that particular part.

    Don't forget to leave your comments guys! Looking forward for it as I would love to improve on my writing skills as I progress.

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Cursed or is it just meant to be?

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