Sunday, July 24, 2005

Of Missed Dates

    Background : A very dear friend of mine recently could'nt digest a change in our academic schedule. The schedule had to be changed in view of the autumns placements coming up and the idea was to squeeze everything so that students have more time at hand to prepare for their interviews. There were 4 of us who were involved in bringing about the change and advancing a few exams so that we could finish everything well before companies start hitting the campus.

    Of course, in doing so the four of us made a simple assumption , the assumption being : Students are unlikely to prefer going to an interview ( one that can potentially could define the shape of their careers) just a day or two after having written their 4th Trimester exams.

    The Storyline : This dear friend of mine , who is one of the most soft spoken, nicest and innocent of all my friends was supposed to meet her boyfriend in a couple of days time and everything was well planned out. This gentleman had his leave approved from the top brass of his company after a fair bit of negotiations and this lady had planned everything from studies to friends so as to accomodate some time for themselves. Everything was in place for exams and dates.

    The Twist : The schedule was staring at the four of us and was begging to be changed.
    To give you an idea - The India divisions of two multi-billion dollar MNC's were slotted on the same day that the exams were supposed to end. So when faced with a difficult choice of asking the companies to come later or changing the academic schedule we chose the latter.
    Everything was in place for placements.

    The Climax : When plans go haywire especially the ones made you have with your special ones , you are likely to go slightly ballistic. And since I was in close proximity to this friend the first throttle was unleashed at me.
    Perfectly understandable.

    I did all I could to comfort her. Evidently , it wasn't working then.There was a five minute slight altercation after which both of us got back together .

    Some movies leave a lot to open for interpretation by the audience so here's my take on the entire script.

    #1: People seldom accept that they cant have the best of everything. They want the best of deals on roads, with people, with grades and with dates. I dont have a problem that they do.
    I have a problem when they cant and and have to blame someone/something for it .

    #2: Expect,expect ,expect and you have had it! The degree of unrest in one's life is proportionate to what one expects out of it. We attribute some of our failures to chicanery,unfairness in public life and misfortune. My question is why shudn't there be any of these. In life there are no rules for good . Things are meant to be unpredictable and it is better if they are unpredictable . Imagine knowing everything about tumro and a year down the line and planning accordingly.Would be such a mundane thing to know whats coming next.
    The element of chance that has made so many lives is what makes many look forward to life everyday.

    #3: How much is enough? Its been proved beyond doubt that there is a concept of Diminishing Utility in all that we use and consume. If I take "Time spent with Loved Ones" as a utility realistically speaking .. how much is enough really?

    I cant take the argument that its unlimited cos at some point one HAS to get bored of the other.
    And sometimes people say to this that "You don't know about it.Its different in our case " .
    The fact of the matter is that they cant accept the fact that they are no different.

    Having invested so much of time,money and energy in a relationship how can anyone acknowledge that its led to boredom? : D

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Of Missed Dates

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Monday, July 11, 2005

I am alive!

    And my blog works.

    Schedule . Its a burden when one has to stick to it. And the Marketing Schedule has been a stinker in the last couple of weeks. And it continues for people who have taken Fin Minor. They have a Mid Term tumro.

    Thanks Shweta, for talking.

    Will be back soon with a topic to write. : ))

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I am alive!

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Monday, July 4, 2005

Damn... I knew it would be difficult

    Sis’ marriage.

    Dad, you are an absolute gem.

    A New Chapter begins for us.

    God Willing, I should be back in institute tomorrow by this time.

    P.S. : Kerala-the state- You are beautiful but you s**k.
    You love it when things don’t move. You thrive on holidays and you are at your best when you have nothing to do.
    In my five years of education here , I have seen more hartals, strikes and lockouts than in my other 13 years of educational and professional life elsewhere in India (read U.P.,Rajasthan,Assam,Karnataka and Maharshtra) . I don’t quite get it when for every issue that you want to bring to public notice you have to resort to stoppage of work.

    I wonder how they do it in other states in India. On second thoughts I think I know how they do it in other states without disrupting normal public life.

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Damn... I knew it would be difficult

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