Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eriagun by Bwana Spoons and Gargamel

    Bwana Spoons is an artist from Portland, Oregon. His paintings (which can be viewed at his own grasshut corp) have a style that is very recognizeable as his own. They are very organic and illustrative. I'm not sure when it happened, but Bwana moved into the world of toy production as well with figures like Steven the Bat and Edward the Gator I assume from his paintings, and then kaiju pieces produced with the help of Gargamel.

    Bwana has what appears to be a fantastic working relationship with Gargamel as he has released a whole series of figures with his unique coloring style including this figure, the Papastroyer, the Killer whales, Bakobas, the pet of Papa and Eriagun, and all the minis that correspond.

    I think there is a little story behind the series of Gargamel Hedoran colorways, which was a real drawing point for me. Each figure (except for the mini Pupstroyer) came with a print of an accompanying Bwana painting of the figure. The paintings themselves create characters out of these previously characterless toys. Not to say that these sculpts have no character... I mean that they lacked a story as far as I know.

    It seems that Papatroyer and his son Earth Restroyer live in this nameless swamp/forest. They have a pet (Pupstroyer) that Earthy rides around like a big sloppy horse once Pup is big enough.

    Papa is cool and laid back, smokes a big pipe and probably loves his son in his own way. He was a hippie as a youngster himself, and wants to teach his blobby little son a life of low stress and flowers. He might be more of a friend to Earthy than a father figure.

    Little Earth Restroyer, who is a bit wilder; a little rock star living in the swamps; unfortunately needs more discipline. Papa's lax parenting and excessive herb smoking leave Earthy sometimes bored and desiring something more loud and crazy. When Earth gets older and his sports fill out, he goes nuts and changes his name to the very rock star Eriagun. The swamp just feels too small for him, and we finally find Eriagun running away from home, leaving his Papa and now grown p
    et behind with a curse to the quiet life. Fuck you, dad. I'm going to rock in the real world...

    Honestly, I was not all that into the Bwana style when I first started my weird little hobby months ago, but on the advice of fellow skullbrain board members, I had to have one to make a true judgement. I liked his paintings in 2D better than the organic application on a three-dimensional vinyl canvas. And honestly, I still don't really feel it after I have owned it for awhile. But I definitely felt much more appreciation for this particular piece after I had it in my hands and was able to look at it from all angles... to see the paint application... to look at it catch the light.

    Header //4 out of 5//:
    This is a cool header. While it is not complex, I like that it has a homemade feel to it... almost earthy like much of Bwana's work seems to be. The font used for the title is fitting, and the red is a nice contrast to the green figure contained underneath it. The background texture is pulled from elements of Bwana's swamp painting in the Eriagun print. Also, while I do like a header with a do-it-yourself feel, the quality of the paper and print used feels like an older inkjet printer.

    Sculpt //4 out of 5//: 
    This particular Gargamel sculpt is not exclusive to Gargamel, but rather is one of their "updated bootlegs" so to speak of an old IKB Hedorah-style toy from the 70s. In my opinion, the original sculpt of this was a waxy mess. Hukkodo has since reproduced it, and judging from the photos, I just don't think it looks good at all. You can see all the old sculpts in the photo to the right here.

    The Gargamel sculpt(s) that came out a few years ago is a cleaner, more visually interesting form. It maintains the original feel and shape of the figure, while smoothing out the rough areas. This particular Hedoran form is the most human looking, and even has the added indication of claws on his hands and feet, a pretty cool feature not seen on smog themed monsters.

    Bwana has chosen a mostly-transparent green vinyl for all his toys in this line, which really adds to the overall sculpt in my opinion. The light passing through and bouncing off the flowing, organic forms really adds to the figure.

    Paint //3 out of 5//:
    I am evidence that the approach used in the paint here is an acquired taste. I guess I never acquired enough, however. I have found in my short kaiju life that I prefer either a very fluid, murky approach... or very clean. Bwana's paint application to the Eriagun can be described as cheery and organic. Dots! Many of his Gargamel releases are adorned with the dots. While this is quite a unique approach to the medium, ultimately it still wasn't for me.

    The application and execution of the style is fantastic, however. Bwana succeeds in taking a messy, pollution themed creature and making him a happier friend of the Earth! The colors aren't complimentary, but still work well together. The light blue on the cool green of the vinyl looks nice and is contrasted with the warm red down the belly and on the extremities.

    I really like the cool blue around Gargamel's trademark metallic eyes.

    The little tongue rules too

    Coolness //4.25 out of 5//:
    This is a standout piece, and there is no question where it came from once you know. Bwana has made this figure his own despite many other colorways of it existing, and he must be commended for this. While not my favorite of all time just due to my personal tastes, this figure is very nice. I am putting my personal bias aside and showing it for what it is: a unique approach to an established genre.

    Value //2.5 out of 5//
    It's going to cost you. While you do get a print and original header with and Eriagun, you can also get the same Gargamel sculpt for significantly less at this point.

    Overall //2.5 out of 5//:
    Positives: Unique, attractive, cool story, comes with a numbered print, has a cool tongue

    Negatives: Pricey on the after market, seems to target a more specific audience, didn't fit in like I wanted with my collection

    If you are feeling this paint job, then by all means I recommend this figure. It is fantastic if it is what you are looking for. I don't mean to shit on it in any way with my seemingly low overall grade, I just want to emphasize that I gave the figure a chance and still never felt like it was tops in my collection. I guess some things just aren't for me, and thus Eriagun has moved to a better home with a loving new pair of parents!

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Eriagun by Bwana Spoons and Gargamel

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Do-it-yourself light tent

    A first for my new blog here... someone else's stuff!

    Board member meczilla on (Andy Chang) posted this cool little how-to showing a light tent for taking some cool, professional style photos of your toys. I will definitely be making one of these! I will post an update when I get mine set up.

    Thanks, Andy!

    Check out some of Andy's photos on his Flickr page

    I've been looking into taking clean studio-style shots of my toys for a while and everything was pointing me towards a light tent setup. A Smith Victor two light kit runs about 100 bucks. When I added "DIY" to my Google search I found some very practical and extremely cheap ways to get the same effect.
    I used:

    -A compact 6.1 megapixel Nikon S1 point-and-shoot camera.

    -Mini tripod (10 bucks) - You could use a stack of books or boxes too but you'll be restricted to 90 degree angle shots.

    - A banker's box (Free) - Cut windows out of the sides and top. Cut all the way to the back of the box on top so you can affix a...

    -Chip Clip (pack of two for a dollar)

    -Backdrop (Free) - I used the back of a Borat mini poster. Colored posterboard would probably work well too.

    -Paper towels (cheap) - Drape them over your box windows.

    -Two desklamps (Free-$???) - You probably have some laying around. I used 60 watt flourescent bulbs for nice cool light.

    Experiment with your camera's exposure settings, lighting angles, camera placement, and framing your composition. Toys are very patient and will put up with your artsy wankering. Be careful about those paper towels though, probably flammable if you are going for a marathon shoot.

    Turn the flash off and use the self-timer feature to minimize shake from your hand pressing the shutter button. There should be a way to adjust the timer to something minimal. Check your manual. In my case it's 10 seconds.

    Presto! Fresh out of the camera with no Photoshop.

    I think these photos turned out great. Like I said, I will post my set up also when I get around to it. I would like to experiment with different color backdrops, lighting angles, and maybe thickness of the paper around the box to diffuse the light even more.

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Do-it-yourself light tent

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gas Bawer by Longneck

    Since I reviewed my new Bemon and drew the BIG BATTEL scene between the Bemon and his arch-nemesis the Gas Bawer (in my mind anyway), I decided to finally review the Bawer figure. I picked up this figure from Super7 a few months ago on a whim and it has remained a focal part of my rapidly changing collection.

    Like the Bemon, the Gas Bawer is shrouded in mystery for me, as I honestly know very little about him. With the Bemon at least I have some background though the old Smogun header. But as far as I know, the Gas Bawer's only background is that he is a relatively new character created from scratch. It has been speculated that the figure was designed by the same person that designed the Bemon figure, and evidently the Gas Bawer was sold in the same Japanese shop. I would like to verify this!

    What draws me to him like the others is the pollution aspect. What makes the Gas Bawer unique is that where essentially all pollution themed kaiju are what appear to be mobile piles of sludge, he seems to be a mobile volcano spewing his noxious fumes over the land.

    This was the only Longneck figure that I knew about until they released this:
    I'm not positive what is name is, but the head on this snail creature is very phallic. I figured surely it coincidence until photos of the snail's undercarriage showed up!

    No mistaking what that is supposed to be!

    Anyway, back to mine, this new figure got me looking at the Gas Bawer again. As I was drawing the Bawer in my sketch posted earlier, I noticed how the arms had a phallic appearance as well. And the folds on the chest began to take on a whole new vaginal appearance! Could this be a common theme in Longneck figures? I guess we'll see when a new Longneck beast comes our way. Just thought this was kind of interesting.

    There are several color schemes of the Bawer from a black, grimy looking one to an almost completely white albino. There is a pink one with spots that is supposed to resemble a strawberry, and one painted to resemble Mt. Fuji in Japan. I really like the color scheme of this one I have, although I just don't think it has the popularity of the Bemon.

    I compare it so much to the Bemon mainly due to the two figures' similarities... general shape, the pollution theme, etc.

    Sculpt (3.5 out of 5): This figure has a unique look for sure. Unlike the other pollution monsters around, the Gas Bawer is a walking mound of cracked stone, and this is reflected well in the sculpt. The cracked texture of the surface is nice... it reminds me of Marvel Comic's Thing from the Fantastic Four.

    The giant smooth eye in the front becomes the obvious focal point in that is essentially the only smooth surface on the entire figure. There is also a giant, creepy vertical eye on his back that adds to the oddity of this monster as well.

    Another nice touch in the sculpt is the "chest wrinkle" and what appear to be exhaust tubes around the waste. I can image the noxious fumes spraying from the chest and mid-section of the beast as his head explodes up top.They look almost rubbery or fleshy and add more contrast on the otherwise rocky surface.

    The body is a little too barreled in my opinion. There is no distinction between the chest, waist and pelvis of the creature except for the skirt formed by the exhaust tubes. The legs seem a little too stumpy (it looks as though he would have trouble moving well) and the arms are posed at a bit of an awkward angle.

    I would also have liked to see articulation at the hips and/or under the head instead of the big seam across the figure's belly. I suppose this was needed somehow in the sculpting process due to the shape of the head or something, but the seam under his chest is distracting and could have been hidden better I think. Granted, the legs couldn't really be posed, but it would have been really nice to be able to turn the head and have the seams hidden a little better.

    Paint (3.75 out of 5)
    : While there aren't as many colors as the Bemons (and no hand paints as far as I know), the Gas Bawers sport some great paint jobs... all very different from one another. This particular figure has an overall red scheme in the vinyl which is contrasted well with a cool blue and black sprayed on top. There is a metallic gold used for highlights as well in the large eye, on the tops of the claws and on the tips of the exhaust valves.

    It is a pretty simple paint application despite all the colors involved. I cannot help compare to my Bemon which despite having only one paint applied, the mix of clean application to the eyes and messy runs that mesh well with the sludge surface. This Bawer figure has a uniform, airbrushed approach throughout which works for the rocky texture, but could be more interesting with a more fluid application I think. With the gaps left in the blue in the front, I believe a runny feel is what the intention is anyway, as if the red were running down the chest.

    I do really like the colors used, and where they are used. The black top of the head really adds to the volcanic feel and the blue on the front helps to add variety and add a more organic feel to the hot rocks.... like there is some sludge mixed in with that volcanic, gassy ash.

    Decent paint application, and good color selection, but could have a more interesting application.

    Coolness (4 out of 5)
    : To me this is still a very cool figure. I'm a sucker for uniquities, and even though this is another pollution monster in a large collection of them, this is the only rocky themed kaiju I own. What's not to love about a hideous volcano monster that spews gas and has a giant cyclops thing going on? Well, unless hideous just isn't for you I guess.

    Value (3 out of 5): In the United States, these have a hefty pricetag. In comparison to similar toys, it's about par, however. Guess I'm just not a high roller. It is very large and comes in crazy colors, but it just does not have the same cool home made yet still professional feel that some other comparable toys do.

    Overall (4 out of 5):
    Positives: Unique approach to the pollution monster theme, nice colors, large in size

    Negatives: Somewhat boring paint application, awkward joints, seam across belly

    I would recommend this toy to any collector interested. In the battle of pollution beasts, I still view him as my favorite underdog (to Bemon). Secretly I want him to win in the battle that I drew earlier... well, that's not so secret anymore.

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Gas Bawer by Longneck

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Bawer v Bemon!

    I spent way too long on this. I draw like I read... ssssslllllllloooooowwwwwllllllyyyyyyyyyyy

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Bawer v Bemon!

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Thursday, August 16, 2007


    Well, you've seen a few of my drawings of him and he has starred in my fantastic Celga story, so I figure it's time to write about the figure itself.

    I don't know a lot of the background of this guy, although from what I have read the figure is actually called KOUGAI KAIJU (something like Pollution Monster... how original) and that the company that maes him is called Bemon. I think Bemon is a bit easier, so until I find something else by the company, I will stick with it.
    I have had to just piece together information from old message board posts, but I am trying to learn more.

    This figure is known for its super low production numbers (often 30 or less figures per run) and super crazy paint schemes. Many of the first runs of these were handpainted. With the free flowing sculpt and hand applied paint (that evidently would often be clumpy and textured), the Bemon Pollution Monster has a great do-it-yourself feel and sort of a punk rock feel. 
    You can see some photos below that I swiped from that really shows the variety that comes with these pieces. Take into account that many are also hand painted, and you really find yourself with what are essentially one of a kind figures. I have seen a lot of photos of these, and I really haven't seen two that look exactly the same.. 

    There are screen printed headers and inserts that come with these that really add to the DIY feel of this toy as well. Very cool if you are into that sort of thing. It's like the zines your buddies (or you) used to make on the library copier way back then. I stole the header photo above from as well. It looks a little more impressive than the one that came with my Bemon.

    The Bemon Pollution monster evidently was at least dreamed of by the company IKB back in the 70s. He appeared on the header of the original Smogun (see below), but was never made into a figure until recently by a completely different company. Since The original Smogun has been reproduced this year, let's hope an old school Bemon might come out looking a little different. Kogai Kaiju version 2.0??


    Sculpt (4.5 out of 5): With the free style of this figure, I think rating the sculpt is very subjective. What I find appealing here, many people would not like at all. 

    Technically, the sculpt is fine. Since there are no feet and just a wide, flat base the figure is well balanced and very stable. The arms and head are very well connected... don't feel loose at all.

    Aesthetically I think the Bemon is fantastic. I started my kaiju obsession with Hedorah figures... the original pollution monster, and many companies have taken their artistic liberties with the Hedorah form. From there there were bootleg versions of this style of character... large slimy piles of goop all intent on polluting the world! I really like the almost expressionist style of these and the Bemon sculpts. There are chunks and bumps and it all flows together in a Jabba the Hutt style pile. This lumpy surface is highlighted by the smokestacks on the top of the head, the drainage pipes on the back of the head, and the ribbed, worm-like arms. 

    It is sculpted from clear blue vinyl which really adds to the appearance I think. Like the Gogamezilla I discussed in my last post, the clear vinyl makes for some great photographs.

    Paint (3.5 out of 5): This particular figure has a pretty simple paint job, hence the lower score. The lower score does not speak for how well this paint works for the figure. I am comparing it to other Bemons I have seen (especially hand painted ones) with insane paint details and wild application. 

    Technically speaking, the paint on this figure is great and works very well with the clear vinyl. The application is smooth and as even as expected.

    Less is more here. The bright red paint adds to the sculpt, and it is very interesting how it divides the face into two - giving almost a positive/negative image of the two sides. For instance, you'll see that one eye is red with a blue pupil and the other is blue with a red pupil. It's a cool effect I think. And on the back the paint just runs down the back as the polluted sludge seems to ooze out. There is even a glossy blue mixed in back here to add highlight down the back.

    Coolness (4.5 out of 5): Like the Gogamezilla also, this is one of my favorites. It is so unique and also a focal point in the collection. And like the Goga as well, I lowered the score just a bit because I have seen some truly awesome Bemons out there thanks to the crazy paints which I think would be the coolest if only they were hanging out in my Detolf as well!

    Value (2 out of 5): Ouch. Thanks to the low production numbers, hand applied paints (for many) and underground popularity of these, the price for most people is going to be pretty high. At retail, these would be on par with many similarly sized and numbered kaiju, but to find a painted one out there on the secondhand market, expect to pay quite a bit for hand paints and probably less for factory paints or unpainted figures (but still a heft chunk of change.) It's a pricey addition if bought from another collector.

    Overall (4.5 out of 5)
    Positives: It's clear, it's a hideous mess, essentially a one-of-a-kind piece, punk rock homemade style

    Negatives: Pricey and tough to find.

    The Bemon is another figure I never saw myself obtaining first due to disinterest then due to scarcity, but when I came across one from a fellow message boarder, I had to take the dive and see what the hype was about. I'm very happy that I did. Toys like this have really changed the direction of my collection to both vintage and unique, underground style pieces. 

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Gogamezilla by AnrakuAnsaku

    Now this is a figure I didn't see myself ever coming across. Fortunately I came across the right message board thread at the right time, which allowed me to zip over to eBay and pick this monstrosity up. What a blend of kaiju goodness it is!

    Gogamejiras is a monster from a short series of animations on AnrakuAnsaku's website. I am not positive of the background of the character really, but the animations are pretty funny. He has elements of Godzilla with his overall lizard appearance, Gamera in that his feet fold up into rockets to boost him through the air, and an ugli fruit.

    Goga seems like a real asshole in them as he just knocks down buildings, blows shit up and covers a man in a giant loogie missile at one point. You can see the animations at the following address:

    [EDIT: As of June, 2008, this link seems to be broken. I'm not sure if the Anraku site will be coming back online, but I will leave my links to it here just in case it does!]

    The company makes some pretty unique and old style monsters... most of which seem to be at least partially transparent and all to me have an almost kewpie doll feel to them. You can see the Goga in the top left here as well as some of their other beasts. AnrakuAnsaku has a sort of home made, do-it-yourself feel to their product which I think makes them all the cooler.

    Header //5 out of 5//:
    I really like the artwork included on the Goga header. Both sides are designed (and honestly I'm not entirely sure which one is the front now. It fits very well with the DIY, homemade vibe of the figure itself. The artwork is that of the website and black-and-white paper insert. I'm not sure what all the text says, but I like that Gogamezilla is shown in his assholey best.... knocking down a clock tower and blowing his breath weapon. The header appears to be printed very small scale probably on an inkjet printer or possibly a color copy, but when taking into account the limited availability of these sculpts, it really makes it feel somewhat like a punk rock zine made on the public library copier.

    Sculpt //3 out of 5 technical and 4.25 out of 5 visual//:
    I am giving this piece 2 scores here because there have been problems pointed out with the sculpt, but visually it is one of the more interesting toys I have seen.

    The Gogamezilla in particular has some issues with the flashing... or the extra vinyl that fits inside another opening and helps to hold these hollow figures together... (I'm not sure if AnrakuAnsaku's other figures have this same issue) From what I understand from speaking with others, the flashing is often trimmed too short which causes the legs, tail, etc. to fit not so perfectly onto the body. I believe I may have lucked out on my particular Goga, because everything seems very solid. There are a couple small areas at the tail joint and the leg joints where the mold itself just doesnt fit right together... like the shapes are just not exactly the same, and that leaves some small gaps.

    I could see some balance issues with this figure as well. Again, maybe I lucked out because mine seems very well balanced, but with such a large head and small legs, I could definitely see this figure tipping over. The oversize tail helps to balance also.

    And a nit-picky complaint here... this figure takes up a lot of surface area. This really is an issue when shelf space is limited. There is no way for me to properly display him in my Detolf case.

    Visually, this sculpt is very interesting. There is great texture in the skin, and his unique arms and head shape really help this piece to stand out amongst many Godzilla clones. With a head that resembles a grapefruit, it is hard to view this guy as evil. His appearance definitely brings a smile to my face. The sculpt of this really reflects the artist's drawings of the character well, capturing I think the hand drawn qualities in 3 dimensions. His dimensions also lend to the visual interest with his oversize tail, tiny claws, and bulbous head. The exposed ribs and smooth interior of the mouth add a little variety to the bumpy surface overall. Very nice visual piece.

    Paint //N/A//:
    My particular figure is unpainted, but there are many Gogas around that are. As you can see, mine does made from a bright transparent orange vinyl, when combined with the right angle light and the highly textured surface lead to some great coloration and shadows.

    Coolness //4.5 out of 5//:
    This is by far one of the coolest kaiju toys I own. It is very unique and a conversation starter whenever it pops up. I gave it a 4 simply because I compare this particular unpainted one with painted Gogas I have seen and also ones that have guts inserted. With guts and a sweet paint job, this one is easily a 5.

    Value //2 out of 5//:
    Given the scarcity of the AnrakuAnsaku figures in general, I think value becomes relative. It cost quite a bit, but I do not feel I was ripped off. The value here would be much higher if one could be obtained at retail I imagine. I know I paid well over that.

    Overall //4.25 out of 5//:
    Positives: Clear vinyl always wins me over, unique sculpt

    Negatives: Pricey, joint issues, could be top heavy if parts aren't fitting on just right, GIANT footprint making it tougher to display with other pieces.

    Gogamejiras (Gogamezilla) was one of the figures I just assumed I would never come across. I feel lucky that this one fell in my lap, and despite paying quite a bit for it, I think it will remain in my collection for quite some time.

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Gogamezilla by AnrakuAnsaku

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Buffaloman EX version C by Romandoh

    Buffaloman is a character from the Kinnikuman series who, like many villains in the series, started off quite evil and ended up being good. In America as part of the M.U.S.C.L.E. line, Buffaloman was one of only two named figures... Terribull. He was the leader of the Cosmic Crunchers I believe and a version of him came with the little joystick-style wrestling ring.

    In Japan, Buffaloman was first introduced as the leader of the Seven Devil Choujin. He had some pretty cool cohorts such as:
    -Atlantis, a fish man who was awesome fighting under water
    -Springman, literally a giant spring man who would coil himself around opponents to crush them to pieces
    -SteCasse King, a walking tape player who used sound waves to harm opponents
    -Black Hole, a man with a giant hole in for a face who could swallow others into an alternate dimension
    -Mr. Kamen, an Egyptian-themed fighter who would mummify his foes and drink their innards with a giant straw
    -The Mountain, literally a giant rock who would just crush anyone he could

    and of course Buffaloman who was the baddest of them all!

    Buffaloman had made a deal with Satan that would have Buffaloman constantly fighting and defeating opponents, and everyone he defeated he would gain more power. He would absorb powers with his horns which could extend, but was defeated by Kinnikuman when he tried to absorb Kinnikuman's Burning Inner Strength power and simply could not control it.

    He later came back to help the heroes of the story in several different arcs, and in the newest Kinnikuman comic actually serves as a teacher for young, new heroes.

    Well, onto the figure. I tried for quite awhile to find this particular figure. There was an older Buffaloman figure my Romandoh that I never really cared for, but now the company is releasing some very cool figures in the EX line with interchangeable heads, accessories, etc.

    The packaging for the new EX figures is a definite step up from the old blister cards they have used previously. Everything inside is displayed nicely in this flat box, and the graphics on the outside, while still featuring no images really, are bold and eye catching. Someone could definitely display this in the package.

    Sculpt (4.75 out of 5):
    Very nice! Visually, this has become my favorite Romandoh figure. Sorry, Neptuneman. He is massive. Cool muscle definition and subtleties on the hair and trunks. The faces on the two heads provided have cool scowls, and this particular version has the broken horned head which is pretty cool.

    Technically the figure is sculpted very well I think - nicely balanced and nice, smooth seams. It is solid and very hefty.

    Small deduction for the posts where the hands and head attach... they come off very easily, and the head can actually fall off if the figure is turned over.

    You remove the hands and feet to place on the armor which stays on nicely. The armor is even solid like the figure. Nothing cheap here! The armor slides over the pegs where the hands connect and the hands hold it on, The shin/calf armor is molded to the shape of each leg so it stays on by itself after the feet are reattached. The armor pieces are marked right and left because they are actually sculpted to the shape of each limb. Very cool.

    And as for removing the feet, you have to pull them off the ball joints of the ankle to remove them. They fit very snugly, but you just have to trust that they will go back on afterwards.

    No hairdryer is needed to change parts on this figure so big points for that!

    Paint //5 out of 5//:
    I really like the paint job on this figure. There are excellent airbrushed highlights to emphasize muscle tone and shade the armor and such. I like the glossy gloves and boots along with the matte flesh overall. I wish the ball joints at his hips were cast in a slightly darker plastic, or at least painted somewhat to better match his legs. Overall though I see no problems with the paint application. It only serves to better this figure.

    Articulation //4.25 out of 5//:
    For a figure this large and bulky, I think the articulation is spectacular. The ball joints at the shoulders, hips and ankles allow for a pretty wide range of movement. The muscles limit some movement of elbows and knees, and when the armor is placed on, the movement is further limited. Without the armor on, this figure is able to be posed many different ways.

    Accessories //3.75 out of 5//:
    Not a ton of stuff, but the removable armor and broken horn head that are included are just awesome.

    Coolness //5 out of 5//:
    This figure is bulky, has evil smirks, removable armor, sweet glossy hands, and he is so tall. He stands out anywhere you could find to put him I think and the poses you can put him in are great. One of the coolest in my opinion.

    Value //2.75 out of 5//:
    Very pricey - pricier than Neptuneman so I have to put the score down a little. After fees and shipping, the price really goes up. Would be a much better value for this price if I were able to pick the figure up in Japan.

    Overall //4.75 out of 5//:
    Good points – Bulky, tall, awesome paint, spikes, smirking faces, broken horn, poseability.

    Negative points – Pricey after importing, ball joints at hips too light in color, feet tough to remove, head loose.

    My new favorite Romandoh! If you find this guy in the 5,000 yen range, it is most definitely worth the price!

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Buffaloman EX version C by Romandoh

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