Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Poetess

    “Hi… waiting for someone?”

    “Yeah, you too?”

    “Yep. Same here. It's funny. Some people just can’t be on time!”

    “True. It’s weird. My friend even stays close-by while I traveled quite a distance to get here, yet I was on time.”

    “And who wants to go for a movie, half an hour late? I’m actually thinking about chucking this movie now. You wanna take a walk?

    “Yeah, but I can’t go far. My friend would expect me to be here.”

    “Ah… that’s okay. You study or work?”

    “I work for a small company in South Delhi. What about you?”

    “I’m working too. Work for Hindustan Times. Just down the road…”

    “So… You an engineer?”

    “Naa… Graduate in Arts.”

    “Hmm... Which college?”

    “Correspondence actually… And what do you work as?”

    “I just joined the Radio Division’s Marketing Team. What’s your name?”

    “Kaavya. And you are? ”

    “Issac… I-Double-S-A-C”

    “Hmm... does it mean something?”

    “Yeah… something like a smile in the Hebrew language.”

    “You know, it’s interesting how names come about. In India a lot of names are derived from day-to-day words of Hindi and Sanskrit while in Western countries I’m not sure if that’s the case…”

    “True, very true. Now that you said this … Ah... here comes my friend… (How I’d love to continue talking with you! Sigh!!!). Will see you some time then.”

    “Yeah, nice talking. See you!”

    There’re all kinds of people in this world. Some happen to be just so simple to talk with.

    In a city of 14 million people, what are the chances that I’ll meet her again?

    None. :-)

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