Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Little Children Know How To Dance

    Gabcast! Dancing With Daisy #36 - Little Children Know How To Dance

    Click the play button to hear me read this poem.

    Little Children Know How To Dance

    Little children know how to dance.

    They're not afraid to take a chance.
    They just get up and move, by the seat of their pants.
    There's no need for lessons or to know all the steps.
    They are not dancing to be noticed or to make others impressed.
    They're just filled with joy, moving to the beat.
    Dancing is just happiness overflowing through their feet.
    With a wiggle and a giggle and a hop and a jump,
    They'll dance till they're breathless doing the be-bop-de-bump.
    They have their own style. They have their own rhythm.
    They make you smile so much----like you're dancing there with them.

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Little Children Know How To Dance

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