Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wish I'd Loved Larry Crowne

    But even Julia couldn't save the flick, especially since there wasn't *enough* Julia. It was a me-me-me-fest for Tom Hanks (I do love him, tho) who co-wrote and directed this stinker. The performances were good--the script, super-bad and no burning chemistry between Tom and Julia. With cutesy cameos as filler and characters just farting around, the plot didn't go anywhere. Hero-transformation (but not much changes really--he's cool from start to finish), heavy drinking heroine pitches husband, cleans up her act and falls for hero, going over to his place to sample his "French toast." Two embarrassing make-out sessions between T & J, super-ewwww. I wanted to love it, but I wouldn't even save this for an alone-party full of facials, cake, and pedicures. If you have to see it, I suggest getting very intoxicated on whatever you can find. Sober, you'll enjoy Lt. Ahura (sp.) from Star Trek (he's awesome) and how beautifully Julia walks down halls in heels and cute dresses.
    Tears of joy for Dish: It's a boy--Julian Roger Taylor--for Duran Duran drummer Roger Taylor and his wife Gisella Taylor. Congratulations to the family!

    Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes confirmed for Bond #23. I am already standing in the ticket line. Officially Dish's favorite Bond, Daniel Craig has breathed new life into this franchise. Having Javier in the film just makes me want to cry with happiness. Remember how amazing he was in No Country for Old Men...and EVERYTHING ELSE?

    In sad news, Betty Ford has passed away. What a legend. Blessings on her coming and going.

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Wish I'd Loved Larry Crowne

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