Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Years Resolutions - 2008

    Everyone has these... and they are so often complete bullshit. But I have started on a couple for myself and I hope to hold onto them for a change. The secret - I made them attainable so they would be easier to hold myself to!

    1) Control my spending on stuff I don't really need. Reign in those costs!
    That includes toys! Not much to say here... I've had trouble with my spending habits for years, and this was a particularly bad one. It's more an anxiety thing than anything, so I need to focus my energies on creative outlets instead of pulling out the credit card whenever I get bored/down/etc.

    2) Keep a sketchbook/journal.
    I've tried this one before with little success. But the approach is different this time. Using Chris Ware's Acme Datebooks as inspiration, I want to write and draw in the same book. One problem may have been that I tried to write one place and draw in another. If they happen together, they can feed off one another even. This will help keep my creativity flowing hopefully. I do have a separate sketchbook for all monster/toy related things such as photo stories and whatever, as well as a sketchbook for design stuff I need to work on. This is for me

    I already bought a sketchbook with drawing paper inside and a couple drawing pens (Don't worry, I bought them before the New Year, so Resolution #1 can still apply)... which leads to resolution 3.

    3) When sketching/writing, stop erasing so goddamn much!
    A problem with things I have kept in the past is my need for perfection... or as close as I can get to it. I have to realize that no one is going to see these things unless I want them to, so I should draw and write for ME... not with anyone else in mind. So if I like the new Britney Spears album and want to gush about it in my journal with a shitty doodle of a My Little Pony, then I need to just do it. Working in pen I hope will help this constant tweaking on things that are only personal.

    4) Work on more art.
    I need to get back into painting and photography. I have the supplies... I just haven't had the drive.

    5) Lose 15 pounds.
    A more common one obviously. I broke 200 lbs for the first time a couple months ago, and I'm not thrilled about it. Time for more sit ups (more could be 1 a day at this point!) and less candy.

    6) Become a big brother in Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
    I have wanted to do this for a few years now, but I haven't lived in one place long enough to do so. When you move every 12 months or less, it's not really good for a mentor type position.

    7) Take a martial arts class.
    This probably won't happen, so I put it last. For one I don't think I need the added expense such a class will bring, and two I am lazy and have games to play/things to draw and photograph/toys to paint. I want to take one more to learn self discipline, control, etc. more than learning fighting techniques.

    Anyway, I guess I will update in a year and see which ones of these actually happened!

    Happy New Year!

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New Years Resolutions - 2008

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