Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ABC Song List!

    I finally finished my Alphabet challenge... It was tough. Frustrating at times when you have to bump stuff you want to fit some that actually works, and towards the end I was really sweatin' it to find songs that were actually good. It's kind of cool to be forced to use the B-side songs of bands you like. It forces you to listen to songs I haven't put on everyone's mix tapes 7 times before.

    It's kind of a shame to print it without the actual songs accompanying because I'm sure there are songs you guys don't know of yet, and it won't flow, but I figure I'll make a few CD's of it and pass them out to interested parties. There's no photobucket for music, I guess because record companies are all in a tizzy. Even a youtube style site would be really cool but that would be very difficult to legally maintain. So in the meantime you'll have read it and email me if you want a copy.

    Here it is folks...

    Atmosphere -- One of a Kind
    Jorge Ben -- Xica de Silva
    Coolio -- Fantasic Voyage
    Decemberists -- Eli the Barrow Boy
    Eagles of Death Metal -- Kiss the Devil
    Fatlip -- What's Up Fatlip?
    Gogol Bordello -- Harem in Tuscany
    the Husbands -- I'm Doing Fine
    Iggy Pop -- Sixteen
    the Jam -- Down in the Tube Station at Midnight
    the Kinks -- Lola
    Loretta Lynn -- Mrs. Leroy Brown (double points....)
    Murs -- You and I
    New Order -- Temptation
    the Old Prunes -- Bully in the Alley
    John Prine -- Quiet Man
    Q Lazarus -- Goodbye Horses
    Rodrigo y Gabriela -- Vikingman
    Stellastarr* -- Jenny
    TV on the Radio -- Playhouses
    Unkle -- Rabbit in Your Headlights
    Velvet Underground -- After Hours
    Weezer -- Undone: the Sweater Song
    X -- Nausea
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs -- Cheated Hearts
    Z-Man -- Z-Mutiny

    ---and in song title order---

    After Hours -- Velvet Underground
    Bully in the Alley -- Old Prunes
    Cheated Hearts -- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Down in the Tube Station at Midnight -- the Jam
    Eli the Barrow Boy -- Decemberists
    Fantastic Voyage -- Coolio
    Goodbye Horses -- Q Lazarus
    Harem in Tuscany -- Gogol Bordello
    I'm Doing Fine -- the Husbands
    Jenny -- Stellastarr*
    Kiss the Devil -- Eagles of Death Metal
    Lola -- the Kinks
    Mrs. Leroy Brown -- Loretta Lynn
    Nausea -- X
    One of a Kind -- Atmosphere
    Playhouses -- TV on the Radio
    Quiet Man -- John Prine
    Rabbit in Your Headlights -- Unkle
    Sixteen -- Iggy Pop
    Temptation -- New Order
    Undone: The Sweater Song -- Weezer
    Vikingman -- Rodrigo y Gabriela
    What's Up Fatlip? -- Fatlip
    Xica de Silva -- Jorge Ben
    You and I -- Murs
    Z-Mutiny -- Z-Man

    Phew! As I was typing this up I realized I had fucked up... but it's all fixed so enjoy... look forward to seeing your lists.

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ABC Song List!

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