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February 2011 Calendar Australia

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  • iman.karta
    12-27 04:02 PM
    Hi all,

    I do have a worry about I140 processing and I hope somebody can help me.
    I finally got my LC approved and now in the concurrent I140 and I485 filling process.
    However, I noticed that there is a minor mistake in filling on my ETA9089.

    My OPT expired on August 14th, 2006 and my H1-B was approved Dec 12th2006. However in the job experience part, there is a booboo. Instead of putting the start date as January 15th, 2007 (which was the date I started working in the company), they put August 14th, 2006. So from USCIS standing point of view, it could mean that I work during the gap between my OPT and H1-B! :(
    Now I am worried sick that they will deny my I-140.

    Any inputs anybody?

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  • samiam
    04-27 06:18 AM
    Thanks for your answer. I think it is time to pack then. I am here from 1998. 140 cleared. My Labor was filed in May 2003.

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  • sertasheep
    10-15 09:08 PM
    Dear IV Members,

    Plans for Next Call
    As I draft this post, we are working on the specifics of organizing the next call. We intend to have the call next friday, 20 Oct 2006, and are awaiting confirmation. Please watch out for more information on the forums in the next couple of days.

    Range of questions for the upcoming call
    At this time, the list of questions has been frozen for the next call. The range of accepted questions is between 71 and 100. This post is being communicated so that members can plan to be present for any follow-up questions they may request the attorney in real-time

    Questions not accepted by the attorney
    Questions with the following IDs were not accepted by the attorney for the upcoming call: 87, 91, 95, 99

    Why was my question not taken up?
    The following is a list of probable reasons why certain questions may not have been accepted. This list, is of course, not exhaustive.
    - too complicated for a call requiring further discussion or research
    - lack of clarity in the law on specific situations
    - incomplete
    - too generic
    - frivioulous
    - no previous incidence that the attorney can draw upon without significant research(new situation)

    Sending us your questions
    We also request members to not send emails from corporate email accounts. It is IV's policy to refrain as much as possible from sending email to members that may constitute as spam.

    While we do not want to spam you, there might be exceptional situations wherein we may need to alert you of last-minute changes, and corporate email accounts might consider such alerts(if at all, any) as spam and may hence be filtered.

    Keep 'em coming
    Lastly, do not let a rejected question deter you from sending in new questions. We encourage you to keep sending in your questions so that we can leverage the attorney's pro bono service.

    Enhancing and streamlining the conf. call process
    We realize that certain questions may be time-sensitive, and may no longer be relevant when we finalize on a conference call date. Please bear with us as we streamline the process and make our response times better.

    Thank you

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  • rssb
    09-20 08:48 PM
    A# gets assigned at the I-140 stage. The I-140 should have the A#.

    Not sure about requesting without A# , may be it can be done.


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  • rb_248
    09-11 01:55 PM
    Lawyers can usually justfy some minor spelling mistakes and answer to RFE. Usually USCIS accepts BC name.

    Based on inputs from my lawyer, there is some delay if such descrepency is there - he said that he can reply to such RFE and apart from delay there is no other issue.

    Thank you. That is good to hear.

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  • cox
    February 3rd, 2005, 01:06 AM
    I agree with Anders. Diagonals are always a nice draw for the eye. Also, a little more DoF would be nice because the bottom right of the leaf is just creeping out of the focal plane. Cool leaf texture, good choice of subject.


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  • ilikekilo
    04-09 08:06 PM
    This is nothing. This is also like Biden speaking in Central America recently. Lots of noise, but Obama is moving forward

    I like your ever beaming optimism...and +ve outlook... (no pun intended)..Lets see whats in store..U never know..

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  • irukandji
    03-24 01:57 PM
    Titles doesn't have to match exactly as long as it is in same/similar occupation.


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  • pranju
    08-08 12:02 PM

    no one ask to u to make any deduction , there is a link of self filers thread on the homepage ... and there are many who filed themselves ... whats wrong if want to know the update from self filers ???

    comeon..So now why we are going to try to make some deductions based on self-filing and lawyer-based applications?

    Please stop this. Please do your best to reduce clutter on the site.

    Also, shameless bump

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  • ek_bechara
    03-25 06:23 PM
    Its an old rule.

    Next will be electronic monitoring. No more strip clubs guys.. no more.


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  • sona75
    07-29 08:09 AM
    Thanks so much noida123 for your reply. Really helps.
    Can you tell me how to get obtain a Special Waiver?are you working in Federal worksite?
    because i am in Federal worksite.

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  • h1vegas
    06-29 07:37 PM
    Me and my wife are July 2007 filers. We applied for Ead renwal.
    My wife started her own business and opened a LLC.
    Which means she is using her EAD. But how does the USCIS know that she is using her EAD.
    My question is when she aplied for the business license , she has given her SSN everywhere but how does the agencies know that this particular person is using EAD

    Pls let me know


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  • amitjoey
    01-26 10:56 AM
    This clearly shows - that this article has been at the behest of /or lobbied by the business community and industry leaders.
    Because all they want is more H1-B workers. If we put in the same effort to talk about EB - and greencards and educate reporters, we would have articles written that would highlight our concerns.

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  • Ectheo
    05-09 10:36 PM
    I was actually thinking of changing the Mothers Day to a diff font....Lemme get that up...


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  • Blog Feeds
    10-15 12:10 PM
    A Blog reader called me the other day and wanted to know when his priority date will become current. His I-485 adjustment was filed in August 2007 when visas opened up for 30 days, and since that time retrogressed. The applicant is from India and like many others in his shoes is eager for answers. So how do visa numbers become available?

    In order to approve an application for adjustment of status (I-485), there must be a visa number available in the particular category. This, in turn, depends upon the country of chargeability and the priority date of the case. Once the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has reviewed a particular I-485 application, a request is submitted to the DOS for a visa authorization. If the USCIS makes the request for a visa number to the DOS when the priority date of a particular case is current, and an immigrant visa number is available, the authorization is transmitted and the USCIS can approve the I-485 application. This is all tracked through the DOS Immigrant Visa Allocation Management System (IVAMS).

    If an immigrant visa number for a particular individual is requested from the DOS by the USCIS, but none is available, the request is moved to the "pending" file with the DOS. Data from this pending file is used by the DOS to calculate the appropriate cutoff dates for the backlogged categories in the Visa Bulletin each month.

    Cases placed in the pending demand category are processed as immigrant visa numbers become available. The DOS communicates with the USCIS regarding the A numbers of the cases for which visa numbers have been authorized. These cases are then processed to completion and green cards are then issued by the USCIS.

    As you can see, this is a very complicated and streamlined process, with actual visa numbers tracked, issued, and assigned to particular green card cases as part of the approval process. Clients often do not understand why they have to wait, sometimes years for visa numbers to open, even after USCIS approvals. We hope that both agencies will find a better way to talk to each other and make the Immigrant visa process and much smoother one.

    More... (

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    02-12 07:25 PM
    Restart the whole process starting with filing PERM-Labor. You need to reapply I-140 after this. You can recapture your priority date during I-485 filing.


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  • waitingnwaiting
    11-15 09:39 AM
    This is good news. Once Dream act for undocumented is out. Then they will take up bills for H1Bs.

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  • prem_goel
    07-28 02:27 PM
    Just to let everyone know if any of you encounter the same issue -

    called up USCIS Customer Service and spoke to them about this error. They said to mention this in the Cover Letter (When I send the supporting docs) as a mistake that happened while filing the EAD and what the correct answer should be. They said it'll be then taken care of.

    Am going to do accordingly!

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  • Siboo
    06-14 02:35 PM
    What happens after the I-485?

    I guess I-486:D

    08-18 12:05 PM
    Thanks Kondur, I appreciate your response I will go to the airport and see if I can get it fixed. Gave you some green for such a prompt reply.

    Blog Feeds
    04-26 11:30 AM
    The Dallas suburb of Farmers Branch has been in the news for a couple of years now because of its efforts to run undocumented immigrants out of the city. The city leaders have attempted to do this by passing ordinances making it illegal to rent apartments or houses to such immigrants.

    Unfortunately for the city, these ordinances keep getting shot down in court as unconstitutional, and the city has been forced to pay the legal fees of the plaintiffs who sue the city over the ordinances. After the latest adverse ruling, the Farmers Branch City Council voted this month to appeal the federal court judgment.

    The rationale for the appeal is that this time the decision will be made by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which is notoriously conservative. The city believes this court will be more likely to ignore or overturn other court opinions and decide that the ordinance is indeed constitutional.

    The city's outside counsel has estimated the legal fees for an appeal could range from $100,000 to $150,000. Thus far, Farmers Branch has spent about $3.2 million trying to get illegal immigrants out of town, and has set aside another $620,000 for the remainder of 2010. By some estimates, the total legal costs could be more than $5 million by the end of this year. That's a lot of money for a city with a population of about 30,000.

    For several years I lived in Carrollton, the suburb immediately north of Farmers Branch. I worked in Dallas, immediately south of Farmers Branch. So I passed through Farmers Branch at least twice each day, and actually was in the city far more than that. It's a nice town, with nice people. I hate to see all the negative publicity they are getting, although I do strongly disagree with their attempts to drive immigrants from Farmers Branch.

    I know Farmers Branch has much more pressing needs for the money they are spending on these federal court appeals. Road maintenance, libraries, activities for senior citizens, and many other city projects are left wanting. That's a sad situation, and unfair to the residents of Farmers Branch.

    More... (

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