Sunday, March 30, 2008

Very simply and quickly

    This, cos a few people have been asking me how did this whole thing came about.

    Dreams do come true if you want them so badly to come true.

    a.) Always wanted to watch a match in Australia.
    b.) Always dreamt for the winning side to be India.
    c.) One hope was Star Cricket's Dream Job.That's now a footnote.Crashed out of the final 18.
    d.) In the Aussie summer of 2008, only 2 matches were to go before the best-of-3 finals.
    e.) Received a call from History Channel, asking would I like to go to Brisbane for the second final cos I'd won their online quiz.

    Yep, it's true. If you do want things so so badly in your life, I guess they do come to you, sooner or later...Visa prayers got answered and the rest is history!

    Thank God!We often say that but this time I do mean it more than any other time I've said it. And for the record, that match did turn out to be the last match of the Ozzie summer of 2008 and the last tri-series final in Australia.


    Next stop: South Africa! ;-)

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Very simply and quickly

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