Sunday, July 13, 2008

Watched DVD: The Holiday

    Watched DVD: The Holiday (Nancy Meyers, 2006). Romantic comedy with gorgeous Jude Law and delightful Cameron Diaz (the others are OK too I guess). Very much a chick flick (nothing wrong with that). It's got some of the ingredients of Notting Hill (Roger Michell, 1999) but doesn't work quite as well (and of course Notting Hill didn't work quite as well as Four Weddings and a Funeral; besides, how many more romantic comedies are we going to get about a transatlantic love affair with the accent thing played up?). There's a lovely twist when Amanda discovers an amazing aspect of Graham's life (no spoiler here, be reassured). I shed a couple of tears, although not as decorously as Jude's shedding a couple of tears.

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Watched DVD: The Holiday

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