Monday, March 3, 2008


    Is That all I talk about? I guess it's just a conversation filler because, yes, I work at a movie store.

    Oh, I watch them occasionally. I usually enjoy them. Because I'm careful about what I watch and generally go for my preconcieved enjoyable "genres".

    Here's a Ranking:

    Comedy...lowbrow, independent, romantic, blue, I like it all

    Sci-Fi... yeah.

    Horror... I guess... I don't really like to be scared but I like fantasy bizarre-ness and this "genre" has the most creativity... Mostly zombies, monsters, and cheesepuff slasher bullshit.

    Ahh, and westerns. I like most westerns I see. Cuz it's... history, accurately represented...

    And everything else falls into the same mostly unused category:

    Drama, stuffy drama, period piece, biopic, arthouse, foreign arthouse, romance, east coast gangster barf, new wave, french new wave, italian new wave, croatian third wave.... blah blah blah.

    not to say I don't pretty much like every movie I see, I just don't challenge myself often.

    More to Come!

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