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Wallpapers Of Pongal Festival

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  • Rastogi
    06-22 08:01 PM
    Two I140 in process with a difference of one years in the priority date (one original and one recently filled substitution with improved PD). Which I-140 should be used for I485. IF PD goes back to retrogration, the substitution would help with a risk of getting reject as well. The original I140 has less risk but if PD goes in retrogration, it might get years to get I-485 approve. Suggestions?

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  • sanjay02
    05-22 03:09 AM
    Your case has moved to another office, usually it happens when they schedule an interview at local office.

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  • kirupa
    09-28 04:23 PM
    Silverlight can be deployed on networks using something more centralized like group policy. I don't believe average end users can install SL3 without admin priviliges.

    The best place to learn more is the SL Deployment Guide:


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  • lkapildev
    04-17 01:06 PM
    What was your own LC PD? Nothing personal just out of curiosity...

    I never filed LC before. I am in last year on L1B.


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  • harrisonaquino
    04-30 12:18 AM
    Any one who already filed i-485, could please give some answers to the above questions... thanks

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  • dog123
    01-11 04:41 PM


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  • ragool25
    08-30 05:36 PM
    Thanks mhathi for your response.

    How long ( no of days) does the USCIS California center takes to decide the case for Fresh H1( F1- H1) RFE after requested documents were submitted before deadline under premium processing category.

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  • Dolly20
    10-25 09:53 PM
    My H1B was filed on April 1st 2007 at Vermont Service Center while i was in India and got selected in the lottery. I came to US on May 13th on H4 visa (I 94 valid till July 18, 2008) and still my papers were under process.
    On June 1st, 2007 the approval notice was sent to my employer.
    Oct 1st, 2007 they applied for my change of status and on 19th it was returned back as a check for 500$ was not included.

    Kindly let me know if we could go for a H1B Transfer and change of status simultaneously with a new employer.

    Within what time line i need to apply for the same.



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  • roseball
    09-01 05:56 PM
    Thanks a lot for giving a reply on time.

    I hope you realise this is a serious issue. You need to find out from your employer who filed your H1 whether he filed it as a "Change of Status" (COS) petition or "Visa to be issued abroad category".

    If it was a H1 COS petition, then you have been accruing unlawful H1 status since your H1 start date as your status automatically changed from H4 to H1 (assuming your approval came with an attached I-94). In this case, you need to get back to H4 status. You can do that by re-entering US on a valid H4 visa (preffered way) or by filing a new H1 to H4 COS petition.

    If your H1 petition was not filed under COS (filed under Visa to be issued abroad category), then you are still on H4 status (assuming you have been maintaining a valid H4) and there is nothing you need to do. If you want to convert to H1, then you need to go to a consulate mentioned on your H1 application, attend the H1 interview and re-enter US using H1 stamp.

    Hope this helps and you take the necessary action.

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  • ImmiUser
    12-01 04:58 PM
    so does it means I can have only one GC (I485) processing at a time ? I can't have two GC(I-485) processing in parallel , one dependent I-485 which was filed through my husband's and another one filed under my own GC processing ? Actually, as I already have I-485 filed under EB3 and was planning to file another one under EB2 and though I will take the one whichever gets approved first. Also, this way there will be a backup plan as well. But seems like that is not feasible..huh (


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  • joydiptac
    07-23 03:39 AM
    Wondering if anyone has a ecommerce online retail business , would be wonderful to exchange ideas and help each other.
    Please PM Me.


    If you are looking for a ready-made solution - Volusions and a few other options are out there.
    If you are computer savvy you can also use Drupal and other pre-built solutions and customize using smart cart and payment processing packages.
    Writing everything from scratch may be a waste of time if online retail is your goal.


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  • nortam1
    07-17 10:48 PM
    Alright all,

    Celebrating the good news here.

    Question: Did anybody receive confirmation about their AOS applications being returned after filling in early July (Say on the 2nd or 3rd)? I know there have been rumors about a few returned applications but I haven't actually found anyone in such situation + my attorneys confirmed today that USCIS specifically instructed not to return/reject them.


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  • Springflower
    12-23 03:05 PM

    Thank you for your reply.

    I am assuming that you did not apply for AP earlier.
    You took the Infopass and got the AP in 2 weeks.

    [I read in the USCIS website that, if you had applied for AP & if you have to travel in emergency, they speed it up & issue the AP during Infopass appointment].

    I think it is true whether we have an AP application in process or not.

    Did you take photos, check, I-485 receipt etc., along with you to the InfoPass interview?

    It is good to know that we can get AP if we have to travel urgently.

    Did they say they would mail the AP to your address in your Infopass

    Thank you for your help!

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  • ivuser9
    09-25 09:34 PM
    we need to wait till we get the letter from USCIS to see what they requested for... it is typically an RFE

    Good luck


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  • anilsal
    12-28 10:40 PM
    with your attorney and employer. There is nothing you can gain by worrying about it. If they issue an RFE, then you will ready.

    USCIS will not outright deny applications with mistakes as far as I can tell (I am no expert). There may be RFEs or NOID to which you can take proper action.

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  • freddyCR
    February 2nd, 2005, 03:10 PM
    Detail of the 1-yd-across leaf, from the plant known as "Poor man's Umbrella" (Lat.: Gunneria Insigna)


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  • mrdelhiite
    08-11 11:59 AM
    hello all,

    i filed my application on july 2nd to nebraska service center. Now i am filing my wife' application using the new updated 485 form. i sent my application to nebraska service center. i live in florida and in the new form i have noticed that they are asking people from florida to send 485 application to texas service center.

    i am confused as to where i should send my application. i am attaching a sheet which asks mailroom to attach my wife's new application to already filed my application ( sent on 2nd july with no recepit ).. i am just confused that if i send my application to texas will it get attached to my primary already filed application... any one in same situation or any insite please help.


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  • Rangoli Of Pongal Festival

  • Kapils573
    12-12 08:13 AM
    Philadelphia Pennylvania

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  • Pongal Wallpaper

  • joydiptac
    05-18 05:32 PM
    My Green Card is stuck at EB2 Stage but all this time I forgot that I have potential for a British Citizenship based on my birth place and Father being a Britisher.
    Now can I reapply as a Brit - all over again hoping to get past the long queue. I am not interested in gaming - dont get me wrong - I had been in UK for some 5-6years working and am easily eligible for to get UK Citizenship that I did not explore. Now can I change the situation ?

    Hope you are posting your question for US immigration. (This site discusses US immigration)
    As far as I know the country of chargeability is your or your spouse's birth country(Choice during I485 application) not based on citizenship. HTH

    12-11 09:28 AM
    I have an appointment for H1B visa stamp @ the toronto consulate next week. This will be my second stamp (first one expired early this year).

    I received a phone call from the consulate asking for my H1B receipt/notice dates and receipt number, etc...She told me that there is new rule where USCIS has to verify the I-797 petition even though you carry an original approval notice. With this rule in effect...she told me the passport wait time is miminum of 4 days.

    I already booked my tickets 2 weeks ago. I'm confused. Has anyone else received a call or have recently obtain H1B stamp in toronto?

    I was hoping to come back in few days and now it's going to cost me $$$$$. I wish NVARS told me this when I signed up for the appointment.


    09-25 01:31 PM
    I've been sending it throug!

    Hope you'ved recieved it

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