Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 09 - How you hope your future be like

    Well here I am again going at it with the 30 days challenge. Yea I've been taking forever to finish up, ain't I? Thousand apologize my fellow readers, there has been a lot of things that's gone out in my life. Growing up, becoming matured, planning stuff and blah blah. I hope I'd be able to write them when I am ready.

    Anyways, coming back to the topic "How you hope you future be like" . Can I say, I wanna have a huge mansion with a collection of all the super cars and bikes, a special wardrobe to keep all my clothes and shoes, all the cool gadgets in the world, and blah blah? =P

    Just joking. I think I would like to find my rhythm in life where career matters. Of course along the way I would love to meet someone who could eventually sweep me off my feet away. Though it's been quite some time since I've moved, I think I still miss certain things from then. But I do know that going back is just wasting whatever effort and work that I've actually put up.

    Since I've got Scarlet, (which is my 1st ever bike!!) things seem kinda different for me. I think I've grown up but at the same time I think I am still the old me somehow. Confusing? It's okay I know how it feels. It took me sometime to get in par with that too. LOL

    I am looking to set my own business and would love to build a huge network all around the world. Stamp a mark of me so that I would be able to help those people who needs help. Yea that's been my ultimate dream since as far as I could remember.

    It's not anyone's fault that they've been born in a poor family or not a great environment and it's also not their fault too if they don't get the resources they need to build them. Even me, at once I struggled to get some student scholarship so that I'd be able to chase my dreams only to be broken to bits and pieces which kinda ended my last ever flame to study. (am a person who hates studies)

    So I think there are a lot of them out there who needs help. Genuinely and desperately needs help! I would love to be there to rescue their hopes and dreams. Money comes and money goes but wouldn't it be nice if you know it went for a good reason?

    Last but not least, I would love to get married of course! Simple and nice but big and HUGE party to kick off my union day with future wife. And of course I would love to have my juniors! Though having kids comes with great responsiblity, I think I could handle it.

    Though am not sure if I actually fulfilled the title, I hope I didn't bore you guys. *wink* Once again, sorry about the pics. They are just so adorable!! <3

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Day 09 - How you hope your future be like

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