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The Finalists of Miss Jamaica World 2011

    Road to Miss Jamaica World 2011

    The winner will represent Jamaica at Miss World 2011 Pageant to take place on November 6, 2011 in London

    Traditionally, only 16 contestant would make to the grand cornation show, but because of the overwhelming response, organizers decided to do top 20 this year. Head judge Tommy James stated, "It was a very difficult choice today. When you think of all the 60 ladies that came out, and all the opportunities that were given to them to increase their chances in the elimination today, most were in fine condition, and so that made it a hard choice, but we were happy with our decision."

    With the help of seven judges Sara Lawrence (Miss Caribbean Continental Queen of Beauty and Miss World 2006), Damion Shaw (corporate-image consultant), Tommy James (head pageant judge), Karl Williams (designer) and Mickey Haughton-James (franchise holder), the girls had to prove why they each deserved to make the top 20, which was largeley based on beauty of figure, beauty of face, personality and the ability to converse.

    On Saturday July 23, the top 20 beauties will be at Sovereign Centre, in Kingston.

    The top 20 contestants

    Arielle Foot
    Chantel Davis
    Chavoy Gordon
    Dahlia Dwyer
    Danielle Crosskill
    Gabrielle Blackwood
    Hollanders Myers
    Kayla Mendes
    Liane Chung
    Maya Wilkinson
    Michelle Daley
    Monique Brady
    Paula-Kay Beswick
    Rene Harris
    Roxanne Elliott
    Tiffany Ellis
    Tiffany Trotter
    Zahra McGraham
    Reeshma Ragbeer
    Lisa Williams

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The Finalists of Miss Jamaica World 2011

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