Saturday, May 21, 2005

Unrest Unjustified?

    Its one of those days when you pause and think if you are going where you wanted to go.Coming back to that favorite movie of mine in which Jack Nicholson playing Col. Nathan Jessop menacingly declares :
    "Son, we follow orders or people die.Its that simple. " leads me to think what will happen if I don't follow orders ,don't study and don't complete my assignments . Instead? And if I do all of that where do I land finally?Doing what?

    Friends around me are talking about company and sector preferences and so am I and compared to most here I have set my priorities (read electives,sectors,specialization et al) right just like everyone else would like to believe! So lets say another year down the line all of us join the company that we want to . And work 9-5 or 5-9 as the case may be and watch movies on weekends or party the hell out and come back to work on Monday. And along the way build a home, buy durables , get a life partner and live your life thinking you have made the most of it and have been successful at that.

    I can picture myself doing all of the above and it scares me.

    To live my life in anonymity like millions others who save,invest,dine out,sleep,have kids and rot in their living mired by the trappings of a society that encourages survival instincts more than pursuit of excellence is not what I would ever be proud of in my grave.

    So what do I do or what does anyone else who is not excited by all of this do ?

    I thought of it and the answer unsurprisingly is zip. There must be many who would have thought of this before and been in a similar jam as to what would they should have done. As this is post is already replete with conjectures here's another one. My bet is there would have been two reactions from different sets of people.

    One group would have laughed it off. They would have told themselves it is an output of the devil's workshop and that they would be of course happy with their lives post placements.They would be getting a plum post, plummer salaries, travel oppurtunities, plush accomodation and all of that would easily offset anything else that they sacrifice and that all of this would be an excellent ROI on their education thus far.

    And what would the other group do?
    Slip into oblivion?
    Can't hazard a guess on this one because most of the people you get to speak to with belong to the first group .

    You should not have free days in B-Schools. Am reminded of a song that was penned by the timeless Dire Straits in 1979 and all I needed to do was to substitute 'girl' in that song with 'life' to sum up what's going on over my mind right now...

    "Where do you think you're going
    Don't you know it's dark outside
    Where do you think you're going
    Don't you care about my pride
    Where do you think you're going
    I think you don't know
    You got no way of knowing
    You got no place to go
    I understand your changes
    How long before you reach the door
    I know where you think you're going
    I know what you came here for
    And now I'm sick of joking
    You know I like you to be free
    Where do you think you're going
    I think you'd better go with me, life "

    If you ain't with me, life, you're gonna be without me!

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Unrest Unjustified?

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