Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • pod1
    06-16 04:48 PM
    Hello Everyone,

    Here is my situation:

    1) My 6 years H1B with Company-A ends Sept 2011
    2) I-140 approved and my priority date is Aug 2006.
    3) Company-B(end client) offered a full-time position starting Jan 2010.

    What are my options? My questions are:
    1) Will I be eligible to extend my H1B with Company-B for another 3 years? Do I need a I-140 with Company-B to extend?
    2) Is it possible to use the labor and I-140, that I filed when I was with Company-A, to file for I-485? If I can, can I file the I-485 independent of Company-A? Do I need any kind of approval or paper work from Company-A?
    3) When Company-B sponsors my GC is it possible to port the priority date? Do I need to restart the whole GC process again with Company-B?

    I am really confused. Please help.

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  • unbreakable
    06-03 01:32 AM
    Sorry, I didn't know the bill was dead. Thanks for correcting.

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  • kondur_007
    06-03 11:06 AM

    Each month visa bulletin is preceded with a demand data. So bulletin should come today or tomorrow.

    Check out data for China. It shows significant reduction from last month. Expectations are low for India but China will advance a lot in July.

    This is done in preparation for the spill over (fall down); they have used up all of "china's own" numbers and now they will actually retrogress EB2 China (to move it along with EB2 India) to distribute spillover (fall down); the VB will come with a "long explanation" as to why the retrogression for EB2 China despite of low demand....

    Stay tuned! :)

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  • pd_recapturing
    04-21 11:26 AM
    I am also in same situation where my salary is much less than what is mentioned in LC. I am not sure if its going to affect my 485 application. I have got my 140 approved though. I have asked this question to attorneys and forums and everybody has the same opinion that GC is for future job so it should not matter if one's wages are not matching with LC.


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  • loku
    08-16 08:04 PM
    I was on H-1 and got laid off on July 23. I filed for COS to H4 online on the same day and got the electronic receipt the same day. As I had filed I-539 after work hours, the receipt shows that USCIS received my application on July 26 instead of 23. I got the paper receipt in next 3 days. I hope this will not create any problems as my employer sent notification to USCIS on July 31 and I received my last paystub on July 31 though it was only till July 23. I have been working in US with good status for last 5 years.

    Now I have some questions. Any help is greatly appreciated:

    1) I recently got two Job offers from different consulting firms. When I told them that my H4 status is still pending, their attorneys told me conflicting things.
    - One employer's attorney said that I have to wait till my H4 is approved and only then they could apply for my H1. At this time I have not status and they cannot file my H1.
    - The other employer's attorney said that I could apply for H1 while my H4 is still pending by giving pending petition reference in the new H1 application. This will let USCIS adjudicate both the pending status together and there will be no problem for my H1.

    Which one of them is correct ? What are the risks involved if I go with the advice of second attorney? Is there a possibility that filing H1 increases the chances the both my H4 and H1 applications are rejected and I could be OOS ?

    2) Second question is that the second employer wants me to start immediately after I get H1 receipt. Am I eligible to work on a receipt with my situation or do I need to wait for the complete approval ? What if I get an RFE ? As this is a consulting firm, they have work order from end client for only 3 months and it will be renewed after every 3 months. Will this 3 month work order will create any problems ?

    3) What is my current status ? Will the current time while H4 is pending will be counted against H1 or H4 ? As I have only a little over year left in my H1, it is important for me to know how much valid time I have left for H1. This processing time could go in months if I get an RFE.
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  • rb_248
    09-10 06:14 PM
    Gurus....please share your thoughts.


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  • kirupa
    01-17 03:21 AM
    Charleh - do you have a small example that shows that? The animation should play regardless of what size its parent control is.

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  • mrsr
    06-19 11:30 AM
    What happens if the PPD is posiive and x ray is negative as can be the case in may indian because of BCG Vaccine

    please people with similar situation share yr exp



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  • xtronics
    03-19 11:01 AM
    Really appreciate your input. Thank you

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  • jonty_11
    06-15 04:00 PM
    yes lets continue the support and laud all the good work IV has done thus far.


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  • learning01
    04-06 01:33 PM
    bill (# S......), will come into this S.Amdt of Specter. See my post here elsewhere in IV (
    Everyone these are the provisions in the original Hagel bill. We're not sure whether they will be there in the new one or not.

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  • Green.Tech
    03-20 02:54 PM
    my 140 approved and 485 pending over 180 days. now plan to switch job from a big IT company to university (not study, but work in one of dept at Univ), title and job duty will be similar as before, but salary will be lower due to job industry and location changed. does this impact my 485 final approval? thanks

    If our answers were helpful, can you please update your profile.


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  • grupak
    11-15 01:29 PM
    North Carolinians join us. Lets work together.

    We had our first meeting, there are plans to meet local lawmakers. We need member participation.

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  • kumarc123
    08-26 10:19 AM
    Some additional information. My wife's first semester will be Fall semester as H4 and spring as F1. She will graduate by the end of spring- i.e. May 2009.

    Well most of the time classes you need are not offered in the summers, also as a International student you can take summer semester off, you legally have that right. Now don't pick classes in the summers, move it to the fall semester. Also
    I checked with my counselor, if you are left with only once class, you can take it in the fall, all you would need to is, contact your counselor and let him take care of the paper work. in that cases you don't need to take 3 classes to maintain your F1status.

    Good Luck


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  • kewlchap
    11-07 11:21 PM

    I was current starting Sept 1 and did not get my GC till Oct second week. However, during the first week of Oct., I wrote a detailed letter to Secy. Napolitano and also to the Ombudsman. I got my GC subsequently. Yesterday, someone from USCIS called me and said that he was calling in response to my letter to Secy. Napolitano. He congratulated me on my GC and asked me if everything had gone OK and if he could close my letter out. Just thought that this information might help someone who is stuck in the queue of being current, but not getting a GC. Please file 7001 form with Ombudsman and contact Secy Napolitano if you are in this situation.

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  • IQAndreas
    03-05 01:36 PM
    Next we need a competition to pick out all the hidden words! ;)

    Just by glancing, I already have "borders", "luck", "needs", "haha", and "winner" (trying some sort of psycological hidden-text-influences-mind on that last one, eh?)


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  • solaris27
    03-14 08:52 AM
    your brother have 2 year left in his engg , ask him to keep these prrof and if possible letter from collage .

    he should be okay .

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  • ras
    10-26 10:46 AM
    am in the same boat

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  • admsurveys
    10-13 09:25 PM
    My company filed an I-140 in December 2009. The petition (an EB2) was APPROVED in May 2010. A month or so later, I was laid off but BEFORE the I-485 was ever filed. As far as I know, the I-140 has not been revoked. What are my potential options here? Can I find a new employer to file a 485 provided the new job is similar to the I-140 petition or do they have to start the whole process again?

    08-25 01:15 PM
    No need to file 2nd I-485.

    Just update your existing I-485 with 2nd I-140 and claim earlier PD. You can claim PD with EB2.

    Your lawyer should be able to do that.

    Not a legal advise.

    Thanks for your response.

    I forgot to mention this, client company got acquired by another company. And I have first company name on approved I-140 (EB2).

    Do i have to file successor-in-interest before i update my existing i-485 with I-140 (EB2)?


    07-18 01:22 PM
    Can someone let me know if we can go a PCP and take medication for INH for 9 months for a positive skin test and negative x-ray.
    Or it is a rule that we need to go only to local county health dept.


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