Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kinnikuman Skull Brain by Secret Base

    I have held out on Secret Base toys for quite some time now. That is saying quite a lot for me seeing as I am one of the more impulsive people around when it comes to buying shit. The Skullman/Skullmerry figures were the first Secret Base toys to catch my eye, but the pricetag on it all kept me away.

    I just couldn't see the allure in 5-inch tall figures that cost an arm and a leg. It is annoying to me that there are dozens and dozens of 5 or so basic sculpts that fans gush over when they are offered a new color scheme. Nothing like having 600 of the same toy in all different colors!! That practice of collecting is lost on me to this day. There is so much out there that is different. I guess I am not enough of a completist.

    Months later comes the Artoyz Obake figure. I thought I would try my first SB figure because maybe my opinion would change once I got one in hand. I got a decent deal on it from a boardmember at, but when I got it in hand, I have to admit it was quite a let down. I'm not sure what it is about it... maybe the color or the fact that I can't take the little sheet off with ease... but this is all a matter for another rambling blog entry.

    What it took as my gateway drug into the Secret Base haze was a little familiar background with me.

    Enter the Kinnikuman Skull Brain.

    The Kinnikuman line of toys, games, comics, cartoons, etc. is one very dear to me. It goes back to the M.U.S.C.L.E. toyline made by Mattel in the mid-80s. I was absolutely obsessed with these little pink guys when I was a kid. I had no idea at the time that the figures were tied to something much larger in Japan, and I often had names for the mysterious little wrestlers.

    I became more familiar with Kinnikuman as I got older, reading much of the early comics and collecting some of the Japanese-exclusive toys that came in the line.

    So when a boardmember at skullbrain put up the Kinnikuman Skull Brain for sale I was instantly intrigued. I could not for the life of me figure out why this guy would be called Kinnikuman. So i quickly started digging through my brain for any Kinnikuman characters that looked like this... particularly the red scarf as this is the only Secret Base figure I have seen with something like that.

    Since I am a geek, it didn't take me long to figure out the tie.... Kinkotsuman!! The red scarf helped me out

    It literally means Bones and Tendons Man. He was a goofy character from the Kinnikuman series who was supposed to be the polar opposite of the main character Kinnikuman (which means Meat Man or Muscle Man). Honestly not one of my favorite M.U.S.C.L.E.s, but he was my World Champ in my imaginary wrestling federation. My name for him was The Shocker and his finishing move was called the Horrorshock which was kind of a Stinger Splash is anyone remembers Sting.

    The actual Kinkotsuman character didn't even have wrestling moves and would just interfere in matches and like to use a pistol.

    Anyway, on to the Skull Brain!

    Sculpt (2.5 out of 5): Secret Base figures are largely similar in that they are fight figures. For the most part they have very short legs, long arms, and hands ready for grappling or boxing gloves. I'm still not entirely sold on Secret Base figures because of some of their leaning to an insect theme in my eyes... I seem to prefer the actual monsters of Godzilla/Ultraman lore or wrestling themed toys. I really do not like Secret Base's Skull Bee which are very popular, nor do i care for the two-headed mantis.

    The ghost figures in the line are OK, but not really my cup of tea either.

    I do like the Madball figures, and will find one some day... Madballs were another favorite toy of mine as a kid!!

    As for the Skull Brain in particular, I don't really mind the sculpt. There is not much detail to it, and it is a pretty unique design.... in particular the brain with skull theme. I like the softer brain on top of the head, and I believe it can be removed to reveal a small insect/skull type head underneath. I like the facial expression that is created by the differently shaped eye sockets.

    The hands and feet seem to be bug-like which would match the head theme. I would like to see more of a skeleton theme here, but that would require changing the sculpt which Secret Base evidently does not like to go.

    There is not much detail on the figure, but the implied ribs on the chest are a nice touch and I actually do like the segmented fingers and E.T.-like toes on the feet.
    Due to the short, squat legs, the figure balances with no problems, and there is something alluring to me about the exaggerated long arms. I prefer the hands in grapple pose here thanks to my wrestling bias (many Skull Brains are boxers... meh)

    Paint (2.5 out of 5): This helps this figure despite an average score. While not an outstanding paint job in my eyes, the color scheme on the limited Secret Base pallate to make it recognizable as a humorous Kinnikuman character.

    It seems there is hand painting/masked painting as well as airbrushing, but the application is a little suspect. It makes sense to hand paint/mask the ribs as they are a small detail that add to the figure's appearance, as do the pelvic bones. Detail here in important.

    It also makes sense to airbrush the eye sockets on the brain... the brain being contoured and softer. The softer paint application adds to the appearance, but the airbrushed paint is a little off, hitting the bottom of the eye socket and just looking a little sloppy. This also happens above the feet where the black paint from the pants is sprayed onto the red feet. I think a clean application there would look much nicer... and it would match the clean lines around the wrists leading to the red hands.

    Coolness (4 out of 5): This is what makes the figure for me. This figure has not changed my mind much about Secret Base, but the background and theme of it make it very cool in my eyes. Despite its limited color pallete, it is an eye catching piece, and the fact that I know its story really adds to the figure. It is very cool to me that it has a scarf as well

    Value (1.5 out of 5): Secret Base figures like this is going to suffer in the value category. I value it as part of a unique wrestling themed figure collection, but the price is definitely not indicative of quality or size... just limited run and I imagine popularity. There are fans out there that will pretty much buy anything released by this company. While I do not regret my purchase, I do feel I have gotten better money's worth from other pieces in my small collection.

    Overall (3.5 out of 5)
    Positives: I like the colors, Kinkotsuman relationship, poses well for photos

    Negatives: Pricey, lazy paint application

    There are probably better Skull Brains out there, but the personal connection makes this one preferable for me.

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Kinnikuman Skull Brain by Secret Base

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Here's to Cricket, kid!

    Can’t say more.

    Posting a compilation of some of my favorite cricketing trivia from around the world.

    Jack MacBryan is an interesting name in the annals of cricket. Wikipedia describes MacBryan as " an amateur and right-hand batsman" who also was the Wisden Cricketer of the year in 1925 . He played a test for England at Old Trafford against SA in 1924 , that got washed out after 66.5 overs were bowled. He never played a test again making him the only cricketer to have never bowled a single delivery, caught anything or scored a run in his test career! Wikipedia also describes his test appearance as "imperceptible".

    I think a lot of people know about who had the best streak of successive half centuries in Tests. The record belongs to Everton Weekes. However, a lesser known fact is that the best streak in ODIs is that of Javed Miandad’s who had 9 successive scores above 50 in ODIs.

    Chris Tremlett of England was on a hat-trick against Bangladesh in a 2005 ODI. Mohammed Ashraful , the batsman strode in and defended with a straight bat, only to see the ball hit the ground and then proceed to hit the stumps. Tremlett didn't get his hat-trick though. The bails refused to budge!

    If all the names of cricketers were written in alphabetical order Zulqarnain would be the last name on that list. (His name is also a synonym for “nothing noteworthy” in all languages.)

    Of the 12 team captains in the 1999 World Cup, Hansie Cronje was the only one who didn’t wear a jersey numbered 1. He wore the number 5 and since his death no South African has ever worn that number.

    Eknath Solkar at 1.96 has the highest catches per test match record. Bob Simpson is next best with a fairly distant rate of 1.77.

    When Craig Wishart was caught in 2001 test at Chittagong by Mohhamad Sharif, then 16, off Mohammad Ashraful’s (then 17) legspin, he became a victim to the youngest combination to take a test wicket. ( If you’re thinking that this is quite a bizarre fact to know, you know how I felt writing this! )

    Merv Hughes has the most complicated test hat-trick in tests spread over 2 innings and 3 different overs. It was accomplished at Perth against WI in 1988. When I read about it, I thought it was so complicated that the person who pointed out that it was hat-trick must’ve been knighted. Or at least taken out for a beer by Merv.

    Apparently, Brian Lara was dropped on 18 once in a first class innings. He added 483 more in the same innings. (Ha… ha… I like the way I've framed this one.) The culprit was Chris Scott, the wicketkeeper.

    Two-thirds of the world drives on the right but not one team among the test playing nations drives on the right.

    Surprisingly, unlike the best actor Oscar, no one can be a Wisden Cricketer of the year more than once.

    One for the Monty! The first instance of a Sikh bowling to a Sikh in test cricket was when Harbhajan bowled to Panesar in a Nagpur test match.

    And one for my most favorite cricketer: Brian Lara has scored the maximum number of runs in tests in a 12 month period. It amounts to an astounding 1949 runs between April 2003 and April 2004.

    Mike Hussey’s highest score in both forms of the game is 156. His is the highest among players who have highest identical scores in both ODI’s and Tests. The next best is K. Srikkanth with 123.

    And lastly, a gem of a freak dismissal.

    Over to a Wisden Cricketer archive article : Playing for Warwickshire, in 1948 against Middlesex, Donnelly had reached 55 when a delivery from the left-arm spinner Jack Young hit his foot and bounced over his head, landing about a foot behind the stumps. Strangely the ball then returned to bowl him - from the wrong side of the stumps. The ball may have picked up some backspin, though a bowler's footmark was thought the most likely explanation.

    Ah… The game!

    Source : The veritable guru, Steven Lynch

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Here's to Cricket, kid!

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Matango (マタンゴ) by M1Go

    I have only done my little reviews in the past on action figures... with articulation and weapons and such... so I have not been exactly sure how to do reviews of kaiju figures since they are so different. It is all subjective, of course, but I think kaiju is collected for different reasons. Maybe not... Either way, here we have the M1 sculpt of the Matango monster from the Toho film Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People.

    I have stated before that this movie was underwhelming to me, but it honestly was not terrible. It was one of those situations where you go into something with certain expectations, and when that something is totally different it feels like a let down.

    This was an intelligent horror film, honestly (I'll admit when I am wrong!) but I had gone in expecting a campy monster flick, which it is not.

    Well, it is like the crew of Gilligan's island arguing and killing one another over food and sex....

    Regardless, the mushroom monsters in the film are very cool despite what opinions of the film itself may be, and I have found myself craving these guys much like the crew craved the scary looking mushrooms.

    The one pictured here I just picked up from a board member at skullbrain. Unlike my custom figure below, this guy comes with a squishy glow-in-the-dark mushroom! The two Matango pictured below are mine as well. The larger one is the same M1 sculpt as pictured above, but the paint job is custom done by SHAPESHIFTA.

    I'll try to post a similar review format here and see how that works out. I wont use a numerical score here since I am reviewing a few figures at once.

    Sculpt //4.5 out of 5//:
    I really like the M1 sculpt of the Mantango monster. What I have found appreciate in kaiju toys is creativity when it comes to a pre-existing character. There is something to be said for super accurate representations of these monsters, but when a sculptor 'makes it his own' (to borrow a bad cliche) it makes the figure stand out in my eyes. The elements are nicely stylized and not overly simplified here. It is smooth and flowing while still being bumpy.

    I definitely prefer this sculpt to a similar sculpt made by Marmit. (Shown to the right here... image stolen from ebay user minicupid.) The head on the Marmit sculpt looks like a cupcake there instead of fat broccoli like M1.

    This M1 sculpt is well balanced and stands easily. The arms and legs both articulate at the torso which can provide some classic kaiju poses, but don't expect to get many action poses from these guys.

    Paint //5 out of 5//:
    On the officially colored Matango, the paint is out of control! This crazy rainbow application has a smooth and nice, high-gloss finish on the bright green vinyl... very interesting and unlike any other of the few figures I own. It has what is almost a random application of many colors, with some black and silver and gold even making an appearance on top of the lumpy head. The yellow application on the chest hair is well placed, really setting off the head where all the colors gather.

    SHAPESHIFTA's custom of mine is a little more subtle in its color application and is well blended. The eyes stand out nicely with goldish paint despite there being no pupils. The overall almost metallic sheen to the green and blue has a nice organic feel which fits the character nicely. SHAPE did a great job on the figure I think.

    Coolness //4 out of 5//:
    Regardless of one's opinions of the movie, the Matango figure is a standout piece. It can be viewed as humorous or just plain cool, and will most certainly be a conversation starter. It is very original and I think it is very cool. It is unlike many kaiju monsters I have seen.

    Value //4 out of 5//:
    For me, I feel like Matango figures are a good value. Right now these figures seem to be very popular with collectors that appreciate them. That said, there have been quite a few evidently, and the prices generally stay pretty reasonable, especially when considering the size (about 9" - standard kaiju size)

    Overall //4.5 out of 5//:
    Positives: An always killer M1Go paint application, it looks like broccoli and it is waiting for that humorous fridge photo

    Negatives: Can be a little top heavy

    The Matango figures have their pluses definitely and are highly unique. It is cool that they are linked to a respected movie and if you are into such things, how can you go wrong with what appears to be walking broccoli. Any killer vegetables are OK by me.

    The M1 figures are great (and superior to the Marmit sculpts out there that are comparable), and they have come in various colors and even glow that I have seen.

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Matango (マタンゴ) by M1Go

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Akuma Shogun by Romandoh

    Packaging: Not sure what it is called, but it is a package with a plastic blister front that slides off the cardboard back. I'm not a real fan of the Romandoh packaging in general... not much as far as ingenuity or artwork, but at least I can get the figure out this time without destroying the package

    Sculpt (4.5 out of 5): MASSIVE. This guy is solid and weighs a ton.

    Some cool detailing with his hair hanging in front of his armor (as opposed to just being part of the overall mold, and some nice work with the horns on his head, wing type things on his forearms and the plates on his knees. There are pieces of black armor hanging from his waist down the sides of his legs that are molded from a softer rubber as opposed to the firm vinyl making up everything else

    The figure looks menacing and hulking... not super detailed overall (probably due to the fact that he is wearing armor and isn't showing off all muscle, but I particularly like what his hands look like. Nice shape there

    Not perfect as you can see some jagged seams, but that is commonplace on these figures it seems.

    Paint (4.5 out of 5): Great, airbrushed paint job. The armor is a great silver color but still has the shading under muscles and ridges. Cool fade on his forearm wings from deep red to orange, and a similar effect on his knee plates.

    The figure is pretty much completely glossy except for the black tights and waist armor which have a mette finish giving a little contrast... always a plus for me

    Articulation (3 out of 5): Not a ton of articulation on this figure. His head turns, shoulders rotate and raise up and down, elbows bend and biceps rotate, hips bend slightly (but this motion is hindered by the waist armorknees bend and ankles bendI think he has all the points that most Romandoh figures have, however the joints generally feel loose, which is tough for this character since his parts are all so heavy. so if i am not careful, he will fall over because his knees don't hold, or his arms will not stay upright because the elbow straightens out

    Accessories (1.5 out of 5): Only comes with the golden mask that you can actually replace his normal head with. The head is 100% easier to replace than a rotocast figure's extra head would be

    Coolness (4.5 out of 5): He is competing with Neptuneman and Ashuraman as my favorite figure. Evil, heavy, shiny, sweet clawing hands... this guy is going to look awesome whereever i decide to put him.

    Value (3 out of 5): As far as these figures go, definitely one of the more valuable ones. You pay just a bit more, but he easily doubles the weight and even height of most figures I have seen in this line.

    Overall (4.5 out of 5): Lovin it

    Good points – Sweet paint with nice gloss, Super tall, smells good

    Negative points – weight can be an issue with posing and standing due to loose joints Proud to own this guy... and I like it better than the red version that costs more... partial to the silver metallic looking armor i suppose

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Akuma Shogun by Romandoh

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Broken Panes

    P.S. ( The Pre-Script) : Nothing eventful has taken place in the last 2 weeks to voice an opinion over and hence a garbled mess of a train of thought follows. Proceed at your own risk and do not forget to recommend the following post to your enemies.

    Dial M for Murder is an excellent movie. Of the 10 movies directed by Hitchcock that I've seen thus far, I think it's his best. But since IMDB credits him with 66 movies that he's directed, I do humbly acknowledge that the excitement could very well be premature.

    I bought "Something Under the Bed is Drooling" today. This leaves me with only 2 more C&H books to complete.

    While on comics, I think it's pertinent to mention that as a tribute to Georges Remi's birth centenary, I'm also on track to finish off the remaining 5 Tintin comics that I haven't read. My favorite thus far have been the Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham's Treasure.

    I got hooked really bad to Woody Allen movies last month and the craze hasn't subsided yet. I've run through every Music World, Planet M and Crossword store in Delhi to get some of his movies but to no avail. If you know any place that you could direct me to, please do leave a comment. ( I've ransacked Palika and depleted Seventymm's collection too...)

    Me and Bro are huge Sanju Baba fans so when the world said Shootout at Lokhandwala was mediocre while I loved it for Sanju Baba's daredevil fling of the bulletproof jacket, I was a little worried if Bro would think it was over the top too but a short conversation with him alleviated all those fears. ( And now I cant wait for Alibaug...)

    Paul Collingwood is easily the guy who's pulled out the best catches of our generation. Youtube can smash any of your disagreements to the above. Your best defence could be Adam Bacher but I said "catches" not " a single catch".

    I love the Zen Estilo jingle. I think it really has as much potential as the Hutch song or the Airtel tune. It's just the sort of thing that people would talk about and pass the ringtones around of and I get the feeling that Maruti is clearly underselling it.

    If I get to make one movie in my lifetime, I'll flip a coin to decide whether it should be a murder mystery or a story on relationships. And then , the winner of this round would compete against a gangster theme on another flip of the same coin.

    My favorite TV programme thus far has been this series called "Exploring the Unknown" that used to come on AXN. Nobody I've spoken this about to, has ever seen this programme. If you know what I'm talking about and you're a woman aged between 24- 32 , you are my soulmate and I'm supposed to be dating you. I know you're itching to call me. My mobile number begins with 9 and just to see if you're of my calibre I want you to find out the remaining 9 digits!

    This is an end to your torture. Thanks for being nice. You've inched my blog closer to 7000 hits.

    P.S. : Hoping underdog Cavs get past the Spurs...

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Broken Panes

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Big the Budo by Romandoh

    Company: Romandoh
    Packaging: same ol' slide the card off the back blister with the exact same card as all the other Romandoh Kinnikuman figures

    Where Can I Buy It?: picked up this monster on eBay

    Price Range: $5!!! Lucky find on eBay... You might expect to pay close to $50 for this guy through normal avenues unfortunately, but I am not sure.

    Sculpt (4.5 out of 5):This figure looks fantastic! He is big and menacing, great muscle definition, cool outfit, and nice scuplts on the heads. It is rotocast, which is a negative, but on the positive side it saves the figure from just weighing 800 pounds. He is taller than the Mountain by Romandoh, but not quite as bulky. The tallest figure I own so far from the Romandoh line

    There is a problem in the rotocasting with one of his feet where the bottom of the leg got somewhat dimpled in while the foot was being inserted, so that foot does not rest perfectly on the ground. I doubt this is a problem with every single figure, but I am anal and had to point it out.

    The figure is still well-balanced regardless of the foot issue and stands up no problem.

    The skin has a cool texture that looks to have been created with cheesecloth or something like that on the wet plastic. Nice to see that it does not simply have smooth skin like 99% of other toys like these.

    Paint (4.25 out of 5): Very nice paint job on him... Not as nice as on some of the solid Romandoh figures, but good contrast with matte skin and glossy armor

    The gold trim on his pants reminds me of those little cat banks you see in Chinatown sometimes that has one paw raised.... not sure why. Or the Knock offs of these cats made by RealXHead with one big eyeball!

    Cool pain scheme on the extra heads included, although they don't seem to match his dark skin as well as the fencing mask he comes with standard. That's too bad because I really like the drowned Neptuneman head that looks like a zombie.

    Articulation (1 out of 5): Almost none... his heads turn just slightly because hey all have beards that get in the way. His shoulders rotate but only to a point because his red armor point by the shoulder is in the way. and his wrists rotate. Nothing too exciting here. I think his feet rotate too, but that is a worthless articulation

    I really would like to see a solid cast Budo with joints and his kendo sword/stick thing

    Accessories (3 out of 5): He comes with 4 different heads which is very cool. 2 are different gold-masked versions of Neptune King, one is the old, zombie-looking unmasked Neptune King, and he comes standard with his fencing mask Big the Budo head.

    He also comes with an extra arm that is poised and ready for his huge clothesline move (Bomber or something like that)

    And he comes with what looks like a bed of swords. It is all bent out of shape and just looks like crap. I was told that in the Kinnikuman story, Big the Budo and Neptuneman had a match with another team where the ring was surrounded by beds of swords. Cool story I guess..... but I could have done without the half-assed attempt at including that gimmick.

    I also have to note that changing the parts out (particularly the head) on this rotocast figure is a real pain in the ass. I have to take the hairdryer and warm up the head and shoulders to make them softer. Then it is a game of wedging my fingers inside to pry the head off. The best way I have found is using the flat arm on a fingernail clipper as the wedge...

    The putting on another sucks too... I have to take a small tool and cram the plastic down into the opening hoping that I am not going to ruin the paint or anything. This is definitely not meant to be changed on the fly.

    Points off in the accessories category for the junky sword bed and the difficulty in using the extra parts

    Coolness (5 out of 5): Despite all of that, this guy is plain COOL thanks to his size. He is a definite eye-catcher like my Stay-Puft Marshmallow man that is even bigger. Once I decide on a head, I am most likely going to leave it on, and let this guy do what he does best... stand there and make other toys jealous

    Value (5 out of 5): I can't argue the value of this one. He is worth a lot more than I paid for him I imagine. I got a great deal on eBay. I think I would feel comfortable paying 30 or 40 or so for this figure

    Overall (4 out of 5):The drawbacks I mentioned above definitely detract from the overall score

    Good points – Looks awesome, good paint, nice extra heads, HUGE, good deal, a complete tag team with my Neptuneman figure

    Negative points – Annoying-to-use accessories, crappy sword bed thing, bent foot, lack of articulation

    If you have the room and find it for the price I did, then by all means it is worth it. If you don't want an honestly mammoth toy in your space, then this one isnt for you. He takes up a lot of room! Great buy for me!

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Big the Budo by Romandoh

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Geronimo by Romadoh

    Company: Romandoh

    Packaging: same ol' tear off the blister with the exact same card as all the other Romandoh Kinnikuman figures
    Where Can I Buy It?: Bought this one on eBay

    Price Range: $4!!! This was a lucky find though...

    Sculpt (4 out of 5): At first glance online, I thought this figure was rotocast. I think it is the super gloss paint on it that made me think that. The solid figures in my experience have had a softer paint application overall. Anyway, it turns out that the figure is actually solid and has a sculpt that looks similar to the muscles on my Terryman figure.

    This figure looks great I think. His seams are not as visible as some of the other solid figures, and his overall appearance definitely looks Yudetamago.

    The two different faces are sculpted well and are unique from one another. The heads fit snugly but are still easy to switch out as the peg left on the shoulder is just the right size.

    His hands have 2 small holes in the palms so that he can hold his 2 tomahawks... the tomahawks have small pegs on the handles that fit in there. They like to pop out though... I would have liked to have seen hands that could grip the tomahawks, or even better hands molded with tomahawks that you could just change out. No such luck...

    Well balanced figure that stands and poses with ease

    Paint (4.5 out of 5): Great paint job on this figure. I really like the super gloss on his skin, and the skin tone is cool and different. Good shading on the muscles.He has fur on his calves and forearms that is painted with a matte finish and is shaded as well.No problems I see with the paint.

    Articulation (3.75 out of 5): Same articulation as all the other solid cast figures. Shoulders, biceps, elbows, head, hips, knees and ankles. Exactly the same as Terryman and Kinnikuman from my other reviews. The joints do not stick, but are definitely tight enough to hold a pose. You are limited only by the design of the joints themselves.

    Accessories (4 out of 5): Comes with quite a bit for a character that seems kind of second string. He has a headdress that fits around his forehead like a hair band would fit over your head. It is just a little small and likes to work its way up off the top of his head, but it isn't too bad.He has two tomahawks that go with each hand. since there are pegs on the handles facing one direction, there is one made specifically for his left hand and one for the right.He also comes with a spare head... one head has a slight smile and one eye showing and the other has his classic hair in front of the eyes look with his mouth open waiting for the Apache Yell in someone's face. Take that Sunshine!

    Coolness (5 out of 5): Not sure what it is exactly, but something I just find very appealing about this character. He looks awesme with his gloss and the fact that he stands out from most of the other figures... especially with the headdress and tomahawks.

    Value (5 out of 5): If you pick this up for this price, you are getting a great deal. I have paid 30 to 40+ for figures very similar to this that didn't have the extra accessories.
    Overall (4.5 out of 5): He snuck in and became one of my favorite Romandoh figures!

    Good points – cool paint; nice accessory collection; different look; weighty, solid cast

    Negative points – tomahawks slip from hand holes, headdress slips off top of head

    A great buy (especially at this price). I honestly expected this figure to be on par with Sneagator (not quite Beauty Rhodes), but it suprised me completely. Definitely look for this one if you are interested.

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Geronimo by Romadoh

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Dirty laundry

    I've tried the whole livejournal thing... the myspace blog thing... but I have never created one with the intent of discussing my dirty little habit of toy collecting.

    Don't get me wrong... I love the stuff I have... but we all have to be honest and admit that for the most part this is not a hobby that is generally going to impress the ladies, get you a job, etc.

    But when you find a fellow collector with tastes similar to your own, it's hard to describe that exact feeling of pride when you all get excited when showing off your latest find or custom paint job.

    So that's where this blog comes in. I won't say it will be all about toys... I could slip a movie or book review in here, but for the most part I would like it to be a space where I can post photos I like to take of my various collections, talk about toys in general, and share these little guys with people that might enjoy them as well.... unlike my fiancée who would just roll her eyes.

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Dirty laundry

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