Saturday, August 20, 2011

CNN’s Anderson Cooper to Marry Gay Boyfriend? Adopt a Child?

    We’ve all heard the rumors.
    We didn’t want to believe them...

    But it turns out that CNN journalist and host Anderson Cooper may be ready to marry his gay boyfriend.

    Copper has hinted about his homosexuality but has never really come out and addressed it directly, although he has appeared in “Out” and “The Advocate” Magazines.

    Over the last several years Cooper has been linked with gay club owner Benjamin Maisini, and is frequently seen out in public riding bikes and shopping around New York. The two own an old renovated Fire House on Long Island - fire pole included.

    Anderson, 44, is the son of wealthy Gloria Vanderbilt but has always wanted to make a go in television on his own merits – and not those of his rich parents.

    But the National Inquirer is reporting that mama Gloria has all but outed the couple saying,

    “Anderson and Ben are in love, but they were on the verge of breaking up. Between Anderson’s dangerous work assignments and Ben’s crazy hours at the club, the guys reached an impasse.”

    They also say that Gloria worked hard to bring the two back together after they almost broke up. She says all she want’s is for Anderson to be happy and settle down with Ben and adopt a child.

    When asked his sexuality in an interview Cooper responded,

    "I understand why people might be interested. But I just don’t talk about my personal life. It’s a decision I made a long time ago, before I ever even knew anyone would be interested in my personal life. The whole thing about being a reporter is that you're supposed to be an observer and to be able to adapt with any group you’re in, and I don’t want to do anything that threatens that."

    Cooper has discussed openly that he would like to adopt a child but says the lack of time and his career prevents him from doing it now.

    And poor CNN - they may be in a bit of a PR crisis these days as just last week anchorman Don Lemon admitted that he was gay – not that there is anything wrong with that.

    Were pretty sure CNN doesn’t want a whole lot of attention drawn to them because of their correspondents sexuality – ratings are low enough already.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that…

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper to Marry Gay Boyfriend? Adopt a Child?

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