Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • nk2006
    04-14 08:38 AM
    Yes that�s a good suggestion. We need more people than whose GC is stuck. One issue is motivating them. I was almost shocked to see the indifference of many immigrants � some of them who went through the same process very recently. I came here almost 10 years ago as a student and many of my friends got GC�s/citizenship (they had their own hassles but now its over). When I talk to them what is going on now � they simply express surprise over how/why I didn�t get it even now and forget it. But I don�t feel bad to remind them again to visit this site or something else and do something (sending faxes /talking to their employers / contributing money/ whatever they can). My point is � don�t expect an immediate action from any, even friends � especially if this does not affect them; but don�t let this discourage you. Engage them in a discussion � most of them already know the terminology like retrogession/140/485/labor etc � remind them their own process and how difficult it was and how finally there is a systematic effort to do something about it. I am sure at least some people will respond favorably.
    There is so much momentum right now; if we miss this � we know the consequences.

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  • rajeshiv
    03-01 01:33 PM
    I was moved from state (A) to another state (B) along with Client 'Y' four years back...and my Employer didn't filed for H1 amendment at that time, but my payroll was running from State B with same salary. I was not aware of this rule to file an amendment for change in job location and I dont know even employer is aware of that or not.

    After three years I got EAD and I Employed by Company X in state B.

    My question is....what are my options and problems for not being filed H1 Amendment four years back.?

    Please advice.

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  • lost_angeles
    03-02 04:24 PM
    I will be remoting in from a different state. My employer would not file a new labor condition application which is required.

    If the employer is the same and working remotely is an option, then why move from H1B to EAD. Why not keep the current status (full time) and work remote?

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  • senk1s
    09-14 01:50 PM
    "The mission of Immigration Voice is to organize grassroots efforts and resources to solve several problems in the employment based green card process including (a) delays due to Retrogression (visa number unavailability for certain employment-based categories) (b) delays due to USCIS processing backlogs and (c) delays due to Labor Certification backlogs. We will work to remove these and other flaws by supporting changes to immigration law for high-skilled legal employment-based immigrants. High-skilled legal immigrants strengthen the United States' economy and help maintain American technological superiority"

    Yes with the media attention, there is some stigma to H1 ... we are asking to
    remove/reduce the long DELAYS
    Good point prince


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  • giveme_gc
    10-17 02:38 PM
    I have got federal loan under this same situation. Wondering why you need a private loan ?

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  • ajju
    09-03 05:37 PM
    Is there premium processing for I-765 which is t get EAD through marriage.
    Of course all the papers are being filed together. But I wanted to know specifically about this one.

    I thought I saw it somewhere.


    You may expedite the EAD processing if you've a valid reason like financial loss or others.. Check with your lawyer for your specific case...


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  • lonedesi
    08-05 12:18 PM
    We will not see any approvals unless we act togther and campaign for our cause. Please join us. More details at

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  • looivy
    07-29 01:33 AM
    Hi All,

    My passport expires in 2 months time. I checked Indian Consulate in Chicago website for passport renewal (Passport and Consular Services ( _New_Passport
    ). It instructs you to fill out an online application at

    What I am confused is in the second field "Service Desired", what do I fill? I do not know which of these two options I should fill (a) Passport for children upto 15 years (b) Fresh Passport (c) Re-issue of passport (d) New passport in lieu of damaged or lost passport. Options (a) and (d) do not apply to me. Should I fill (b) or (c)?

    These options are a bit confusing and I could not locate any instructions for this web form. The consulate phone number just keeps on playing a 5 minute generic recording.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • go_guy123
    02-18 04:18 PM
    Canada has been using this for skilled worker program, where individuals can apply for Canadian permanent residency independently if they fullfill the passmark. Other countries like Australia, UK and New Zealand also follow suit with different types of difficulties.

    How about US? Would US adopt this?


    Point system can be adopted but either way it has to be strict so that
    the eligible people are lesser, like giving points for work exp in US etc(onL1
    or H1b).
    Aust system is also pretty strict and only people who are working/studying in Aust can qualify.

    Any system that delinks the employer - GC sponsering system will reduuce the problems to some extent. but retrogression will be there if
    too many people apply.

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  • gc28262
    02-19 09:50 PM
    Another proof that H1B is modern day slavery.


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  • 987Image
    July 26th, 2006, 07:30 PM
    I loved the first shot showing both the guy and the bird looking intently down into the river. And yes he is no friend of the fishes

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  • sukisharma
    08-27 08:03 PM
    Dear Friends,

    Does anybody has information on the current lag between check cashing and getting receipt in the mail?

    My check for 485 was cashed on August 20 (process by my bank) and the online case status says receipt was mailed out. But my lawyer has not received it as of today.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


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  • lskreddy
    07-01 10:48 AM
    Yes & Yes

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  • vaishnavilakshmi
    06-19 02:36 AM

    Eb2 Priority date (priority date-june2004) , I-140 approved
    Eb3 priorty date (substituted labor with priorit date as feb2002) applied for I-140 on
    1st jun 2007 .waiting for i-140 approval.

    Should I file for i-485 on Eb2 where I-140 is already approved or use Eb3 where I-140 is pending but priorty date feb2002 ????????????

    Attorneys and members,
    please suggest me,i have only 1day left for decision,



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  • pappu
    09-11 11:54 PM

    (San Jose rally pictures and videos, and Aman's messages from Milpitas, CA meeting can be found at (

    cheers, and see ya'll in DC!

    Thanks for the pictures and your blog.

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  • seahawks
    04-30 03:53 AM
    Currently i have my I-140 approved an that is all i know. To be honest, PD to me means "the day my I-140 was approved". Is that true??

    My wife lives with me on H-4 and she will hopefully get an ITIN this year. Now, how i understand the system, i cannot file for I-485 petition until, the date of my I-140 approval becomes current. Please verify to help me understand this system. Thanks in advance.

    PD = Priority date. That is the date that gets assigned to your case which is the date your labor/perm was filed or the date you directly filed I-140 if no Labor/Perm was required. You can only file your 485 once the visa date in the visa bulletin for your EB category is either current, matches your PD month or is a date later than your PD date.
    One you file for 485, you can avail benefits like EAD a.k.a workpermit for you and your wife who can choose to use the work permit to avail any job. There can be an argument made that still keep working on your H1, but EAD helps spouses work legally who are otherwise on H4 and are not allowed to work.

    Again check with an attorney for legal advice, this is just a nutshell of the process. Hope it helps


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  • gotgc?
    03-05 10:44 AM
    Hi All,

    I work for a big software company and they have recently changed their name "XXXXUSA Inc" to "XXXX America Inc". It is just a company name change and everything else is the same. But, we got an email from our Lawyers yesterday that "Your I-485 application remains valid under AC21 portability provisions despite the change in your employment. In order to continue with your existing permanent residence application under the AC21 portability provisions, we will prepare and file a letter to notify the USCIS of the change in your employment from XXX USA, Inc. to XXX America, Inc."

    My I140 is approved with XXXX USA Inc and AOS is filed based on that. My concern is that I am travelling to India on AP and come back in Mid May. I have the following questions:

    I asked if I can delay this filing until I come lawyers said "While there is no hard USCIS deadline for this particular filing, this project is a high priority for us and our instructions are to complete this project for all employees ASAP. The AC21 filing will not affect your pending I-485 or your entry into the U.S. in any way"

    1. Is it true as my lawyers say that there is no deadline to file AC21? My confusion is should i do this or delay until i come back?

    2. If they file this letter would there be any impact to the pending I485 and hence my re-entry to US using AP? Because I read so many threads regarding wrong denial of I485 because of AC21? In my case, it is the same company, no chance of I-140 withdrwawl etc...

    3. Assuming if I delay the filing, when you enter on AP, i heard they are asking are you still working for the same petitioner? If I some how had to tell them my company name has changed, then would there be any problems because of not filing this?

    My POE is SFO.

    Please share your opinion guys..thanks for your help.

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  • smuggymba
    05-20 11:04 AM
    Thank you Rahul..
    I really appreciate it.. Just one more clarification.
    My employer didn't asked me anything during the interview (about CPT/OPT). Since I have to join in a week, should I inform them beforehand?


    The HR should ask you for the authorization before joining or when you do the HR paperwork. They might be assuming you're a US Citizen.

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  • sbmallik
    06-12 03:57 PM
    No, you are not. Please read this ( D&vgnextchannel=54519c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD) link - look out for the question: Are there any additional conditions of availability being placed on the Premium Processing Service at this time?

    08-25 01:40 PM
    Dear all,
    My employer filed H1B with extension of stay even though I was not physically present in USA on the day of filing.I was out of USA on June 15th due to personal reasons and they filed H1B on July 10th.

    I had requested them not to file extension of stay since I was already out of USA.USCIS approved the petition with extension of stay(I-94 attached).I need to go for visa stamping now .Will this create any issues while stamping?

    Please advice.

    Thank you

    11-08 03:21 PM
    Yes, this is very sad. I did receive the same email. Monthly $10 wouldn't be much. May be you can get rid of one pay channel or the munchies from grocery store. That's the only sacrifice you had to do !

    It is really pity ! May be its fun to be on Illegal side:)

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