Friday, September 21, 2007

Bitten by the BxH bug

    Over the past couple months, I have built up what I feel is a well-rounded little Bounty Hunter collection. I sold off quite a bit of stuff (pretty much the rest of my Western collection save a few pieces) to fund it, and I am very glad I did now that I have everything in hand.
    When I first got into Japanese vinyl, I have to admit I didn't get into these. Granted, I didn't give them much of a look as I was into solely the monsters and blobs and horrors that are new and vintage kaiju, but at a time when my tastes had moved from Western to Eastern style toys, these Bounty Hunter toys that really seem like a fusion of both styles did not speak to me.
    After the initial dust settled and the kaiju buying spree slowed, I found my collection moving toward more cohesive little cells... aided by the separated shelved in the Detolf.
    I had the vinyl wrestlers anchored by some sweet vintage Tiger Mask figures.
    I had the strange beasts that I craved initially... now moving toward more smaller run, hands on style figures like Anaraku's Goga and the Bemon Pollution beast... as opposed to lots and lots of Hedorahs.
    And I had the humanoid figures: two legs, two arms, no tail... Ultraman style. Strange monsters in suits and the monochrome Dada felt like a pretty unique facet of my collection.
    As I tweaked these shelves and wrote about them in my blog here, I learned more of the history of these toys, the inspirations and the directions they had taken. That's when I came across the Kid Hunter. Here was a fusion of a campy cereal mascot and a pissed off punk rock kid.
    And here is where it started for me. I really looked into Bounty Hunter at this point and had a new appreciation for the cleaner looks, the attitude, and the background.
    So here is a photo of the new family. It is a great part of my collection now. It isn't everything that is out there by BxH, but it's a good sampling I feel and I am pretty proud of where it has gone.
    I plan to do some reviews/blogs about all these figures in time, but for now enjoy the madness!

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Bitten by the BxH bug

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