Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • vphope
    03-11 05:51 PM
    :D bit late
    Mourning is also over..

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  • rameshvaid
    09-15 07:29 PM

    Please post all 2009 EB3 485 approvals on this thread.

    Please mention the following details:

    Approval Date:
    Country chargeable to:
    Priority date:
    Are you a 245i beneficiary: Yes/No

    Let us see whether any regular EB3 guys are getting approved as per latest visa bulletins.

    There is no salt rubbing to anyone.. we all r in the same sinking boat.. To know, if some one got approved in EB 3 might give us some hope.. let's keep bumping it up even if there are none or few approvals..

    If some one feels salt being rubbed on his...a...go keep washing and putting ice on it till you you feel comfortable..


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  • quot;U Smile,quot; Justin Bieber

  • gc_in_30_yrs
    09-16 08:11 AM
    funny still interesting.

    in order to reduce the crime rate, they should prolong the GC process!

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  • bauchermark
    08-19 12:53 AM
    I was married in India as per Muslim law and currently both of us hold US citizenship. At the time of marriage we both were indian citizens. What kind of rights do my wife has on my property in India on our divorce (I bought these properties after my marriage and it is all registered under my name) ? In US, both husband and wife would share any property that we aquired after the marriage. Does the same true in India?

    Thanks for your help. I pray no one should go thru these type of issues in thier life.


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  • eastindia
    04-21 11:13 AM
    This is just politics and nothing else. He is basically a pro-immigrant and will become one after he wins the election.

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  • immi2006
    10-16 09:43 PM
    I know many folks here who have 2 I140 pending from same employer, for same category. One which is current. the other with a newer 140, since u can get 3 year H1 extension


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  • Gator
    02-26 05:00 PM

    I am applying for my EAD/AP renewal. The received date on my I-485 notice is Aug 2007. According to USCIS, if you filed after July 30 2007, you are not required to include a Fee.

    I am looking at my receipt notices and I feel like I payed under the old fee structure and should include the fee. Here are the amounts
    I-485 : $395.00
    I-765 : $180.00
    I-131: $170.00

    Can someone please advice if I need to include the fee for AP and EAD renewal.


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  • manbeing
    12-27 04:35 PM
    Hi sbmallik ,

    Thanks for your reply. what's the continuous employment criteria? Is the reason my attorney enter '5/17' instead of '5/15'?

    I have a letter from HR and saying the last day at my previous company was '5/15'. very boring!!!!

    I will fell more comfortable if the experience letter mentions the last day as 5/17/2009. Otherwise I will simply mention it as April 2009. This way the continuous employment criteria will be met.


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  • PBECVictim
    07-16 03:34 PM
    When did you apply for AP renewal? Did you e-file? Don't worry about RFE on Advance Parole renewal. It could be photo or previous AP approval copy or I-485 receipt missing or incorrect fee. Wait until you get RFE. Please let us know, if it is trivial.

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  • MCQ
    04-22 02:24 PM
    Here is my interpertation,
    "Cancelled without Prejuidice" means that they have cancelled the visa as it is no longer needed as they have approved you for your Permanent Residence. It also means that if you do not keep your Permanent Residence (you mentioned conditional in your note - so I'm presuming marriage based GC?) then you will have no difficulties in ever getting another visa should you ever need one.

    if a visa is cancelled WITH prejudice - then you would have had great difficulty in ever getting another US Visa.

    hope that helps.


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  • dohko
    01-11 08:16 PM
    any thoughts?

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  • brick2006
    02-08 10:33 PM
    am in my 8th year H1 due to expire in april...with an approved 140.(not a june 07 EAD)

    My company is merging and i may get the axe..i have tried all tricks...but my exit is imminent..;(..well that's life.

    I was about to file for my H1 extension... and now i may not be able to do that.

    My spouse is on H1(Dec 2010) and we are expecting in april..and she thus cant travel.

    I don't want to change to H4...(if i return i may switch to CP..hence i dont want to change to H4 and lose the GC process)

    so can anyone please tell me,

    a.) after my H1 expires in april, can i stay for a month or so and then leave the country?..will i be in any trouble at the port of exit.. i need time to pack and ship..hence the delay...

    ...Should i seek a legal advice???

    ... i just want to know.. if i can approach the USCIS and explain and get some kind of extension.. you know anyone who has been in a similar situation..

    what are my options.. any advice will be appreciated...



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  • dohko
    01-11 08:16 PM
    any thoughts?

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  • solaris27
    01-30 08:42 AM
    You can work on H1B visa till you get FINAL approval or denial.

    Whats your attorney openion?


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  • waitingnwaiting
    11-16 01:35 PM
    LA OPINION (Editorial): The time is now!

    |2010-11-16 | La Opini�n

    The time is now! - La Opini�n - noticias locales, nacionales e internacionales desde Los �ngeles - (

    Democrats return back to a lame-duck Congressional session in which they have a majority in both chambers. This is the moment to make the effort to pass the DREAM Act and open up the path for hundreds of thousands of young people to enter the university or serve in the Armed Forces.

    Major legislation on the agenda between now and the end of the year includes making permanent the Bush-era tax cuts, passing the fiscal year 2011 spending bill or at least passing a stopgap measure to continue to fund the government, extending unemployment benefits, and addressing cuts in Medicare payments to doctors.

    There are many important issues on the floor and the position that will be taken by the Republicans is still unclear given they will have control of the House of Representatives in two months.

    Despite this, we believe the DREAM Act must be added to the mix. In these past two years of Democratic control, the concerted push for comprehensive immigration reform never materialized. At a minimum, during these last weeks of legislative control, they should seek passage of legislation that would allow undocumented high school graduates � who have grown up in the U.S. � to continue their studies or to join the military.

    Similar efforts a few months back failed because critics unjustly denounced the bill as an "amnesty," as if these young people were responsible for having been brought to the U.S. by their parents. Other critics charged that the bill would prove to be a magnet for immigrant parents to bring young children here. Such criticism ignores the real reasons for immigration.

    This legislative session is filled with dozens of legislators who have either lost their reelection or are planning to retire. They have nothing to lose by doing the right thing and voting for a bill that will help the economy in the short and long term by preparing our country�s future labor force. And, at the same time, they will be strengthening the military.

    Political savvy and determination will be needed to pass this legislation. Opportunities exist to attach it to other bills if it appears that it cannot be approved on its own. With so much at stake , the time to act is now!

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  • hojo
    10-20 03:18 PM
    nice new footer kirupa, looks great

    ahh so with the stereographs you have to position them differently? not just have the same picture side by side?


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  • fatjoe
    09-06 01:43 PM
    I'm in the same boat at NSC. My EAD/AP(Aug 10) got cleared, but I do not know what happened to I485(July 18) appln. I called uscis, they asked me to wait for 90 days. Pls let me know if you nay updates.

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    04-25 07:27 PM
    My wife's green card was approved on Feb 27th. My wife is currently in India with valid Advance Parole. I received her green card during March 15th. I am planning to visit India during June and bringing my wife along with me. It will be almost 5 months when I come back on July 1st week.

    Will it create problem for my wife to re-enter to US? Since she has valid AP and GC card, can she enter without any problem? or does she need to come early since her GC was received ?

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  • gc_chahiye
    09-19 11:16 PM
    Are both of these I-140s on the same labor cert?

    Whats the RFE about?

    What does your lawyer say? Ignoring the RFE does not seem right, at minimum you should contact USCIS and explain the situation to them.

    12-25 07:19 PM

    Need quick suggestion:

    Company A filed for GC. Labor and I-140 was approved. I-485 was filed during July 2007.

    I changed employer in June 2009; replied to RFE and filed AC21 in July 2009.

    I came to know that my GC sponsring company is going to close the company soon. My current immigration attorney is suggesting that if that happens; and if INS came to know that GC sponsring company is closing down, they will revoke my I-140.

    Is it true? I thought after AC21 is invoked; whatever happens to GC sponsring company, it will not impact my GC application in any way.

    Please advice.


    you should be fine ...
    just keep your AC21 documents intact...
    Have a happy new year ..dont worry,

    01-29 02:20 PM
    We can't mount fire-fighting operation on each and every front. Let's ignore them.

    We have a purpose to tell, educate, highlight the issues we all legal immigrants face. This has happened under this Republican Regime. Various reasons - mainly lack of funds, lack of green card numbers, lack of staff etc.

    We can continue writing small specific personal letters to lawmakers. Then as a group we address employers asking them their effort to help them best employees.

    I was browsing the jobs forum on craigslist and i was shocked to see some user urging people to call Senator Cornyn to not push H1 and Eb visa increases.

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