Sunday, April 20, 2008

One for the Deccan Chargers

    When the first edition of ICL was getting underway, I'd written about how I was looking forward to it and now that grand daddy IPL is on it's legs, you can only imagine my excitement of wanting to sit in front of the TV all day!

    For the record, yours truly is all for Deccan Chargers!What fun is sport if you don't have a team to support.And for the few of you who visit this place and the fewer of you who might wonder why Deccan Chargers, here's why:

    Gilchrist: For his knock against Pakis at the Bellerive Oval, for his fastest double century(at that time) and for his knock in the final of the 2007 WC and for his walk in the 2003 WC.The only cricketer for whom I've written something.He was undoubtedly my most favorite overseas cricket player perhaps only preceeded by Lara and closely followed by Klusener.

    For his 167, way before his 281, which was way before his precious little fifties in inevitably every overseas win or draw that India has played in.

    Remember Dan Van Bunge? Or his trademark six over extra cover. Flat, fast and furious.

    Symmo: For his knock against Pakis in 2003 WC, for his shoulder charge against the streaker( Ha, ha I saw it live!), for his throw to run out Uthappa by taking out the middle stump in the Twenty20 World Cup, for his belief and ability to trust that he will effect the run out on his own and he did! Symmo is just Symmo!

    Afridi: I hate him for being a Paki but I did like him when he once carted Kumble for 24 runs in an over... ;-)

    Rohit Sharma:
    For his 50 in the Twenty20 WC against SA. For his 6, with which he got there!

    Robin Singh:: The self-effacing coach, who as a player,gave it all he had with whatever cricketing ability he had.For saving us from disgrace at Benoni, for the final of the Independence Cup when Kanitkar took all the glory for his last-over four but nobody remembered Robin Singh's crucial knock of 80-odd at #3, for his dives and for giving nothing less than 100% for every moment that he spent on the field.

    And last not the least, the Deccan Chargers for their logo and their wallpapers.

    I do hate the Sri Lankans in their side but I guess with so many other fave players, I'll manage the stink of their presence.

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One for the Deccan Chargers

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