Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cyclomanion by Real Head (Gold Mist version)

    I just wrote about Cyclomanion (サイクロマニヨン ) by Real Head (リアルヘッド) just yesterday, but I had to show off the other one in the family, right?

    This particular one is similar in color to many other colorways released by Real Head that people have dubbed Gold Mist. I'm not sure if Gold Mist is an official name or not. You can all (I think) of the RxH Gold Mist releases here:

    (photo stolen from meczilla on skullbrain. click on the link for meczilla's flickr)

    I even spy Cyclomanion in there!

    Header //3 out of 5//:

    Sculpt //4.25 out of 5//:

    Paint //4.5 out of 5//:
    I feel the same about pretty much everything on these two different Cyclomanions except for the paint. While I really like the Gold Mist color scheme, I think with this particular sculpt, the rubbed paint application of the gold one comes off a little better in showing off the strengths.

    This figure appears to be made of a flesh colored vinyl with the bronzey paint applied. It is a nice, subtle hue and a slight metallic sheen. It is a great paint job, but I don't feel it highlights the toy as well as the other paint does.

    The red eye is cool to me... very striking. it is the same high-gloss red on the eyes of the other Gold Mist releases (as you can see in the photo above.) It is well masked and almost looks as though it could be a separate piece placed into the face.

    Coolness //4 out of 5//:

    I still think this is a cool, solid RxH release despite liking the paint on the gold version better.

    Value //3.5 out of 5//:

    Overall //4 out of 5//:
    Like the gold version, this is a great, well balanced pick up if you like its look.

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Cyclomanion by Real Head (Gold Mist version)

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