Monday, August 22, 2011

Anderson Cooper rocks!

    From this moment on, if anyone ask me what would my type of guy like?
    I would answer: I would like a guy with an Anderson Cooper quality in him.

    I have been in love with Anderson Cooper ever since the very first second I saw him on TV few years ago.
    Tall, handsome, smart.
    He graduated from Yale, a son of one very rich family, a brilliant reporter and news anchor, and he has his own show.
    what in the world could I ask for more in a guy?
    (well, there is actually, for him to be a Muslim *wink*)
    Anderson Cooper is the very type of guy that I would want to wrap up and bring back home.

    I don't think that have to say anything else about this guy.
    You just have to see his picture to witness his handsome face and watch his show to witness his smart talk.

    Below, is one of my favorite picture of him.

    I would love to meet and take a picture of me with him...
    plus, it would be lovely if he wrote to me one of his favorite quotes and sign it for me.

    Anderson Cooper rocks!

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Anderson Cooper rocks!

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